Sunday, December 11, 2016

Fist of fury

It was a mixed emotions November contributing a my busy and mobile December. Remember what i blogged about late October? Yup, me making the decision to move from where I am quite comfortable in. I proceeded with the process and yes, i have decided to make the move to the south. It was not easy considering that I am very settled with my job and home. Bukit Jelutong is definitely home as we've been there since 2008. I have tendered my resignation in October and was looking at serving my notice till end of December.

Then an unexpected turn of event happened. Unfortunately, my future partner Dr Imran aka Vijay passed away! It was so sudden! It was shocking to the whole of anaesthetic fraternity! I was supposed to join him as the second anaesthetist in the centre and now he was gone! 

It was crazy in dealing with the uncertainty. Imagine having a big number of cases and the only anaesthetist you had collapsed and they were without anyone! I was divided between leaving Rawang in that lurch and help in where I will be in. It was not easy as i guess you can never know the future. Burning the bridge now means point of no return. I had to make the decision to keep with my earlier pledge. However, i needed to negotiate with my current CEO to see how they can assist me. 

Alhamdulillah, we managed to reach an understanding. My replacement was ready to take over my place but he could not be in Rawang all the time in December. That was good enough for me. And so goes the hectic arrangement and agreements between many parties in the month of November. Obviously, I could not blog anything out as it was not my priority. Imagine juggling that and planning for the coming ASC in JB come April! Gila! Yes, I am the Scientific Chair and so far it has been an assortment of thoughts! 

God is great. So far i managed. And now to the second week of December, when everybody is having their holidays I am constantly oncall wherever I am. But I thank Allah for making things easy for me so far, Insha Allah..

Friday, December 09, 2016

CUCMS talk HAnds 2.0

For the second time in a row, I would like to thank CUCMS for inviting me for their activity last week. It was a pleasure to be chosen as one of their speakers. I was with cif of MedTweet.My , Khairul Hafidz and a famous medical student Wazir Aiman. Thus, i was the old one on the stage hahaha
 As this was to collect fund for their humanitarian project in Nepal next year, the theme of the talk was about volunteerism and the actto follow. I shared my experience being the ground zero team in Nepal 2014. I can't help it to make jokes as I talk..Luckily it was in tune and the audience laughed and enjoyed the session. 
Thank you again CUCMS, Perhaps in 2017 they will invite me agian to make it a hattrick appearance!

The farewell (again)

It was sweet of the staff to have a small farewell for me. It was held in Tasik Biru Kundang and I did not expect it to be as grand as how they made it to be. It was a nice place to have dinner at andthe price per head is very reasonable. Im sure i'll come agin here for an outing some other time. Totally, i was smitten and i guess they do appreciate me as a working colleague for the past two years.
 It was a fun night ans we ha a galore of food and entertainment. The highlight was the everybody gets a lucky draw and it was funny that we had to rush to give everybody the prizes!
 My gratitude to all the OT team for all their hardwork. Sister Wani, Ayu, Siti, Puva, Rubi, Pani, Mas, Husna, Nadia, Ika, Tengku, Arif, Abang Radzi, and the rest Feqah, Daus, Hakim, and therest. It was my pleasure to work with you guys. I would like to apologize for any of my wrong doings especially my temper at times.
Frankly i don't knw why Im leavingthem as the working environment is very condusive! It is sad that i have to leave. Thank you again. And may we all met again in the future, wherever that will be.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The clock is yours

Alhamdulillah, my journey so far has been blessed. The time has come again for me to make another turn in my life. Honestly, i am settled. There is no reason for me to go anywhere. However, opportunity made its presence and as I am about to embark the next stage of my life (being 40), i have to take the challenge.. again! 
Sometimes i ponder, adakah aku ini hambamu yang tidak bersyukur? But then again i am aware that if we have something to offer, then we should go all the way to fulfill that. Moving to a new place is a definitely significant life event. A lot of adjustments need to be done. Not just for me, most importantly the kids and their future. So far Alhamdulillah, it looks promising.
What does my future hold? insha Allah, usaha tetap usaha. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Arrows CVC in Hosp ATM Tuanku Mizan

