Thursday, January 29, 2015

MDQ4 4th birthday today

Today is my son's birthday. MDQ4. His 4th birthday.
Mizan Dzareif Qayyim which means balanced cheerful leader.
I call him Dzareif.
At times it will be moyyim.
Lately he calls himself Mizan.
Neng (our maid) calls him Mijan. haha

I left him for Perth when he was barely 6 months old. They came to visit me when he was nearing one. Obviously then i was a stranger. When i came back, he needed readjustment in figuring out who this man was and now living with him in our place. hahaha

He is slowly growing but sure with confidence. One thing about him is his smile and the natural cool act. He will smile and laugh and with that we will be swayed by him, pure submission haha He is said to be the most good looking, compared to MDQ1 Qayyum.

I guess the cheerful name, Dzareif certainly is him. Periang. He is one funny fella that can make you miss his antiques when thinking about him. As an example, me blogging this post about him. I can't stop smiling thinking about him.

Happy birthday to you and may you be a solihin :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Still a part of it.. #uitmdihatiku

We discussed about this just before i left the faculty. I submitted my CV then see how it goes.  Was it possible for a staff who left to come back and contribute? haha Of course it should because we parted on good terms. It was never the pushing factor but more of pulling factor in terms of the progression of my career.
Alhamdulillah, Yesterday i received the confirmation of me being a part time staff for the Anaesthesia Department in UiTM. It was certainly good news as I've always enjoyed teaching. Being part time means I am not tied with the admin and organizational work, perhaps on the cardiothoracic and students only. That should be fine as the location between where I am working now is ideal for me to be in UiTM Sungai Buloh as scheduled.
I am only into 4 months in private and alhamdulillah, I'm not regretting it. I wish there was an avenue for me to do both just like how they practice in Australia but i guess my instituition is not ready for that yet. Perhaps in the future it would and i am sure the plans for that is ongoing. Its a waste if lecturers leave for private practice as i believe there is a lot a lecturer in medicine can do to trian the future generation of doctors and healthcare workers. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Induction with the KPJ group

I thought being out of government practice, we would not be doing things like this anymore. To my surprise, we were called last Saturday to attend the partner relationship programme by KPJ central. Of course, it being held in our place makes it easier to attend. A number of Consultants who've joined KPJ in the last few years were invited.
 As a main player in the healthcare industry in Malaysia, It was cool for KPJ central to organize such an event. It was an introduction to what KPJ is about and we met with the Senior Consultants who had been with the group since the beginning. Sapa tak kenal Tan Sri Yahya, Dr Kok, Dato Shahrudin? It was good to see old acquaintances to be within this group. Everybody having their own reasons for moving out to private practice. 
It was an interesting knowledge sharing session that serves as an introduction to the big organization. It is good for us to at least know whats going on and why at the mamagement and operations level, so that our minds won't be fixed just on clinical stuff. I thought it was good and i do applaud such programmes for the doctors. 
In a way it makes me feel at home and appreciate the gesture shown. Of course, why we are called partners is because of the investment we have to make on joining the KPJ group. 

