Friday, February 25, 2005

Reachin' for the stars...

Got a phone call yesterday late afternoon after finishing rounds in ward 26.

"Dr. Mafeitz... telephone...!!! "

ok... coming.....

Hello... Mafiz... ni Rizah... ( my fellow collegue ) Dr Chris wants to speak to you..

aaaaa... ok...

Damn it.. i said.. berderau jugak darah. I didn't inform my consultant regarding my sudden leave on wednesday to Alor Star. Shit i said.. mesti kena sound ni..

Hello.. MAfeitz ? Chris Lee here..

Yes Dr Chris..

I have some good news for you.. We are releasing you to anaesthesia on the 1st of March !!!!!

Oh... *stunned*

I have to fullfill my promise.. you've been so kind to us to stay in the deaprtment during our time of need. Now its my turn to repay you ...

And i went like.. whoooaaaaa... CAYALAH !!!! haks...CONFIRMED BY THE BIG BOSS HIMSELF !!!!!

Well , earlier yesterday during FREE lunch after the ID Antibiotics forum , Dr Rozita ( the b***h i hated ) came up to me and told me unofficially. Obviously i did not believe her and was a bit sceptical. Then later - during the CT scan conference , Dr Badrul ( specialist in charge of MOs ) told me that i'm off to anaesthesia !!

Gosh.. after all the effort , fights , arguments , letters .. haks.. i finally got it! I was thinking of seeing the Timbalan Pengarah coming 2 3 days to see the update of my application . I am really glad that i will now be where i want to be..

haks.. at the same time , a bit scared coz there is no turnin' back. Have to do well and reliable !! i reckon the training i'll be getting in HKL will benefit me . Thank you to everybody who helped me to get me be where i want to be. My tribute to the Medical Department specialists who had taught me alot during the posting.. it was worthwhile and i am now more prepared than ever to take the anaesthesia challenge..

p/s and a step nearer to my Dream BMW .. hehehehehe

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Visiting doctor in Alor Setar...

the famous Alor Setar tower

Wow.. did something crazy yesterday. I was in Alor Setar today !! haks.. Well , a friend called me up ( he's workin in N9 ) regarding his mum who's an uncontrolled diabetic. She had left diabetic foot ulcer and had done debridement twice within this two weeks in Hospital Alor Setar. Apparently her left toe had gone gangrene ( black coloured dead cells ) and the doctors there advised for below knee amputation. He did not know what to do so he asked for my advice.. and later asked me to follow him back to Alor Setar last nite... hmmmmm... well i said YES !! hahahaks..

We departed from KL at about 8.30 pm. i didn't know he changed his car to Accord. so the journey was really smooth !!! We arrived at the hospital at about 2.30 am in the morning and went into the ward straight away. His mum was a bit depressed but when she saw her son.. you could see the glitter in her eyes. We were too tired and retired at Seri Malaysia which was near to the hospital.

Visited her again in the morning and saw the wound when the nurses were cleaning it. It was bad and one could see that the gangrenous cells spreading .MY professional opinion ; she really needs the amputation fast before it gets worse.She's not that ill now but her parameters gives a sepsis picture. Being 60++ one would expect her to have some sentimental value; i can imagine. It's not easy to coax and explain the an old lady. It was more of preparing her psychologically rather than speaking in strictly medical terms. It was a bit melancholic when she mentioned..

" kaki che ni jugaklah yang buat cari makan.. besaqkan hang sume... "

Departed from Alor Setar at about 4 pm by bus and arrived home quite late. Well , another day in a doctor's life i guess - contributing and sharing my knowledge wherever.. and whenever i could..

p/s Selangor routed Pahang 4-1 in FA CUP.. damn.. should have gone to the stadium !!

Monday, February 21, 2005

Healthy Sunday !!

View from the canopy walk..

Sunday started well with the success of the planned FRIM trip. I have not been there for more than 10 years - the last when i was in form 2 - scout trip visiting the forest museum. Haks.. when i arrived there how things have changed and the place is soo nice !!! A place that maybe the "port" for my future fitness programme !!!