CVC Arrows team was back in Asia. However it was only Jim in this trip as Amy was sick and could not make it. The plan was to be in Malaysia for a day, then to Brunei for two days and later on to Thailand for three days! 
Honestly i really wanted to go but it was not possible due to my commitments. Besides that it was just last weekend i was away in Jakarta. Therefore it was not possible for me to be off on the next weekend.
 This was a special course as it was designed specifically for the ATM officers. We had a variation of medical officers who came as far as Kuching to join this workshop. It was my first time in Tuanku Mizan hospital and i am impressed for what they have built it for. 
This time around (unlike in Selayang) I was more prepared especially after the India experience. I thought the team did a good job and i must congratulate the Shmidt Malaysia team who worked hard to make this happen beautifully. Credit to Brig Gen Dato' Dr Suhaimi who made it happen and giving me the opportunity to be in this workshop. The participants were all very enthusiastic and certainly hungry for such opportunity. I am happy to see the amongst the army doctors as i know that their enthusiasm showed their commitment to their job. 
I certainly do look forward for CVC Arrows next programme.

The legacy you left behind

I was in UiTM the other day. The Japanese team that came before were in Malaysia again to do their surgery here in Malaysia. They still remembered me when they saw me! haha
 Its nice to see the thing you left is now greater than what it was before. The cardiothoracic anaesthesia team has gone from strength to strength. I was smiling ear to ear as i step into the OT. It brought a lot of memories back to when we first started. The struggle, the fight and the perseverance of few. I may not be that strong to still be with the team but it is a good feeling to see what it is now. Simply superb. 
All the best team! I do wish we could all work together again. But as usual, I have something up my sleeves... 

Friday, September 30, 2016

MedTweetMy 1st AGM

After months of preparation, we had our first general annual meeting last weekend. It was a history in the making, perhaps something that we would all look back at in the future. I msut congratulate Dr Khairul Hafidz for achieving such a feat. I guess with the advances in technology as well as the spreading of information, it is a must for a group like MedTweetMy born.
                                                          the usual suspects
Alhamdulillah, in FB we have the mythbusters and a number of allied health personnels are taking the challenge to combat misinformation of the public. Viral news that would tarnish the image of hard working medical personnels should be replied to in a group manner. I guess issues such as the antivax became prominent in the last couple of months. The public is easily swayed by sensational claims which unfortunately lacking the evidence to be supported.
Thank you to the mInsitry of Health in particular the DG Datuk Hisham who himself is an avid social media player. In the past, i dont think the ministry was keen for such efforts. The current DG is non traditional and progressive, hence the dynamism in his efforts and ways.
I congratulate my colleagues in MedTweetMy who are keen to contribute in this manner. I pray that the sustainability of MedTweetMy which would be the challenge of any new societies. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

DIAgnosis I : Lets go to Indonesia!

Insha Allah, this Saturday we will be launching the semi-translated DIAgnosis2 in Jakarta. Alhamdulillah, for the opportunity for us to try our luck there. It is never easy to breakthrough their market, but as the philosophy of the book goes, Yang menentukan adalah DIA. Du'a for us, all :)

Monday, September 26, 2016

Supersharks Swimming Carnival 2016

My kids are all aquaphilic. They love water. If we were to go for a holiday break, it would be to a waterpark. Thats how much they love to play in the water.
Once a year, their swimming class organization wil hold a local meet for their students. This will be their second year in supersharks. Qayyum is already completed all the levels and currently in their swimming competitive team. The others are still in the various levels to master the technique and being safe in the water.
Only Laikha was not competing

 It was a proud moment for me as Qayyum won 1 event in his category. The breast stroke! I was there to witness it and he was certainly fast and the clear cut winner! I'm sure wifey is very proud as well as he has been swimming since the age of 3! Alhamdulillah, it was fun to see them enjoying the competition. Qayyum won 1 gold and 1 bronze. Not bad eih!
                                                            25m Advanced Breast stroke
To me, its not about winning it. I encourage my children to join in so that they know what cempetition is all about. It can be highly stressful but at the same time discipline and motivation. The perseverance is important. Wifey was worried if Mizan would stop half way but from what was evidenced yesterday, he tried his best and completed the race. That is what is more important! Sportsmanship and the will to compete! 
I was glad that despite being oncall, i could still be present to support them. Im sure they would appreciate it later in their lives. 

