Tuesday, August 02, 2016

"Because its there!" Mallory.

Why the mountains?
Only those with the same passion will understand.
                                          the smiles


Wow. 1 month without a blog post. I must have been really busy! Wel, whats new about my life? I guess i must have had a thought block. Just not in the mood to blog anything. It was Ramadhan and then came Syawal. Celebrations was just Ok, not as exciting as how it was. But of course, my big project this year..
I just came back from India. In fact it had been a week since i came back. Of course it was straight to work!
I was in Leh Ladakh for 10 days and another 2 days in Delhi. It was such an amazing experience, trekking and alpine climbing for Stok Kangri. The beauty which may not be as famous as Nepal but just as equivalent if not more. 
I will try to find time to write about it, that is if i feel like doing it. I'm sure its a must to log it as my blog is the only diary i have that recollects all the memories of my adventure!