Sunday, February 11, 2024

Malam Puisi Kemanusian HKL 2024

This was the event which felt like a dream to be apart of. Amazing, having to recite your own poetry amongst not just fellow colleagues, but 2 sasterawan Negara!! Anwar Ridwan and Rahman Shaari!! Gile!! Can you imagine me sharing the same stage with them? Truly awesome and once in a lifetime opportunity😊
It was the annual event again organized by Dato Alzamani of HKL- I thought last year was already grand but this year he went all out! Having the Malaysia’s authority of arts and literature to recognize event itself was amazing! Thank you DBP for acknowledging our efforts as part of expanding interest and diversity of how literature can be interpreted.
It was an awesome event where the DBP social media team telecasted us live in their FB. Of course most of us amateurs felt the inferiority complex in showcasing our attempt at writing and performing poetry in front of the real expert audience. However, as it was what we felt as sincerely as we can, we presented all from the heart.
I was certainly happy to be invited as how I have been involved from 3 years ago. This year’s event was superbly organized and I do hope to get invited again next year.
This is for keeps and something I will cherish for the rest of my life. Bucket list ticked!!

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