Sunday, March 24, 2024

Golden Night 2024 SMTTDI

The event was held somewhere in Sentul- It was an event that Ustaz Ahmad planned probably his last hurrah for the school. Currently he is in another school in Segambut as part of a promotion process- but at the end of the day his heart is with SMTTDI.
I wished that the alumni themselves would have been more interested to join this event. Dont get me wrong! They did with the surplus donations but in terms of presence. It would have been fun to have us around to just celebrate the occasion- and meeting up in a school like function after 30 years! Gile dah tua.
Brought the kids to enjoy the event. It was quite good with Lah and Zain performing for the event. Deffany and Led came too as i bought a table for the family to come. Oklah not too bad of the attndance.

Insha Allah, Im sure with events like this we will make it possible for kids to come with us in future events.

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