I arrived there at 8 am.. Obviously the first to arrive!! (haks.. tu lah.. keen sangat.) Azad n wifey arrived later with Mal and Lily joining us.Apparently lots of people do their morning sunday walks here - there are quite a number of tracks available. We took the jungle track up to FRIM hill .. 1000 feet above sea level. Haks.. the journey was tiring - it was uphill all the way.. hmm.. a really good practice for my Kinabalu trip !! I was so refreshed with the trekking - the scenary was beautiful. Sayang.. the canopy walk is currently closed due to repair and maintanence.Sayang jugak.. NOBODY brought digicam... CIs !! So no pic la for this blog !! brought my film camera - dunno when will i develop the film and scan it for viewing.... :)

We managed to complete the track in 1 hour n 18 minutes i think ( Azad timed the journey ).It was fun doing this for leisure. I am thinking of doing it on weekly basis - for good health and love of nature !!!!

In the afternoon - attended A good friend's daughther's aqiqah - Megat Harris in Kota Damansara. Mafiz n ROzita , Fiqar , Juwie , Edrus was there too , Ustaz and of course Mal and Lily again !! Azad terkorban as he overslept after the exhausting trek in the morning !! haks .. The lamb was really nice and the mentekedarah spirit was indeed alive among the KamCheng gang !! muahahahahas Anyway Megat.. congratulations for Putri Nuryn Ilany !!!

In the evening , i actually went to climb the Kiara Hill !! hahahaha.. gila nak jadik fit balik - figured i had nothing constructive to do .. well , it was worthwhile getting my body so tired at night that i slept soundly last nite...

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Cool Saturday


Attended Haniza's cousin's wedding this afternoon. It was a low key affair with almost all the family members turning out for the event.It was her "second" wedding hence the low-key mood.The atmosphere was however plentiful but it was a DAMN HOT AFTERNOON. The food was good though , i liked the fish fillet which was excellently done.

Tomorrow , hald the kamcheng gang will be doing the jungle tracking in FRIM ! I would be following and insya-allah it will be an enjoyable one. DUnno who will bring digicam so that the pics taken ( definitely be beautiful !! ) can be posted on this blog of Kamcheng;s blog.

Not really in the mood to write more. Why ??? Hehehhehe soalan yang kepada mereka2 yang mengetahui , akan sedar kenapa...

p/s my favourite quote...
The great question that has never been answered and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is ‘What does a woman want?’
letter to Marie Bonaparte, in Ernest Jones Sigmund Freud: Life and Work (1955) vol. 2, pt. 3, ch. 16

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Decision n responsibility

I was on leave today ; had a BTN function this morning in KBN Meru. It was a get together for all the trainers AKA Tenaga Penggerak from KL ,Selangor and Negeri Sembilan.Sort of pentauliahan semula AKA re-licencing the fascilitators for session 2005 - 06.Lots of SSM Kenegaraan to do this year !!! Not sure when will my next assignment be..

My status is a bit funny though ; as i was born in Selangor , stayed in KL but yet i am a registered trainer from Negeri Sembilan! I will not however change my allegiance as i am comfortable on where i am. Most of the fascilitators are above 40's club ; i am somehow a bit "sesat" being in this group of people !! But the experience you gain from them is worthwhile !! Besides the N9 lot are a fun lot .I CANNOT stop laughing or grinning when we are together in our accomodation during "kursus"..saucy jokes and stories!!!!!

Something interesting happened in P2 ( my ward ) yesterday. Did not blog it down because i was too tired last night - pushed myself in the evening to complete the Kiara Hill track jogging non-stop !! Man ..i was so konked out last nite !!!

It was at about 11am - it was a passive day and we were all sorting out the patient's management decided during the rounds. There were lots of ill patients admitted during the active day. Suddenly one of the nurses shouted - patient bed no2 stopped breathing !! So it was the normal routine bringing the resus trolley to the 65 year old Indonesian man -treated as Sepsis 2 to Pnuemonia . then at the same time , another nurse shouted - another patient collapsed. And the other group went to attend the 70 year old Chinese men with stroke. The patients were literally side by side and both were bad - the anaes team was called in for ventilation.

