Monday, January 19, 2015

#Diagnosis2 media launch

11 January 2015 will be a memorable date for us. We had our small do #Diagnosis2 launch in Kl Steamboat, Kelana Jaya. It was a small affair but a very worrying one. 
It was meant for the media and until the day before the launch, i did not get any confirmation from my media contacts. In the end they did not come but i don't blame them. Who are we lah kan to get massive video coverage? We were banking on AF's contacts and we even had a plan in case no media showed up!
We were there the night before to do the set up. We brainstormed and how to make the event cool and not disappointing. Kudos to both of them in preparing the bunting as well as the backdrop. We had a tough time deciding how and where to have and in the end we took the conservative way to make it simple on the wall.
  Thus.. it was the day! I was there early at 1230 as i had to send kids to their huffaz before 3. Everyone of us was there and i guess the first time to have all of us together physically in one place. Thank you Din for coming with his family all the way from Temerloh :)
Initially we were worried that no media would show up. Seriously!How would we face Dato Yusof Haslam who was personally invited by AF. A big question in mind haha Nearing to 3pm, it rained and quite heavily! At that time i guessed AF was happy to start but his uncle said,

"Aku buat event-event macam ni mana pernah start awal!" hahaha

I was glad that i had previous experience in inviting and handling a media event. It was valuble as i was able to brief the team on how it was usually done.I never thought that small bit of doing things then gave me the insight to ensure the smooth flow of the event.
Alhamdulillah, they came. All AFs contacts Alhamdulillah. I was relieved and i am sure all team members felt the same. The event went well and i enjoyed every bit of it. Seeing what you planned came to reality. 
Of course the big challenge now is to make the book available :) Not an easy task i guess but i let the pros (team 1) to deal with this. They know better i guess! Insha Allah the online sale has been encouraging and it will be dream to see it on bookshelves of MPH and Kino soon :)  
Do get your books from yeah! 

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