Sunday, February 11, 2024

Malam Puisi Kemanusian HKL 2024

This was the event which felt like a dream to be apart of. Amazing, having to recite your own poetry amongst not just fellow colleagues, but 2 sasterawan Negara!! Anwar Ridwan and Rahman Shaari!! Gile!! Can you imagine me sharing the same stage with them? Truly awesome and once in a lifetime opportunity😊
It was the annual event again organized by Dato Alzamani of HKL- I thought last year was already grand but this year he went all out! Having the Malaysia’s authority of arts and literature to recognize event itself was amazing! Thank you DBP for acknowledging our efforts as part of expanding interest and diversity of how literature can be interpreted.
It was an awesome event where the DBP social media team telecasted us live in their FB. Of course most of us amateurs felt the inferiority complex in showcasing our attempt at writing and performing poetry in front of the real expert audience. However, as it was what we felt as sincerely as we can, we presented all from the heart.
I was certainly happy to be invited as how I have been involved from 3 years ago. This year’s event was superbly organized and I do hope to get invited again next year.
This is for keeps and something I will cherish for the rest of my life. Bucket list ticked!!

The Hafiz in the family

January 2023.
This was another landmark in the history of my life. Qayyum was celebrated in a small ceremony of Khatam in memorizing the whole of Quran. Alhamdulillah, he managed to achieve this at the end of his studies in SMISTA. I felt so proud for his efforts despite the difficulties he faced in persevering with the syllabus.
It was a shame that I could not attend this event. I am blogging this down to tell why I missed one of the most important event for Qayyum. I was scheduled then to be present in Syariah court on the same day as when this happened. It was fairly adhoc when Qayyum mentioned that the school was doing this khatam for the last four of them. It was not possible for me to postpone the hearing as it was a long awaited one. I however substituted myself with the presence of TokPa and TokMa for this memorable day. The least that I could do.
I am so proud of him for this and I am sorry for not being able to attend it physically. I would have done anything to come for this day but I had to make my choice due to priorities. 
Well done Qayyum. Semoga ilmu AlQuran ini diamalkan sepanjang hayatmu.

SPM Result 23 - Qayyum’s 11As😊

This is a throwback post!I did not get to post this last year so I am doing qada’ posts which I reckon were milestones and things to really embed in my memories😊
 One of the most wonderful moment in one’s life as a parent is to witness the sucess of your children. Qayyum had challenging years through the pandemic- imagine having to be at home and adapt to the new online learning. It was a very unthinkable scenario and I really thought that it would destroy the motivation to learn and excel in academics.
Somehow it was different from Qayyum. The situation transformed him from being an average student to become one of the top students of his batch! More so Add Maths became his pet subject.. like what?? Haha I remembered struggling with Add Maths for the 2 years of my life! 
At first I did not believe it was possible but MDQ1 proved me wrong. He certainly excelled and what I appreciate most about his ability was his willingness to teach and guide others to excel as well. Amazing.
I am so proud of him, my firstborn. Alhamdulillah he scored 11As which was much more than I did with mine. Currently he is pursuing his tertiary education with Maths as the core. I pray for him to be successful in life and hereafter. Always.

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Eusoff birthday bash!

Eusoff reached his 1 year old mark at the end of January. Wifey had been planning her birthday bash for months and we did hire somebody to organize it.(Crony la.. haha)  I gave my full support to wifey because I know this first birthday party is not really for Eusoff but for her! Haha well, I do reckon she deserves this gathering as she missed her baby shower due to Eusoff who decided that he should come out earlier than planned.
The event was held in The Grange, Setia Alam. The venue was great and I believe those who attended the party did not have that much of problem going to. We invited family and friends- close ones as if had invited all nanti macam kenduri kahwin pulak tak boleh cope haha MDQs were around too and that made it more special. Mizan couldn’t make it as he was in an archery competition which he did well! No 5 overall and qualified for the quarter finals😊
The venue setting was nice. I was utterly suprised to see a balloon like structure inside the restaurant!! And at one corner was this booth for picking up prizes game which became a hit to all that came😆 Laikha was literally on the thing most of the time.
          I never knew we had this
             Gile best
                Mamat family
Thank you to everybody who came. It was nice to see all the pictures taken on that day. The video was nice too but I let Eka to handle it and just ahow me the results. Thank you to Deffany from Glabella cakes for organizing the whole thing- pening kot doing all this to ensure everything is perfect on the day😊

Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Gamuda Splashworld for MdQs!

MDQs are hydrophilic kids- Anything related to water they will be superly keen and with this waterpark near to our home- it was a definite must! This trip was planned during the December school holidays. We had Elly, Doya and Renee with their kids to come as well. It was a very enjoyable whole day affair.
Initially I was worried that it would rain all day as that week the weather forecast was gloomy. It rained heavily all week and we were hoping for the best. It even rained like ribut the day before.
Alhamdulillah, the weather was good to us all day. The place was bare so being too hot might be an issue. We were blessed that the mendung was nice and only few spells of hot sun upon us. The early disappointment was the unavailability of the cabana- as it was fully booked due to a company having their retreat that Saturday.

As expected MDQs kept disappearing and enjoyed themselves with rides. They are bigger now hence they will go all over to attend the rides. Being swimmers, I was confident to let them go and enjoy themselves. Eusoff was enjoying it too ( I hope!) It was amazing that all family members did enjoy themselves😊

Friday, February 02, 2024

Happy January birthday to Eusoff & Mizan!!

               29 January
27 January

Who would have thought- Mizan and Eusoff’s birthday 2 days apart!2 brothers 12 years gap😆 I hope Eusoff will be guided by his elder siblings as he grows up.

Eusoff’s photoshoot

Thursday, February 01, 2024

3-3 draw with Korea full team

Malaysia 3- Korea 3

The match may not have any bearing to the Asia Cup as we were already out from advancing, but it was the best match of the prem rounds.
It was the game we saw what we can really do. The spirit was extra special and we persevered from the word go. Players did their best and its all what we fan wants. And to draw with the ranked 23rd in the world is an absolute dream. Ball for ball. Until the very last minute.
Truly amazing- courage and determination was shown with full commitment from all the players. 

We will come back Harimau Malaya!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

The hard real truth Asia Cup 2024

We just had our first match yesterday. I stayed up to watch this game as I reckon it should not be missed. The hype around the team was good a d I guess everybody would have loved a fairy tale story for our Harimau Malaya.Hari ni oncall koyak!! Mengantuk gile😆😆
Unfortunately we lost 4-0. The media in a way is starting to bash them and coach KPG. He did play a weird formation yesterday - the gamble did not pay off as expected. Honestly, we were unlucky to concede the first 2 goals. The first was a long rsnge curved show which was world class. Gile top corner. I dont think any goalkeeper could have saved that one. Another was a soft penalty conceded.. and via VAR. According to our asian standard, takde nye penalty but yeah it was a bitter moment to bite.
Physically we did try to challenge then but what was obvious was the speed of the Jordanians. Hence the continuing struggle against middle east team is still there. 
We have 2 more games- tougher games. Against higher ranking teams - Bahrain and the mighty south korea. Please bros.. play your best! Takut jadi whipping boys of Asia Cup 2024.