#Diagnosis2 on Astro Awani 501

A last minute request was put to AF the night before. Talkabout session with Astro Awani 501 who gave us a good coverage during our soft launch. It was totally last minute and with AF, Aizzat, Din being in another state, arrangements for ad hoc opportunities such as this can be a regret! I don't reckon FL can suddenly spring of her HO duties to come. Me &  Ben would be no different either.
But by Allah's will, I had something to do in the morning so i swapped calls with Fatma last week. Ben himself took leave till Monday to rest. Somehow it worked out that me & Ben were free to do this TV interview. Subhanallah.. my first time!
Ive been interviewed randomly before but never being recorded on studio. Theres always a first time! I did not have the jitters of an exam viva but scary enough to push my adrenaline off the roof.
Being a keeno, i was in the BSKL vicinity by 1.40pm and we were to only meet at 3.30pm!! Haha Daripada tak lalu nak makan terus like, hmm laparlah.. haha so i had my hearty lunch. Ben came about by 230pm and we discussed about what we want to say. At least a common theme and not being tangential to Diagnosis concept.
I was having palpitations when we went to the studio..Arrggh.. gemuruh gila.. haha Its not the same as giving a speech or talk in front of a big crowd. This was TV! huhuhu
We met up with Ayu the producer and then Izza, the journalist who would be "chairing" the interview. We were then asked to be touched up by the make up artist. Jack (her name) was not too keen with my hair! haha I had a haircut during the weekend and if i had known earlier about this interview, i would have postponed it! She did what she could to save my hair for TV. I guess i came with a messed up not properly done hairstyle unlike Ben.
To my surprise we did not discuss much with Izza before the start so it was not scripted at all! The set was well done with our book cover being displayed vert galantly. Wow! Thank you Astro Awani! Haha I did fumble on few parts but i guess it was not too bad because we did not have any cuts or breaks.I thought it went well. My favourite part would be when AF came on live on the phone. He was so composed that i wished i can be as cool as he was :) We met up with Jiji too who came for our PC last 2 weeks. She must have been the first person there to have read Diagnosis2! Alhamdulillah, she liked it and in particular my Gaza and AMS! Thank you for reading it!
It came out yesterday, 25 January 2015 at 830pm.. primetime Sunday news! Alhamdulillah, an excellent publicity for our project. Thank you Whitecoat, AF, Aizzat and Azah for inviting me to join the bandwagon. A definite rollercoaster ride from here on :) 

Friday, January 23, 2015

mothers and babies

Honestly, Sejujurnya.. haha I enjoyed Obstetrics a lot during my medical student days as well as the compulsory OnG posting during housemanship. 
Why? It must have been because of the goosebumps I feel on every delivery. Be it normal delivery or caesarean section.It is an honour to be part of celebrating life into the world.  When i was doing my OnG posting in housemanship, i did have a look on this career.I was considering it seriously. The commitment is tremendous and the responsibility is huge. Its the 2 lives one is expected to maintain. Complications do happen but the stress of making sure you've done what you can is a big challenge.
The only reason why i did not proceed was because I felt ladies should take this role not man. As a pregnant mother, having another woman managing you would be ideal. I know that can be impossible at times but it should be encouraged. But NEVER as a deterrant that man cannot be in this profession. That is wrong to deny expertise to be held only by one gender. But when they is choice, than it should be lead by woman. 
I was told i had the chic and skill to proceed with obstetrics then. But Allah has planned my pathway to be as how it is today.
But God is great. I do get to have that feeling again and again. Be it for epidural labour and of course caesarean section. It is a huge responsiblity for me as well but it feels great.True it can be a stressful situation, but i can tell you that it is worth it.  It is such a great feeling to see life, when the baby cries out loud signalling his presence to the world. Subhanallah. There are times when terror beckons but that would be the whole reason I am there. for both the mother and the baby.  
And now, in my current centre I am part of this highly risky medicolegal participation when things go wrong. I reckon as long as we are sincere, doing the best of our ability to ensure safety and live, it would not deter me from being a part of this episode in the family's life. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Life is short, qada n qadar. Alfatihah

