Wednesday, March 04, 2020

2020.. it has been very colorful so far

Its March now and it has been a hell of new decade! Who would have thought a sudden game of throne power struggle and in the end the most unlikely candidate became the Prime Minister of Malaysia? :) or we were made to think that way?

On another point, the COVID-19 has really took the world by storm. Since January- that has been the talking point and one can imagine at this time of human civilization we are under a virus threat. Its not just medical related issues but the economy as well. Things are looking gloomy and as China having to take the biggest hit make us wonder as well whether this was deliberate? *Conspiracy theory again*

On a personal note which I hope to blog soon enough before I forget the details would be my trip to Aconcagua. I literally celebrated the new year 2020 in South America and a lot  happened during the expedition.. Alhamdulillah I am glad that I am still alive to tell the tale :)

Its only March and I guess there is a lot of uncertainties in the coming months. May Allah bless us all.