Then suddenly a loud outcry from another corner of the ward by family members.. a 71 year old Malay man with upper GI bleed 2 to over warfarinized INR of 10 !!! ( normal.. 1 - 2 ) damn.. another team went there ; the housemans were actually the ones leading the resus.. in P2 there were only 2 trolleys , only 2 sets of resus equipment !!! All staff were busy doing CPR. and we had to make the decision.. which one to let go.. Damn... damn.... damn.... which means that we will only do CPR on the patient.. WITHOUT ANY MONITORING... WITHOUT ANY BAGGING... NO INTUBATION... The scenery was chaotic..

Of all 3 , the prognosis was worst for the 71 year old bleeding man. therefore , he was the one being resuscitated without full complete monitoring - initially he had no pulse n not breathing spontaneously.. adrenaline was pushed in n he responded.. his BP was readable and pulse palpable !! Imagine.. having to resus the old fashion way without ECG , digital BP reading.. and manual mouth to mouth respiration !!! damn.. damn...

PAtient no2.. had VF.. his ECG pattern went haywire.. we ran to him stat and defibrillated him 3x ...( always my favourite part of resuscitation.. macam gemapque jer buat.. CLEAR !!! ) his BP n pulse did not respond.. then his ECG went asystole.. even after adrenaline n atropine x6. He was pronounced dead after 20 minutes of resus. IMMEDIATELY.. we pulled of everything off him and brought it to man no 3 !! Anaes who arrived was pissed off with the inadequate fascilities..

The indon man.. initially responded to CPR.. failed us. He was scheduled to be transfered to ICU after intubation. he went asystole again n did not respond to the second resus. He was pronounced dead 1 hour from the initial resuscitation.

And guess who actually held on.. Yup.. our 71 year old Pak CIk , eventhough with massive bleeding ( fresh malaena ) hanged on and was only intubated after the Indon patient died. His pulse and BP was there with full blast inotropes , blood transfusion going on and he was still moving ( we had to give lots of sedation ) All efforts now was concentrated on him.. He was bagged for more than 3 hours as the anaes team mobilized the ventilator in the main building !! He was transferred to ICU later that day..I dont know whether he survived as i was on leave today..

It was so chaotic.. so havoc.. never had this before. It was harsh reality when things go wrong.having to decide who lives and who will not. Limitations in the government hospital will always be there... but i salute everybody , the attendants , the nurses , house officers and my fellow colleague for the tireless effort to give the best care for the patient. It was kelam kabut but everybody was doing their best to salvage the patient. Never ever doubt.. or even dare to question our commitment and effort for the patients!@! I can assure you that we do our best ; our very BEST....

p/s maybe too many medical jargons this time... sorry bout that .dunno how else to explain. kang explain panjang sangat la pulak blog.. !!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

One Lucky Cheeky Prawn...

I suppose when one is sincere , god will reward. Haks !!!! Yups.. this smirky prawn got lucky again ! Thank you wifey.. haks.. she bought me the above as a response to my sudden gift( do refer to previous blog ). Kewl pair of shoes huh ? Well , i was actually thinking of buying one for my proposed Kinabalu trip as well as needing a new cross trainer. God is great... She thought that i could use it for my weekly FRIDAY NITE FUTSAL . Nevertheless i'm grateful for the mistake coz i dont need new futsal shoes because my current shoes are still in good condition ( the blue coloured irky striking shoes !!! )

My current cross trainer is quite NAZAK you see.. haks..Me n Azad bought the same designed shoe ( POWER RM 80 i think then ) about 5 years ago.That was when we were about to enter our first KL MARATHON - we ran the 10 km run jer la..mana larat 42 km bang !!! His shoes went kaput quite some time ago due to extensive usage , me being very careful and dear managed to save it till now !! But the shoe is worn out and there are holes around it !!

