Monday, January 05, 2015

I want to touch #Diagnosis2

After coming back from Kelantan ( i will be posting the experience soon, kat tempat kerja ni takleh transfer gambar) Team Diagnosis2 had a meet up in Gloria Jeans IJN. Ben was oncall so that was the only coffee joint possible for us to have our meet up. Historical!!
 It was classic, viewing our book in a hospital! FL could not be there, well as a houseman i dont think it is easy to get your way out hospital. It was the first time I met Din and Alhamdulillah, I really do like the team's chemistry! 
 The reason for the meet up was:
1) hard copy of Diagnosis2 was ready!! Perrgghh... Ben could not stop smiling looking at the book ( and kept reading HIS story only hahaha)
2)Our launch.. the postponed event from this week due to the current flood issue. We did not think it was appropriate to hold it that weekend. On hold.. but surely coming to you.. very-very soon! 
Insha Allah, du'akan... :)

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