Saturday, January 10, 2015

3 months into the new job

Its 3 months now I've been here. I can tell you that i am happy with my new job, running day to day general anaesthesia in a community based hospital. I guess the burden of things in your mind has been relieved and i do find myself with a lot of time.
I am sure i will get busier by time evidenced by the daily cases we have to do now. With the introduction of new insurances affliating with us, the hospital will be flourished with patients soon.The worry now is whether we are able to cope with the demand. Currently we are doing Ok and Ot has its cases to do, but i am sure it will just be a matter of time when it will be crowded and surgeon's fighting to look for suitable slots for them. I guess this is private practice and hey, I am not complaining.
All i do here is bread and butter anaesthesia, adults and paediatrics. The cases are usually not too complicated but the patients can be n the sense of giving adequate justifiable information about the procedure. I have not faced any difficulty so far and insha Allah it will remain that way. I can be a bit chatterbox when seeing my patients but so far they are happy with my explanation. Ok la kan..
I am looking to do a single day cardiac stint as i wanna keep abreast with my skills. Otherwise it may deteriorate in time and i will be stuck on the knowledge of my time. Insha Allah, that should be sorted out soon but we'll see how it goes.
The only thing yang tak best is i am getting less healthy. The timings of my ops are unpredictable and i dont have my evening runs anymore. That is not good because i can only grow fat!! most importantly becoming unhealthy! Its difficult to fit in the small runs in between. And the problem with running is, if u stop it is very difficult to restart.. Malas!! haha

Ok.. i have another tonsillectomy to do for a growing kid :)  

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