I received a phonecall yesterday while doing my case in OT. It was from Basir. Seeing that name i was thinking of probably another job opportunity somewhere?!
To my surprise he informed me the passing of a childhood friend called Mustafa. Apparently, it was due to the complications of chronic diabetes. 
Arway Mustafa was a friend i knew in primary school. He was always warm and charming. Why he is easily recognizable then was because of his size. He was big and obese. Despite that he has always been kind at heart and very pleasant to be with. I remembered how he was easily bullied by few naughty boys who would jeer at his size. He as always been gentle though. He was in the class next to me, of course he was known by everybody! 
When i left SRKDU for SMTTDI, we do meet occasionally with the other DU gang. Sometimes in uptown or its vicinity. He was always warm and i do remember sharing jokes with him. Never that i thought even then he was suffering from diabetes.Even after school, i do come across him in Jusco, pasar malam or random meets in uptown. It was a touch and go thingy asking how things were.
(Anybody can guess which one is me?)
I was surprised to see him very sick when he came to PPUM when i was doing in masters. Basir alerted me then because he was also a childhood friend to Basir. He was blind by then. It was sad because seeing him suffering and the issue then was to amputate his foot. it was too infected and source of sepsis. The mustafa i knew has now shrunk, not as big as how i remembered him when we were young. I reckon i did write about him in one of my blog entries in the past but i could not find it. 
And yesterday Basir called to inform me about his demise. Innalillah. Life is precious and complications do happen because of a chronic disease such as diabetes. Subhanallah. May Mustafa be amongst the salihins in the hereafter. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Registering your company

Last Thursday, i had to travel to 3 SSM ( Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) ; from Shah Alam to Kl Sentral and lastly the Mall.( ever knew there was one at the mall!) It was regarding the registration of my business, ROB. Hahaha it was an interesting experience as for us doctors, there is totally no FAQ or proper guide in doing this. I wanted to register online but somehow the system is so cocked up that you get stuck half way. 
The last did this was with Azad when we formed our soya bean eneterprise. It was for a short while but i learnt a lot from the enterpreneurship of Azad. It was a good experience venturing into small business after finishing med school. We did not do to bad but the commitment to it was an issue. I still remember selling our soy next to Jenny soy (the famous TTDI soy seller) at the Kiara Hills hahaha bukan senang woo nak tebal muka jual product.
Anyway this time around it is about my status as an independent contractor with my current hospital. The common practice amongst my fraternity is registering your own company.Usually what they do is straight away to sdn bhd but perhaps with wifey's advice Im staying with sole prop first. I reckon its because of the coming GST and i would like to see how it is handled first before opening my own sdn bhd. Sdn Bhd is a commitment and it includes financial commitment which i am not keen to endure at this moment in time.
Insha Allah, we'll see how things go.

#Diagnosis2 media launch

11 January 2015 will be a memorable date for us. We had our small do #Diagnosis2 launch in Kl Steamboat, Kelana Jaya. It was a small affair but a very worrying one. 
It was meant for the media and until the day before the launch, i did not get any confirmation from my media contacts. In the end they did not come but i don't blame them. Who are we lah kan to get massive video coverage? We were banking on AF's contacts and we even had a plan in case no media showed up!
We were there the night before to do the set up. We brainstormed and how to make the event cool and not disappointing. Kudos to both of them in preparing the bunting as well as the backdrop. We had a tough time deciding how and where to have and in the end we took the conservative way to make it simple on the wall.
  Thus.. it was the day! I was there early at 1230 as i had to send kids to their huffaz before 3. Everyone of us was there and i guess the first time to have all of us together physically in one place. Thank you Din for coming with his family all the way from Temerloh :)
Initially we were worried that no media would show up. Seriously!How would we face Dato Yusof Haslam who was personally invited by AF. A big question in mind haha Nearing to 3pm, it rained and quite heavily! At that time i guessed AF was happy to start but his uncle said,

"Aku buat event-event macam ni mana pernah start awal!" hahaha

I was glad that i had previous experience in inviting and handling a media event. It was valuble as i was able to brief the team on how it was usually done.I never thought that small bit of doing things then gave me the insight to ensure the smooth flow of the event.
Alhamdulillah, they came. All AFs contacts Alhamdulillah. I was relieved and i am sure all team members felt the same. The event went well and i enjoyed every bit of it. Seeing what you planned came to reality. 
Of course the big challenge now is to make the book available :) Not an easy task i guess but i let the pros (team 1) to deal with this. They know better i guess! Insha Allah the online sale has been encouraging and it will be dream to see it on bookshelves of MPH and Kino soon :)  
Do get your books from yeah! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

When the mind is free

Work was not too bad today. Had a full list and I've just finished my cases. Simple bread and butter cases. Alhamdulillah. Things are running according to plan and perhaps more than expected. The cases in our hospital had exceeded from the normal projection. I am thankful to Allah for this.