Today was quite hectic for me. Had to handle the Physician's Clinic today. Busy - busy day - lots of people after a long holiday !! Managed to finish it on time and went to UiTM for my interview with the Dean.It went alright .. Haks... dunno whether i'll get the post but we'll see. I applied for Anaesthesia which is quite difficult to get. but who knows kan ? If my rezeki is there.

Read a close friend's blog which was really touching ; something that happened a year ago ( .It was regarding his difficulties getting back home from overseas ; not knowing his ill father had passed away in the mean time. Masya-allah . God test us in his own unique way.Blogs like this will make you realize how things can just go wrong when it comes. Soldier on my friend !! Alfatihah to arwah.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Pre-lover's day dedication.

"Inflame" is a Skin Classic with a tri-color silicon rubber strap; metallic coral pink face has a pink inner circle; 12 and 6 numbers are orange, and 3 and 9 numbers are pink; skeletal pink hands; clear plastic watch case and matching buckle.

I would like to dedicate this blog to my dear wifey. Thank you for loving me.( macam lagu Bon Jovi pulak... ) Today out of the blue , i decided to buy her the present above in view of the "romantic" day for lovers on Monday. Nice watch eih.. heks..

She's very picky and fickle minded when it comes to choosing things. Since i am free today - after Auntie Ha's raya galore in Shah Alam - we went to Swatch shop in KLCC.It is better this way cause even if i decide to surprise her , it would be meaningless if it is not of her design preference !! haks.. Luckily , she agreed with my choice this time around.

Dear Ja..
The day i decided to marry you was the best ever decision i've made. No regrets.Though the early days was quite messed up and full of tsunami-like tantrums , i reckon our relationship is moving towards the positive exponential growth pattern. Please do forgive me if i've hurt you in the past time and time again.My heart aches in hypoxia everytime we offend each other ; two strong characters clashing i suppose. Nobody said marriage was easy - i totally agree. Through the years , we've only grown to know and understand more of each other . The more one thinks one knows the other , the more one doesn't actually know. We've learned slowly to cater each other's needs ; its no easy task. Lets pray for our everlasting happiness. It can only be better .. insya Allah.
Your Multi-purpose husband.. Abang.

Berkurun lama kurahsiakan ; Cintaku padamu
Hanya kerna kau ratu laksana Di singgahsana...
Di tasik ini, di pohon cemara Yang teguh meninggi
Bagai harapan ku kepadamu , Sekian lama
Akan kuserah cinta abadi
Menyerlah sinar malam sepimu
Agar menjadi penawar lukamu Warna hatimu
Akan kubawa kau mengembara
Menerokai alam asmara
Mengubu kota Cinta kita
Genggam erat janjiku
Sematkan di dalam hatimu
Moga cinta makin mekar
Mengharumkan hidupmu

p/s so apa lak ja nak bagi hadiah ? hehehehehehe . one cheeky prawn hiding behind the rock.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Circumcision day ..

Today was a special day for a cousin of mine. Well , he is just 4 years old ( son of Pak Pit - my mother's youngest brother ) and apparently Pak Pit asked me last weekend is it possible to get iqbal circumcised this week. Of course it is possible!!! enquired Dr Omar - my boss in Clinic Ikhwan and he said no problem !!
hence Pakpit came to TTDI with my grandma yesterday.

The only problem was Iqbal is a four year old child. How do you coax a 4 year old to consent for circumcision ? Obviously lie to him !! haks.. kesian.I felt guilty in informing him that the procedure was painless. That is absolute bullshit !!!! Lying to a 4 year old will have its consequences in the future. He must have had a shock of a lifetime ; while getting the local anaesthetic jabs earlier in the process.

Alhamdulillah , it went well.Eventhough initially he was struggling about (eventhough almost 4 people was restraining him !!! ) after the jab - he was fairly coopearative during the procedure. But post - op ; he refuses to wear the sarong and wanted to wear his trousers !! |It was a bit of a nuisance listening to him crying due to pain.. but obviously , any irritation to the penis will trigger him to feel it as pain !!