Al Hijrah Assalamualaikum

I was on TV recently after aidiladha. It was in the Alhijrah morning talk show and it was because Ben could not make it. Biasalah, my role as sideshow Bob! I was available so there i was at the studio that early morning! Alhijrah studio is very simple and you'd be surprised to see of how they make their channel look so professional on TV. Kudos to the company. 
 The theme was pengorbanan (its raya haji mah) so obviously the questions were on the sacrifices made by health professionals. They were interested however in my humanitarian missions which i gladly shared my experience about.
 The hosts were kind enough to promote Hipnotis on TV. It was totally unexpected but i guess it needs a bit of boost. Not many people realize that its on the shelves already.
My thanks to the producer who was kind enough to invite me despite being a replacement. It was a wonderful experience and hopefully please invite me again! hahaha


I don't know why i had lost interest in updating my blog. I would have thought its because there is nothing too exciting happening in my life. On the contrary, after the Stok Kangri trip i have been busy and went to India again! haha I have to rekindle this interest so that my blog would remain relevant and active! I guess its a challenge for bloggers to remain blogging. Facebook, twitter, whatsapp has certainly taken over by the means of communication. Social interaction and i must admit i don't really browse blogs anymore. Its not the in thing i guess. 

However, i do believe that my role as the editor of the MSA yearbook had taken most of my time these few months. This important publication was entrusted to me late last year. Itook up the challenge because i reckon i should! Of course i had ideals and i guess the reality struck as time goes by. Now i am a bit worried if whatever i've compiled would be to appealing to my fellow colleagues. But hey, at least i've done it. 
Its coming to the end of September and there are many things going on. Future to be considered etc and a whole lot of things happening in terms of my career, activities, family.
I do hope that this would not be the (again) one post and then you'll read another same anecdote a few months down the line! haha 

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

"Because its there!" Mallory.

Why the mountains?
Only those with the same passion will understand.
                                          the smiles


Wow. 1 month without a blog post. I must have been really busy! Wel, whats new about my life? I guess i must have had a thought block. Just not in the mood to blog anything. It was Ramadhan and then came Syawal. Celebrations was just Ok, not as exciting as how it was. But of course, my big project this year..
I just came back from India. In fact it had been a week since i came back. Of course it was straight to work!
I was in Leh Ladakh for 10 days and another 2 days in Delhi. It was such an amazing experience, trekking and alpine climbing for Stok Kangri. The beauty which may not be as famous as Nepal but just as equivalent if not more. 
I will try to find time to write about it, that is if i feel like doing it. I'm sure its a must to log it as my blog is the only diary i have that recollects all the memories of my adventure! 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

#Throwback Diagnosis2kemesir in Alexandria

This is one long dued post! I just realized i did not finish the series as I became disinterested to blog then haha The last part of our tour of Egypt in February. 
SOon after Mansoura, our next and last destination for our book tour cum motivation talk was in Alexandria. Perhaps the most famous and historical part of the Egyptian history. 
Alexandria was founded in 331 BC by Alexander the Great. Imagine, 331 BC! A civilization since then! I would be proud if i am one of them who originated from Alex. Bordering the Medditeranean sea, no wonder it became the point of civilization since then. 
It was the capital city of the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine Egypt for 100 years until the muslim conquest in 641 AD. It was the second most powerful city of the ancient world after Rome. 
Our entourage travelled for almost 6 hours from Mansoura to Alex. We arrived in Alex near sunset and we were to be ready for our next session that night. We rushed through the city, visited the outside of the oldest library in the world. My regret was we did not have enough time to tour the lod library museum. Apparently the original Taurat is inside along with a lot of other original biblical documents! History freaks like me would have gone orgasm in such displays. Takpelah, a point to return to this city one day insha allah! 
 We parted with AF, Azah and Aizzat as they needed to get back home on the weekend. So it was me, Ben and Din who would be the lead for the session that night.
We had a short discussion with Mr Skema, hehe the person in charge for the forum we were having that night before getting ready for the event. Our hotel was excellent! Those 1930s-40s type of hotel with the characteristic chained elevators in the middle of the hotel with butlers. Haha I thoroughly enjoyed the short stay in the hotel.
our breakup sessions OSCE style
forum panelist
En Faizal the main man!
Honestly the session could take all night for if it was not the Egyptian authorities. Haha Typical of them to shoo us away before time. Me were received and Mr Faisal (Chief MARA personnel in Alex) took us out for a treat in Alex after the talk. 
The next day, our entourage went for a quickie tour of Alex. It is such a beautiful city on no wonder the powers of the past wanted to own this part of the land. Certainly a breather from the rest of Egypt that we have seen. The people here themselves were of a different kind compared to Cairo and Mansoura. 
Alhamdulillah, it was a nice end to our tour. Definitely a breather for me away from my hectic schedule. I must thank Whitecoat Enterprise for DIAgnosis2 success. Most importantly to Kelab UMNO luar negara MANSOURA who organized this event and brought us here. It was wonderful to share our experience with our future colleagues Insha Allah.