Yesterday i went to a centre near home, visiting a fellow anaesthetist, or perhaps better known as my RA sifu.. Ling.  I must say the lay out of his hospital is super impressive and perhaps the size of the hospital is exactly the same as ours. But when you go to the OT and ICU, i realized what they do there is a totally different ball game. 
Wow.. Im not sure whether Im looking for something like that to do everyday since I've been enjoying my freedom so far :) 

"Mafeit.. I know you like challenging cases.. I'm sure you'd get bored after a few years there.."
Hahaha.. is that true? Hmmm... 

Would i prefer doing a simple ASA 2 urology cases all day ..or
an ASA 2 Obese BMI >50 doing one neuro-spine case the whole day with ICU post op transfer? 

Well, ASA 1 patients themselves can be a challenging case when things go tangentially wrong. But to know at pre med that your cm case will be a mega adrenaline rush to do? haha Emergency and elective is two different things and doing high risk cases in private can be a bit intimidating. I am not sure I am ready for that as yet. Perhaps, i should just enjoy my tenure now and think about that later.

And see.. how true Sifu Ling knows me.. :) 

Hai Melayu - A Samad Said

Received this sajak on the whatsapp. Thought i should post it so that it will remain as an entry in my blog.


Hai Melayu!
rumahmu semua dibina indonesia,
ekonomi pula dikuasai cina,
golongan profesional semuanya india,
warung makan pun, mamak dan siam yang berkuasa,
warga bangla pula menjadi JaGa,
orang Nepal yang menabur baja,
orang pakistan usung karpet jaja merata,

lalu melayu ada apa?
harapkan ustaz, saling menyesat,
harapkan hiburan, lagi best filem barat,
harapkan bahasa, banyak telah bertukar kesat
harapkan tulisan, jawi pun mereka hambat,
harapkan tanah, banyak digadai kepada korporat!

Hai melayu!
masih mendabik menjadi tuan?
sibuk mahu menjadi tuan,
rupanya kerja kelas bawahan,
ditipu mentah orang atasan,
konon perjuangan ini untuk kalian!
kerja sikit, sembang kencang,
banyak rungut, sikit rancang,
siapa tegur, dituduh lancang
duduk warung, gigit kacang!

Hai melayu!
konon kau pantang dicabar,
konon kau tangkas menyambar,
tapi cuma indah khabar,
rentakmu makin lama makin hambar

kau melayu aku pun melayu,
aku menulis bukan cemburu,
aku mahu engkau tahu,
kenapa melayu tak macam dulu.....

Hai melayu!
jari mu hebat bertutur di facebook alam maya,
bila berdepan ekonomi semasa kau tidak ber daya,
kau cuma tahu ber gaya,

Hai melayu!
kau melaung-laung di jalan raya,
bagi tahu kepada dunia ini bumi aku yang punya,
pada hakikat ia digadai kepada sepet yang kaya!

Hai melayu!
kerana hendak bergaya kau gadai pusaka,
bila dah kaya kau jadi puaka,
ini tandanya kau sudah derhaka!

Hai melayu!
sedarlah bangsa ku,
buka lah minda mu,
bersatulah bangsa ku,
kerana malaya bukan lagi milik mu !
aku pun melayu,
engkau pun melayu,
bodoh sombong harus di tepis,
riak,bongkak dan hasad dengki sesama bangsa harus guris,
bersatulah melayu kerana agama, bangsa, moyang-moyang yang telah berjasa,
kerana ini mungkin peluang akhir bangsaku untuk negara, berjasa dan berkuasa....