I remembered when i had my circumcision back in the late 80's . I can still remember the pain that was inflicted .. the jab was a real killer. I shouted and screamed all my might hehehehhehehe it was done in GH and it was a last minute job. Apparently my parents did not confirm with the clinic doctor , therefore my name was not on the list. My dad wanted it to be done fast so i was brought to HKL. hehehehe it was really bad !! the pain was unbearable but i recovered. but the NYILU feeling did stayed on for wuite some time. I remembered having difficulty wearing my underwear after the procedure.. hehehehehe lawak la pulak...

I guess at that age , getting circumcised was the main worry.THe topic discussed among peers was about fear and the experience pre - intra - and post procedure. The worry that the penis can be chopped off kept creeping into mind ! i had mine quite late ; 2 weeks before i entered form 1 !!! haks.. buat malu jer cerita dalam blog !!

Monday, February 07, 2005

Cockadoodledoo... Gong Xi Fa Chai !!!!

Haks.. Chinese New Year is around the corner again !! Time flies so fast eih !!Year of the rooster is apparently good for sex but not for marriage..( i read it somewhere yesterday.... ) sounds dodgy isn't it ??? But do not forget my fellow friends that it'll be 1st Muharram as well , the New Year for Hijrah 1426 . Do recite the end of the year and new year's do'a!! Gong Xi Fa Chai tu kongsi jugak but do remember the our new year !!!! ( ahaks.. a reminder to myself sebenarnya.... )

Well , today i've been "loaned" to the dengue team for the whole week. Hoe is on leave for CNY and they needed somebody to replace him.Quite honoured really when boss Chris Lee actually nominated me .. haks.. but i guess its better than being in the gastro team.Apparently one of the Gastro M.O.'s broke her toe and will be on a long leave. And i suppose being the utility man , yours truly was suppose to replace her.Hmmm.. i wonder if this is a plot to CONVERT me to medicinism. I've announced publicly my hatred towards being in the department recently !!! Boss Chris Lee actually came up to me and sort of explained that the department is not stopping me from moving to anaesthesia ; but because of the current Dengue outbreak they needed M.O.s here. Well , i'm not easily swayed.. except that if they offer me a BMW.. hakss.. lebih lebih la pulak..

Waahh.. Can't imagine the kamcheng gang conquering the Vel on Wednesday !! Go DIl !!

I'll be on call on 1st CNY !! Haks.. but seeing the admission slow today , i reckon it will not be that bad on Wednesday.I reckon lots are taking this week off so most of the city dwellers will be off to kampung !! The Kam Cheng gang is organizing a trip climbing Batu Caves !! A healthy activity to shed off the spares !! haks.. wished that i can be a part but i have to save lives again lor.. haks.. ( macam gempaque jer bunyi !! )

Nevertheless , i still need to get into shape. Shakti ( a colleague of mine..used to be Mr KL ( bodybuilding) 3x ..good body ooh.. haks..) had planned Kinabalu Summit trip in mid MArch !! haks.. well , i am keen to climb the tallest Mountain in Malaysia ; the only one i've yet to climb. So i actually started my training today ; jogged around my neighbourhood. PAncit jugak !! Malam ni sakit2 badan dah..haks.. I will be using the Kiara track as well to build up my stamina.Therefore anybody interested to shed off the extra fat ; lets climb Kiara Hill twice a week !! hakss.. I used to be able to RUN.. not walk but RUN through the track !! WOW.. seemed so long ago...... swiinngg.

To the Kam Cheng gang , i envy the trip to Batu Caves !! do snap lots of pics and post it in our group Blog!! that'll be our golden dream... muahahahahss..

p/s sesapa dengar 103.0 kalau perasan in one of their adds , the song.. Indah Permai Sekolah Kami.... was SMTTDI's school anthem !!!! haks..

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Post Call vertigo..

