Sunday, October 31, 2004

Ceramah Keibu-bapaan KRS SMTTDI

Gave my first ever - islaimc based ceramah today.. hehehe I was quite lucky that there were not that many parents around . the turnout for the students was fair. Ustaz certainly have lots of confidence in trusting me to give such a ceramah.

Anyway , it was ok . not that excellent. i am not satisfied with my delivery today. Was not relaxed at all !!! haks.. and the old habit of mumbling without understanding what i was talking about ..came !! I suppose , ceramah is suppose to be in a relaxed mode and lots of joke which was definitely lacking in my presentation earlier. Don;t know why but i suppose maybe i was not too comfortable with the topic given. HOwever.. excuses..excuses... anyway , glad to have had it done today. I can identify my weakness in my public speaking. I may be able to deliver speech or lecture confidently but this "off-hand" ceramah needs a lot of practice. Need to impove on this matter.

Today.. i was actually blaming parents for the uprising social problems among youths in Malaysia. I strongly feel that the role of millenium parents is different from the normal orthodox teaching. PArents need to be more proactive and monitor as well as develop their own child. I believe that the education syllabus / system needs direct involvement of parents to ensure dynamic malays of the future. The idea is a bit unorthodox. I did voice this out earlier last month during the Brainstorming session to increase dayasaing melayu organised by PNB. I am passionate about education as i reckon this will be the main tool in determining our wawasan 2020 society.

Ok.. just a short tazkirah regarding luqman al hakim's will to his children . The core idea becomes the basis of educating one's children islamically..

Luqman was known in pre-Islamic Arabia as Luqman al-Hakim, that is Luqman the sage or the wise man. He was probably from Sudan. There were many stories attributed to him that expressed his great wisdom and spiritual maturity. The Qur’an mentioned Luqman to tell us that Luqman’s wisdom led him to be thankful to Allah. The real wisdom consists of directing our thanks to Him who is the ultimate source of all gifts and favors to us. That ultimate source is Allah. Gratitude to Allah is a humble acknowledgement of His favors and bounties. This acknowledgement has three parts: It must be deeply and sincerely felt by the heart. It must be expressed by the tongue and it must manifest in the actions.
The Qur’an tells us that one way Luqman expressed his gratitude to Allah was by giving proper teachings and training to his son. The education of children, whether sons or daughters, is one of the essential teachings of Islam. It is the responsibility of the parents to give proper education and instructions to their children. However, education in Islam is not mere literacy, or training to get a good job and make money. Education in Islam is the training and cultivation of the mind, soul and body with proper ethical, moral, spiritual and intellectual values. An educated person is a person who knows how to control his/her passions and desires and has learned how to express his/herself in the most appropriate manner in every situation.
Luqman gave ten advises:
1. Recognize Allah - This is the first and most important principle of Islam. All Islamic education must begin with this principle. Tawhid must be emphasized and Shirk must be avoided. Oneness of Allah is the ultimate truth and it has the greatest affect in developing a moral and dignified personality.
2. Love and respect of parents - All good education must include the teachings about the rights of parents. However parents’ rights (or any person, group or institutions’ rights) are not above the rights of Allah.
3. Awareness of Allah’s presence and His knowledge - This is the best protection from all sins and wrong doings.
4. Prayers - Regular and proper prayers. Prayer is the nourishment of the soul. Through prayer we acknowledge the Lordship of Allah, give thanks to Him and express our allegiance and obedience to Him.
5. Command what is good - This means active involvement in doing good things and spreading truth, justice and righteousness.
6. Forbid wrong things - This means active involvement in preventing and eradicating evil, sin and corruption.
7. Patience and steadfastness - This is necessary for all those who want to work for good cause.
8. Kindness and courtesy to all people. Good people are kind and courteous people.
9. Humbleness - Be humble in you walk and in your behavior general.
10. Moderation - Follow moderate lifestyle. No extravagance, to extremism is allowed in Islam

Pissed off..

YOu know what.. i was so pissed off early morning yesterday. I wrote a long blog regarding the reunion iftar yesterday , and when i published it - only then was i informed thatthe blog server was down. the best thing was i was not able to retrieve the lengthy blog i wrote !! arrrrrgghhh...

Well , a recap.. yesterday;s iftar was kewl - most of the gang turned up. Megats ( Harris n Edrus ) , Juwie and Wid , Nurleena and Nor , the usual suspects ; Azad n yanti , dil and iza , mafiz , MAluks and his principal from norway.. and me wt my wife.. the late comers !!!

Haks , we came a bit late due to calling of maghrib. But the thing was , my friends being mentekedarah finished the whole meal in 20 minutes !! we arrived about 7.20 pm n almost licin !! haks.. we end up eating the crap nasi goreng.. ( had to go out at about 3 am for sahur in uptown.. really hungry wooo! )

After the iftar , we adjourned to juwie's place in Sri TTDI. It was really fun catching up old stories - i have not met most of them for more than 6 months !!! Its nice to have such gatherings n our bond as a big family shined throughout the night.. Being the big laughing group we are ! ( we dont need liqour to get drunk you know !! ) MMBBUUAAAHHHHSSSS>....

Friday, October 29, 2004

THank you Mal..

Got myself connected to Streamyx today.. well , it wasn't really me.. but my wife did all the arrangement. the chinaman came at about 4 pm. And still it was frustrating because my comp was slow - i suppose due to my wife's intensive internet surfing for the past 4 months..

She actually asked me to go to Imbi Plaza tomorrow morning, but i dont think i want to sacrifice my lovely friday morning ( hari untuk sembahyang.. hehehe ) so.. how lucky i was , that a dear friend of mine was around to help.. sapa ?