A.Samad Said.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

3..2..1.. #Diagnosis2

The moment of truth. Whether the euphoria of this book will be justified. Soon enough. It was a different kind of feeling seeing your name printed on the cover and to see your story published on the usual books you browse in the bookstore. 
I am myself nervous because people will soon judge my writing. Is it good enough for mass public or perhaps only for a certain niche?The inferiority complex that anybody would have in entering a new field especially this one.A total newbie but in writing not that new to me. I've written before and encourage to be commercialised, never that i thought it would be possible. This dream realized.
 One thing for sure, the readers will have their own favourites just like any boy band.. haha I wonder which one will i be? I'm putting my money on Ben as our superstar trump card.. the complete marketing package :) ala Beckham.. Jordan Knight.. Ronan Keating.. haha you know what i mean! 

3 months into the new job

Its 3 months now I've been here. I can tell you that i am happy with my new job, running day to day general anaesthesia in a community based hospital. I guess the burden of things in your mind has been relieved and i do find myself with a lot of time.
I am sure i will get busier by time evidenced by the daily cases we have to do now. With the introduction of new insurances affliating with us, the hospital will be flourished with patients soon.The worry now is whether we are able to cope with the demand. Currently we are doing Ok and Ot has its cases to do, but i am sure it will just be a matter of time when it will be crowded and surgeon's fighting to look for suitable slots for them. I guess this is private practice and hey, I am not complaining.
All i do here is bread and butter anaesthesia, adults and paediatrics. The cases are usually not too complicated but the patients can be n the sense of giving adequate justifiable information about the procedure. I have not faced any difficulty so far and insha Allah it will remain that way. I can be a bit chatterbox when seeing my patients but so far they are happy with my explanation. Ok la kan..
I am looking to do a single day cardiac stint as i wanna keep abreast with my skills. Otherwise it may deteriorate in time and i will be stuck on the knowledge of my time. Insha Allah, that should be sorted out soon but we'll see how it goes.
The only thing yang tak best is i am getting less healthy. The timings of my ops are unpredictable and i dont have my evening runs anymore. That is not good because i can only grow fat!! most importantly becoming unhealthy! Its difficult to fit in the small runs in between. And the problem with running is, if u stop it is very difficult to restart.. Malas!! haha

Ok.. i have another tonsillectomy to do for a growing kid :)  

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Mission #banjir2014 in Kelantan Part 7

So what have i learnt about the whole disaster? A lot.. individually and being on ground zero it was just continuous uttering masha allah and subhanallah. It was worst than described and some of the statements on social media was true. Some were inaccurate but that is why it is important to be intact with reliable resources.

1.The coordination is a suspect. Honestly i dont know why? Its not like the first time we are dealing with floods but i guess the magnitude this time totally awed the authority. It maybe easy to play the blame game but i guess it is not as simple as that. Lack of quality leadership maybe the world to describe. We were lucky, despite the devastation being really bad. Many who saw the end result described it as post tsunami like, war zone etc and it looked exactly like that. We were lucky because the flood came in slowly and gave time for the people to evacuate or regroup. If it was a tsunami or war, lots of lives will be lost just in an instateneous moment. Alhamdulillah, that was not our fate but i hope it becomes an eye opener especially to the ones managing this.
2.We know that Malaysians are of good heart nature. Once the worst had recede, we can see droves of NGOs NGIs coming in to help. To contribute in all forms, physical, mental and spiritually. Lifting up what has been affected. My friends from different groups and backgrounds made their own efforts to help those in need. Kudos and it was amazing to see many sides helping the unfortunates. Again, if the coordination was better we could have made use of all resources better.

3.The unsung heroes.. the ones who did the job earlier. The army, bomba, polis, Smart team during evacuation period. When things were dangerous and these men sacrificed themselves to save others. Totally amazing effort and courage. My hats off to them. And to the medical teams who were stuck in the hospital, 24hours doing what they do best. Providing healthcare services to people in need. A lot of untold stories of these unsung heroes. The true heroes who do their thing not for other people to recognize. NEVER FOR PUBLICITY.