Just came back home ... My head felt a bit dizzy , not much sleep last night. Busy nite weehh !! haks.. initially i was thinking of dozing off straight away but because of my streamyx bill on the compie table ; i just had to log on !!

Paying bills is something that most of us do when we start work or living on our own.This luxury was not apparent during childhood and adolescence .After we decide to move out ; especially during our early tertiary education ; only then did we realize ooh.. ok.kena bayar eks.. hhehehehe. I remembered initially when i was in UK , i enjoyed swiping the supplementary given to me to buy essentials jerseys etc !! haks.. but as time goes by , one realizes independence and hence money planning. However it converted me to become Scrooge !!! hhahahaha my wifey will be smirking away...

I hated paying bills not because of the amount but because of the waiting time.It is so irritating when we had to wait up to 1 hour just to pay a lousy bill especially when one visits the post office. I thank MAybank ( ni promote ni..muahahas ) for making paying bills convenient. I;ll log on and click-click stat.Settled !! haks.. Its just one of my obsessive habits, i'll feel restless if i dont pay up fast.( honestly !! ) I will immediately log on to my dear compie and click it stat once i have the bill with me. Ntah apa apa tah dak ? hehehehe

My call was fairly ok. slept from 4 - 6 am. but the thing was , from about 10 am till 3, my pager kept on bleeping non-stop literally .From one department to the other , as if i really do know what i am doing !!! It was Friday and most specialists wanted the medical team to review their patients to sort out any impending medical problems during the weekend. The one referral which i thought was a bit funny was from the Gynae team ; they asked me to review a patient .45 year old lady who came because of PV bleed but referred to me for her swollen feet which was around for more than 15 years !! and the referral was to rule out Cardiac Failure ?? duuuuhhh... but then , that's life. Anyway , enjoyed my call yesterday ; ordered a transfer out of patients at 2 am in the morning !! hehehe.. masa tu dah eccentric dah , luckily no more referrals after that for i dunno what i could have done more !!

Ok lar. need to get ready. I have my locum at 5pm in Sentul. Kalau nak MC datang ah Klinik Ikhwan.. hehehehehehe

Friday, February 04, 2005

Kedai Kopi Promuda version 1.0 2005


Woke up early this morning feeling sick , was contemplating to take MC but somehow - me being myself decided to go to work today.Haniza shook her head in disagreement!! Not as febrile as last night but the letharginess was there.Checked my FBC ( Full Blood Count ) today , it did not look like Dengue ; but it is still to early to say. For your information ; the variable relevant would be platelet count.It affects ones bleeding time . Normal people would have between 150,000 - 450,000. In Dengue , it will go downhill and may reach as bad as 0 !! This is dangerous as this may precipitate one to have Dengue Shock Syndrome or Dengue Haemorrhagic Syndrome which can be very fatal !!! HAks.. macam explain kat patient laks. So you guys coming from dengue area , if your fever is persistent for +/- 4 days , not resolving , muscle aches.. do check your blood to confirm. I've seen sudden death due to Intra-cranial bleeding secondary to Dengue which could be avoided if detected early.

Finished my rounds early as i only had two patients left after a massive discharge i did yesterday.My houseman was happy with my style of discharging patients !! Had lots of empty bed ; ready for today's influx of patients ( we're active today ). Had my rest in the rest area - kira tido la jugak. hahahahaks..

While i was doing my afternoon rounds ; seeing new admissions Akram gave me a call. An SOS ; asking if i could be the MC for tonite's kedai kopi ! Haks.. i was about to skip the event as i wasn;t feeling that well. But i have this weakness in me that i don't like to dissapoint people ( Yes Ja.. u can laugh.. ) so i agreed. Haks.. suka cari pasal....

