Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The new order

I'm still adapting to my new schedule of things. In SS2 , it was possible to sleep longer and go to work fairly close to starting a case. It was also convenient to pick up the kids and arrive home early ; fitting in my runs before Maghrib. Life was so easy then..
However , from Bukit Jelutong it is not possible to do that. I have to wake up extra early and get the kids ready to go to school. I have to leave home before 6.45am or it wil be nightmare at the Damansara toll junction. I am used to sleepig late and working up early this last 2 weeks is certainly taking its toll on me. I feel tired and if i am to be given a pillow , I'll just doze off ! Coffee doesn't really work for me and doing on calls is not really helping me to recover !
Wifey is really exhausted and I pity her at times when the kids decide to dirty and shackle the new home ! She becomes obsessive and kept mopping... hahaha budak2 ni.. With that , i have a new role now. As wifey maybe busy with the kids ; i am now officially the COOK !! hehehe.. I am happy doing it and it helps to relieve my stresses as well.. hehehe.. best jugak main masak2 ni..

Kecil kecil cili padi... menawan dunia !

Well done fellow Malaysian ! The pocketrocketman rules ! ( he's a blogger as well ah !) The moment all Malaysians have been waiting for ; a true world class sporting hero..
I am upmost impressed with the feat achieved by Azizul Hasni. Pure strength and going agaist all odd ; small frame and figure but amazingly fast.He was superb against the current champion ; and pushed him into stalemate ; the sudden death round and it was unfortunate for him not to win the gold.. Tapi dah puas hati dah !!! Cayalah bro !!
And i bet you.. Power ROOT Tongkat Ali will be lurking Azizul around the corner to make him the ambassador ! Endorsements on the way... :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Life without the internet

I am cut off from the cyber world for the past 1 week.It felt different.. I guess I've depended so much on the net that i was a bit lost without it ! hahahaha.. FYI I've moved to BJ fulltime and hopefully today they will install the phone line at home smoothly. You never know about Telekom Malaysia ah.. so far , it looks impressive. I went to TM Point on Wednesday ; and Yesterday they called me up for the appointment. If everything goes alright , I should be online from home by tonight !!
Usually I'll browse after work , preferably after the kids are asleep. I will try to put up an entry on this blog if possible or i have anything in mind. Not doing that for the past 1 week was a bit funny to my usual routine.. but then again , I go to work earlier now . By 6.45am I am out of the house ; crossing the Fed H'way or NKVE and to Kelana Jaya to send my kids. By 730 I'[m at the hospital compound scourching for parking space which is getting more ridiculous nowadays ! ( that will be another blog entry ! ) I went back home late twice this week. I was one day on a CABG list and the second , Whipples list. Both ops had me done only by 8pm !! Waahh.. kalau kena bayar locum rate best jugak !
It has been a tiring week and hopefully I can rest fully this weekend bcoz I dont think I've recovered fully from my Mulu & Pinnacles trip !

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ramblings during Sunday oncall..

A lot of people around me had asked , why do i like to do running and mountain climbing? Both exhaust you more and you end up getting tired afterwards. More so with mountain climbing when each expedition would take few days with full exertion of energy ; what a weird holiday spent ? For eg , I came back on early Thursday morning ( 1am) and back to work with the Friday and Sunday being oncall !!! Not to mention , the objections you get from persons close to you.
I guess both activities are very individualised ; i don't have to go against anybody else except yourself. The only one you would want to prove to is yourself and nobody else. I prefer to run than playing football nowadays because I can be on my own during the whole activity unlike team sport events when there is a "forced" common goal which is to score and win !
Getting myself back to simple basic fitness is a bonus and it is a healthy option. ( Have you tried the Korean fitness test.. hehehe see how old are you ? ) With the current health hazards due to urban living lifestyle eg diabetes , hypertension , heart disease , being active this way is certainly the way to go.
During running or trekking , I would be in my own world ; left to run or walk alone. It is during this time I feel my mind goes free , really really free. Not that I have a lot of problems to think about but it is during this period i get solace and peace. I don't feel I am running away from my real world but its a relief to be back in nature . I've always felt myself closer to god during these activities ; the zikr that I vocalize literally and in me during moments of strain is certainly motivational.
Everybody have their own reasons doing things as a hobby. Few would prefer to just soak the wonders of technology and Lebowski. Few others would look for challenges and live the basic life. Moral of the story : JAUHI DIRI ANDA DARI DADAH !!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mulu & Pinnacles trip

I haven't got the time to write up about my trip yet.. i'm oncall this weekend ; Friday and Sunday and i still have not recuperate fully.. mengantuk ahh buat GA.. hahaha
but I've posted few pictures here..which is memorable..

Mulu airport..

Mulu National Park before the climb..

Mulu Summit

boat ride to Camp 5..

Pinnacles view point. :)

Glad to be back

I looked at my last entry..and oh my ! I've left the blog for 2 weeks ! Fuiiyooo.. lama tak blog ! Why? well..
1. Hectic schedule with wifey and the new kid on the block
2.We are in the process of moving to BJ.. hence the non connectiveness..
3.I was away last week in Mulu National Park , Sarawak..

and now.. I'm back !! Hahahahaha