Maluks laaa.. hehehehe.. ( he's actually by my side as im typing this down ..uhhghh..)

thank you mal.. we spent like 3 hours from 1 am to 3 am to sort my comp out.. the end result.. walaahh.. cayalah.. i reckon it is definitely healthier now..

ok lar.. tomorrow , the big makan.. breaking fast in Muhibbah. hope that it'll be a good turnout.. ok..cheerios..

Monday, October 25, 2004



24 October 2004... my 28th birthday.. i'm already that old !! haaakkss..Syukur Alhamdulillah dear god almighty for having me to live my life wonderfully so far.
Well.. this year's birthday was kewl. why ? coz..

1) finished my houseman postings !! i'm on a week's holiday !! yup ,. i'm an MO now !! i year of sheer hardwork and tiredness fullfilled ! glad.. so glad to have finished it in style..dunno what got into Mr Kumar , somehow i'm invited to join his mega project of the future.. sssssssssyyy.. KGB stuff man.. haks.. well , have to think hard about it..

Paeds / OnG / Surgery// Wooohhhooooo ( Homer Style )
Next destination : well , was offered to go to plastic / nurosurgical. well , i guess neurosurgical will be my choice.. definitely not MEDICAL !!!!!

2) entah somehow.. i dunno what got into her.. my wife bought me PS2!!! haakkss.. the last person i thought would do so actually did it !! gile tergamam masa tgk the present ! hahahahaha seriously , never thought that i would be so lucky to get one.. terasa bersalah lak , coz tak de lak hadiah like that from me !! haks.. will have to create something special on our anniversary - 2nd november 2004. but giller kewl.. I have 30 games .. and of course my favourite.. the football game !!!

3) At about 2200 last nite , almost all from the gang gathered in Mohsein 2 , TTDI ( mamak place ) for a drink.. with SISS NAAN and tandoori.. the distinguished guests were:

1) azad n yanti
2) dil n iza
3) fiqar
4) mafiz
5) mal

It was really kewl to meet up. We haven't meet up for quite some time. It was a fun 1.5 hours.. with the loud laughter n silly jokes. Well , old friends are certainly diamonds.. really appreciate the gesture azad !! thanx.. patutnya birthday boy yg open table , ni our "don" lak yg belanja.. thanks azad.. a kewl gathering on my birthday.. well , i suppose being the youngest one in the group, somehow azad seems to alwiz remember his "small" brother here... hehehehehe

If everything goes ok , this Friday - a buka puasa gathering will be held in MUhibbah the steamboat restaurant in Rahim Kajai. hope that the gathering will turn out well..

Haks.. ok la.. need to practice my gameplay.. dunno whether in the near future i will actually have time to play the adventure games..

Monday, October 18, 2004



What has one to do, when one grows tired of the world, as we both do, but to draw nearer and nearer, and gently waste the remains of life with friends with whom one began it?
letter to George Montagu, 21 November 1765, in Correspondence (Yale ed.) vol. 10

i'm on call again tomorrow.. sigh.. not really looking forward to it. reason : i'm quite tired of it now. Somehow , i'm always tired and feeling lethargic.My colleague noticed this too and suggested that maybe i've burnt out.. hmm... that sounds logical..

haks.. ok let me tell you ( all the doc wannabees) bout this on call business. It is part and parcel in the life of a doctor.I am a Malaysian government doctor. Our starting wage is satisfactory - being 2800 per month. ok la kan.. but the thing is we dont have time to really think about spending it.. why ? becuase of on call.


Usually in other departments / jobs we call it overtime. but ours is really about being overworked and overstressed !!

Working hours : 0700 - 1700
On call : 1700 - 0700 ( the next day )

and we have to continue working till 5pm the next day.. ie straight 36 hours !! haks.. currently i'm posted in surgery . Which is quite relaxed compared to my previous 2 postings.. paediatrics and Obstetrics.

But alas.. i'll be finishing really soon.. like this Saturday !! 23rd of October - just 1 day before my birthday .. heks.. but then , i do feel that i will be posted to do the medical posting next.. which i hate most !!! met the HOD for anaes the other day but she cant take me into anaes without medical experience.. hmmmm... well , if i dont have any choice ; what can i do ?? belasah jer..

ok lor.. most likely i wont be bloggin tmorrow.. adios ..

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Ramadhan Day 3


Perasan tak my face got bigger in the Sempurnakan HArimu ad !!! haaakss.. well , tu la org kata glamour tak sengaja.. hehehe.. Tercapai cita2 nak jadi pelakon iklan.. hahahahahahahahha

waahh.. it had been quite some time since i last blogged. Sorry la to my avid fans haks.. macam ada orang nak baca jer.. well , cant do much for the last 1 month. I was very busy you know.. with my calls and my work.. my locums.. haks..

Anyway , for your information i failed on my first attempt with the MRCPCH Part 1 in SIngapore ( my last few bloggss ) huk..huk.. sedih gak.. but the marks were not too bad considering my preparation and the time i actually spent studying.. cuma rugi RM2000 ahh.. .uuhh.. that hurts..

today is my 3rd day of ramdhan. fasting huh.. noi problem.. lucky that i'm not oncall this weekend . so had been on the bed since am.. hehehehe went out to sahur with my wife in A&W at 2 am till about 5 am.. long talk we had.. really long talk. I guess i;m still trying to get into terms with her.. we're married almost 3 years and so many problems unresolved.. but then friends , that story will be in another blog.

its 6.45 pm now. got my locum in Klinik Ikhwan Sentul 8 - 10 pm. ok la RM 70 for the 2 hour sitting!!

Ok .. salams.. Selamat berbuka puasa beb..