Saturday, September 11, 2021

Patience is virtue

Being patient is definitely a thing that I unlearnt and relearnt in my involvement with emergency response and humanitarian response. The level of patience is totally of a different level and I would never have thought I would be able to cope the way I've done so far. Things that is planned can really go haywire and you are left with the option of plan and wait. Wait. and wait. hahaha Gila lama nak tunggu for things to work or what was planned to receive any confirmation. 

Its totally chaotic in the ways of managing expectations. Never easy though and it can be really frustrating at times where it challenges your mental health to the maximum. I guess partly I am doing it not as my full time career but juggling my life with the normality that should go on. More so in this pandemic era. There are so many things to consider and I am in a way risking and exposing myself to possible simple issues that can affect my future. But i guess its carpe diem isn't it? Asking if I regret doing all this? Hell NO!! Haha I would do it all over again because it is definitely once in a lifetime experience! 

I was aware of this risk before coming. Though there was a miscalculation of how fast the situation grew and I was stuck in the middle of it! Its world history happening and still ongoing. Though my contribution when I was there may not be as significant as the ones where the bigger authorities are doing negotiations, fights etc but What i learnt most was what normal people really hope and want. They want the same thing as what we others want in our lives! Nothing different! Its just being the pawns and insignificants, hence it is just going to be their life story and livelihood of their future generation.

Despite out of the country, it is not easy to catch the first plane out due to what has happened to the world since 2020, the pandemic. Again, another period of waiting to be endevoured despite my mind already fixed to home at the moment. It can be a different future for me back home to but I guess its time to crawl back into my reality.  

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