Thursday, December 12, 2013

Medical Cover in big events

It was interesting when the UMNO head quarters addressed a letter to the VC, requiring our services as the medical team cover during the recent Perhimpunan Agung UMNO. I was new to this but to my colleague, Izzat; the ED Specialist.. it is his specialty. It was an opportunity that we have been waiting for. An opportunity for Izzat to step up and tell the world, that we are capable of doing this job.
It was indeed an interesting week, looking at various angle of why medical cover is important. Though the main premise was we were covering the lead political party in Malaysia and not of a general public concern. It should be noted that 70% of the current cabinet ministers were in this Assembly and it was important for us to bwe objective while handling the medical cover.
I was humbled by the experience as a lot of planning is needed in big events such as this. The one thing that the public will not realize is if there is a disaster happening, then the medical team cover would be the most important component in keeping order. A strong leadership is certainly essential in manning the human capital in the team. The coordination and ensuring smoothness of flow is not easy. I do salute Izzat for his ability to plan and handle the team. 
I had fun, We all had fun. The responsibility is real and only those imvolved will know what is actually required to ensure order during big events.
Well done team UiTM!