Wednesday, September 29, 2021

My first experience kot on Business Class

The reason I'm blogging this down was because I guess my jakun experience being on a long haul business class. Hahaha Selalu teringin nak upgrade but was never lucky enough in all my travels before this. It was economy all the way 😀 I mean most of the time its just about sitting at your seat for that long period of time kan, why spend more? haha But I have to say my worst flight so far was the one to Kiev!! BEing in economy is not too bad. We'll always be praying for luck were when the flights were not full so we had the whole row to us to lie down for sleep! 
So yes, I got excited when I first receive the itenary. Wah business class best ni! hahaha But being tired and all, perhaps theres not much difference as we tend to sleep je pun on the flight. The long lay over in Istanbul was certainly the difference. I can say that I've experienced both being a budget traveller and a business class passanger in Istanbul airport.
I was a bit dissapointed when I boarded the flight and the seats were not the cocooned ones! Hahaha tak bersyukur betul! But of course it was spacious and for the 2nd leg to KL I did hot have anybody next to me nor behind me. Therefore social distancing habis! Food was good and bole mintak free flow drinks haha If I was younger perhaps I would be awake all night ordering food and drinks but im not anymore budak2 kan hahaha 
The lounge in Istanbul airport was certainly big! Besar gile. I tried to get one of the suites but apparently my flight to KL did not count. But like why? I did argue at the counter but still tak dapat lah. But not too bad really. There were lots of places that we can lie down anyway. And the free flow food buffet was super nice! Haha first time pergi amik I was a bit tamak.. so stuffed myself sampai nak muntah hahaha I had my shower before boarding the flight. It was certainly a comfortable shower facilities they had and it certainly refreshen me up so much.
Slept comfortably most of the time on the 10 hours flight. Totally an awesome experience. Not really sure whether Ill enjoy this again but I do cherish the experience and service.