Anyway , met up with Dil , Chaaint , Asma , Elya and Ervan before the event in Gloria Jeans KLCC . Chaaint showed us the compiled pics from TEKAD TEKALI and currently preparing a presentation. He showed us his initial intro which is kewl. Cant wait for him to finish it; it'll be one kewl multimedia presentation. ( BANKER BANG... BANKER... )

THe Kedai Kopi programme was excellent. The turnout was fair. Dil , Asma , Izreen , Sheri ,Anaz , Inaz , Azam and Ziad was there. Sort of "small" reunion though !! and the topic of TEKAD TEKALI is still hot and discussable !!! I survived the MC task - a bit jittery in the beginning but Alhamdulillah , no blunders i think ! TAn Sri Sanusi is one kewl fella. The history of Acheh not told in history books was revealed in detail by him ! A walking dictionary ! It fulfilled me as History is my favourite subjectdulu .. kini... dan selamanya.... He mesmerised the crowd with his Acheh knowledge and made everybody dunno what to ask when he's done !! hahahahaha.. Well , he's one kewl fella and i can warn you don't mess around with him coz he knows what he's talking about most of the time. No wonder the former premiere trusted and relied on him to be in his team !!

I will be on call tomorrow. Hmmm.. hopefully it'll not be busy as it had been so far. I am not a jonah and i want to stay that way !! 3rd call is a bit heavy as i have to do referrals from every corner of the hospital as well as deciding to admit patients referred from all around Malaysia !!!! Sounds important huh ? hehehehehe but i can tell you when the pager bleeps you go like.. hmmmmmmmm... sapa la pulak nih??? *smile*

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Hmmm..came back from work quite early today. Felt a bit warm.. and ill "ish". switched on the air-cond and i started to shiver. Damn !! So unlike me... and moments later , the febrile body. I'm having fever !! My eyes a bit heavy.. having body aches ( aka myalgia ) and my abdomen felt bloated. No vomiting nor bleeding tendencies though . Hmmmm.. esok nak kena check darah ; dengue scare man. FYI - my ward ; the great P2 was positive for jejentiks !! imagine that , it is in the ward itself we're breeeding Aedes Aegypti and Albopictus !!!Oh.. i'm feeling so ill.

Anyway , tribute to dearest wifey who braved the rain to buy me Bubur McD. Thank you dear. MUahsss.. ( haks.. ni nak super points ni !! ) .Honestly dear, if you're reading this blog ; thank you so much for the bubur. You;re so kind. Well , given the circumstances i would have done the same if i were you.

Feeling really heavy now. God , my mails were full of TEKADmons msgs !! haks.. its the post-TEKAD rush i guess . Hope that this spirit will last!!! Need to go to bed now though.. so tired man.. so tired..Liverpool won yesterday and The matador scored his first goal !! bravo bravo.. Nak menang League cup ni tak lama lagi ? soo any takers to Cardiff ?? hehehehehhe

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Mysterious Death..

The tycoon who passed away yesterday ; alleged as "accident" was my dad's close confidant. They were classmates during their RMC days back from 66 - 69.The way he died was really mysterious ; police however claimed there was no foul play. However he had 2 gunshot wounds ; one on the chest and the other on the abdomen. Funny though , if he indeed try to shoot himself twice and on peculiar areas.
I'm sure Dr Sharifah Safura ( Malaysia's no 1 Forensic Consultant ; Ballistics ) of HKL will determine the cause and mechanism of death. Only her report will confirm whether he was shot or the bullet was self inflicted.
Very spooky though , to die in such a way. Lots of rumours on the air - very scandalous !!!! Anyway , Al Fatihah...

p/s Selamat Hari Wilayah !! 1st February certainly reminded me of some special memories...
NST 1/2/05 - KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 31:

Datuk Syed Ibrahim Syed Mohamed, the man famous for putting Jaguar cars on Malaysian roads, was found dead in the swimming pool of his bungalow with a gunshot wound.
There was a blood trail all the way from the study of his Bukit Tunku home to the pool.
Police found a .38 Smith and Wesson revolver in the study. A spent shell was found in one of the revolver's chambers and initial investigations showed that Syed Ibrahim was the licensed owner of the weapon.
City police chief Datuk Mustafa Abdullah said police had classified the case as "sudden death" pending completion of investigations