4.The ugly side of Disaster Management.Its not just aboutthe top but at the ground level as well. When people do good deeds this for themselves. to inject themselves heroism highlighting their own acts. Such a sore to experience and see it in front of your eyes. Voluntourism at its best.It happens anyway everywhere, I was warned about this before but nothing beats experiencing it yourself. How some people selamba taking credit from other people's effort. How they can just bluff through and gets the publicity for themselves. Masha Allah.. May Allah have mercy on them.

5.Kelantan is a different country altogether. Whatever works here and how things are done cannot be summarized like other parts of Malaysia. You need to understand the 5Ws of Kelantan to do justice for them.. Enough said.. :) THIS IS KELANTAN!!

All in all, i pray to Allah to have pure my intentions. I am thankful i was given the opportunity to help despite being in private practice. I thought it was never possible but there will always be a way. Especially when you really want it, anything is possible.
Thank you to PPUM and thank you to UiTM for considering me to join you guys in this mission. Im sure they are lots more that has to be done. And that is the basic concept when we attain to help in disaster. This is just the beginning.


Mission #Banjir2014 in Kelantan PArt 6

Nothing feels like being in kampung. The atmosphere, the people.. yes the people, i have to mention it twice because kampung folks are amazing people! The hospitality, how they treat you is simply amazing. We were ready to have our own rations but Mok tok was too kind and invited us over persistently. They became our host despite us politely refusing to sleep at their place. Sister slept at their place because it would be convenient for them. For me and Muiz, we were ok sleeping in the verandah. It was clod yeah but kampung coolness is just amazing. 
Rice is definitely a staple and my 1 week amount was taken in 3 meals here. Imagine.. rice portions are loud and it would be impolite to reject what they have prepared for us. Having tempoyak ikan patin was  the draw as they managed to tangguk quite a number of fishes during this season. I must say it was delicious and perhaps became the nevy to other teams. That is kampung life guys.. simple and amazingly corteous. 
We went to the estate barracks the next day. Our mobile clinic set up was limited due to the stocks which finished during our first day. But to see them, 10 families who were living quite far inside the estates. The families were trapped when the water rose and submerged their homes. They went to the highest ground and camp there. They totally had nothing and it was because of their camp visuals that the army dropped supplies for them. They were totally cut off for 7 days and at the same time, worried that water might have just drown them. Masha Allah. 
When we arrived, the males were at work. They have resumed work in the estates which i reckon mostly on cleaning up whatever was not swept by the flood. We had the ladies and children, and it was nice to see them coming in droves. We felt bad because our medication supplies ran out but i guess the gesture of checking their general health was a relief to them. We were again the first medical team to have reached them.
Looking at Sungai Kelantan's current it was scary to imagine the flood at its peak. It was just behind the barracks and no wonder when the water rose it wiped out the whole barracks.We could see the level of the mud and they were all busy drying and cleaning their homes. I guess life goes on, what else can be done. Floods come and go and they just have to continue fend for themselves. 

Mission #Banjir2014 in Kelantan Part 5

Upon arrival we were asked by Penghulu to look for 2 people, Abe Halim for assistance. Imagine arriving at the kampung knowing nobody and looking for help. It was back to basics courtesy and social skills. We had to do it anyway, though it was never a favourite part of anybody to sort out things yourself. We took shelter in Penghulu JKKK verandah, as the house was locked. He was away because his wife was ill having delivered an IUD few days before the flood. I went to Abe Halim's place and spoke to him about our intentions. Mind you, we have not packed out our stuff and the villagers were already waiting to be seen!
As i mentioned before half of the kampung went under water. Houses move and some totally lost everything. There was still no electricity but they were not too bad with water as they had wells within their house compound. Only 3-4 houses were not affected and during the darkest hour, became the shelter for those who stayed put during the catastrophe. They managed to get aid through helicopter drop and it was not without luck! The kampung was not charted in the TUDM map as the previous kampung was 4 km away before it was moved here. The current kampung was supposed to be the area where water should not in theory rise up as what happened to the old site kampung. Totally under water during this flood. One of the kampung folk son was in TUDM and he showed the rescuers where the exact point of the kampung. He himself came down from the helicopter with goods for the kampung folks. Otherwise, the aid would have been much later through land. 
 We had to kickstart our clinic operations earlier than scheduled  as the crowd became bigger. They were all keen to be seen. None really serious but i reckon our presence must have given them a secure psychological impact. Even patients who we saw, it was about reassurance and mostly sharing their stories during the peak flood period. The medicine we had were basic but it was not enough to cater what was needed post flood. It was an eye opener as well to note what is important and common for post flood victims.
I must salute "tabik spring"to  the KKM rural health setting in Kelantan as most old folks do get their follow up in the government clinic for their chronic illnesses like Diabetes and Hypertension. Most of them are on medication and well aware of their health status. A simple BP check for them was happiness and I believe that is why we have to participate in such mobile clinics during disaster. It is more holistic.
Muiz and I even did home visits as there was this one old lady which was scheduled for STO on the day the flood came in a rush. She was stuck and was starting to get feverish. The suture site is red and Muiz did the STO and dressing. It was helpful as well to have a small motorbike for our use. The kampung was small so we could not go anywhere further anyway. 
And that was 2015 celebrated in a small ulu Kampung with no electricity and running water! Subhanallah.. :) 

Mission #Banjir2014 in Kelantan Part 4

Our group split up in Gobek. We met Penghulu and he organized the divisions for us. We were divided into three groups. There were 2 other GPs from Kota Bharu who was with our team. Iqbal and Shah were assigned to Kampung Rambai which became a blessing. Pecet was to be stationed in Kg Pasir Panjang with the rest. 
 Me, Muiz and Sister were driven (on our lorry again! haha) to the point where water is still high above the ground. It was accessible by small boat. There was another way according to the Penghulu but it would take us more than 1 hour to reach the kampung as compared to probably longest 10 minutes using the sampan. Kampung Pasir Besar was supposed to be the area where no water should reach them but unfortunately half of the kampung submerged below water. 
The Penghulu warned the Penghulu of the Pasir Besar to evacuate when the rain was non stop. Most of them refused because the area was never hit by flood instead became a rescue temporary shelter for other kampung folks. He managed to move few older folks on his first trip across that night.When the Penghulu tried to cross the 2nd time through this way, the water stream was too violent. He was worried for the kampung Besar folks as he knew how many families were stranded. He then with few other villagers carried the motorboat to another point which was 3km away. Unfortunately the water rose higher and there was no way that they could cross it even ith the motorboat. There was no contact to that kampung for 1 week and when the rain subsided the other day, he and few others went to have a look for rescue. 
"bok bocor.." said the Pnghulu to us upon arriving at the site. Hahaha And courageously he tries to seal it with whatever paper we had and quickly rowed with the broken paddle to the kampung. We were worried for a bit if the boat gave away! Seriously! We were glad though when we saw the boat in sight after 15 minutes but to our surprise its the same boat with now 3 people in it! haha One of them was using a small bucket to displace the water which seemed through the semi patched hole! 
"Tadok bok laen.." again the Penghulu said with a dissapointed look.
"Bule ke ni?" i asked.
"Insha Allah.. hehe" the Penghulu smiled jokingly. Izzat was smiling from ear to ear smirkingly and Muiz was worriedly looking at the "newly" formed river across us. 
Muiz and sister crossed the the "river" first with Li - the youth from the kampung who bravely paddled us. I went later with the bags on the second trip. The sight was horrendous. Imagine, the tall matured palm oil trees which is at least 3m tall, totally submerged under water. I could see the top part as we negotiated our boat through the hazards. Subhanallah. I totally cannot imagine being in the dark and having water moving swiftly, violently across you. 
It must have been a tough job for our rescue team , army and fireman to have done the evacuation plan for the kampung folks all over Kelantan. Totally amazing bravery.. Masha Allah.