Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ke arah melahirkan generasi Al Quran

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Managed to catch the finals of this alternative show to Akademi Fantasia last night.It was held in Shah Alam and shown live on Channel 9. We don't have Astro connected to our room , thus the loyal 6 local channels . I bet most of you have not came across channel 9. I did have the "niat" to go and watch it live but somehow i forgot about it.. heheh

Anyway , this was the finale after a grueling 14 weeks ; eliminating 8 participants and having 6 in the finals . I did watch only a handful of the shows but I was impressed with the organization of such a competition which many begged to differ earlier. Having Nazrey of Raihan ( and i dunno who's the girl la... ) as hosts certainly spiced up the show .

I must say , the show had increased a bit of my knowledge about the art of reciting beautiful quranic verses. The jargons.. my god.. kiraat.. taranum.. etc.. haks.. you gotta watch it and understand it man ! A really different twist to "pitching" and "menggunakan ruang" comments in Akademi Fantasia.

I loved the judges comments ever since the weekly and semi finals. Especially the taranum judge who would lead by example. He would give comments on what the contestants did wrong and then recite it there and then !! Sedap pulak tu !! And i must say.. he's a cool bloke and you can see why he is the judge !!

You'd wish that Adlin Aman Ramli would do the same .. haks.. instead of his usual hypocritical comments.. Performing arts konon.. haks.... AKS grad jer pun..

Congratulations to Abdullah Fahmi  , the 22 year old lad from Kelantan for winning RM30,000 cash !! Wahh.. lumayan tu.. haks.. He was definitely the crowd favourite and deserved to win...


aku ingin menjadi mimpi indah dalam tidurmu
aku ingin menjadi sesuatu yg mungkin bisa kau rindu
karena langkah merapuh tanpa dirimu
oh karena hati tlah letih

aku ingin menjadi sesuatu yg selalu bisa kau sentuh
aku ingin kau tahu bahwa ku selalu memujamu
tanpamu sepinya waktu merantai hati
oh bayangmu seakan-akan

reff: kau seperti nyanyian dalam hatiku
yg memanggil rinduku padamu
seperti udara yg kuhela kau selalu ada
hanya dirimu yg bisa membuatku tenang
tanpa dirimu aku merasa hilang
dan sepi, dan sepi

A bit too far..


My Sunday joke was funny on Sunday but not very funny come Tuesday.
Takziah to Hani Mohsin's family for the sudden death.. who would have thought ?

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday Joke

Both Datuk K and Datuk E are rich old men, who divorced their first
wives and got sued for ownership of commonly owned properties worth

But they have different tastes for cars.

One bought a brand new CITY, the other a second-hand TIARA.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

One mile at a time..

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Who's the man ?

Syukur alhamdulillah..

Lets pray that it'll be ok.
Lets pray that wifey will have a safe and fulfilling journey..

It was a turbulent ride with Dzaeffran.
It was my saddest day when we lost Mikhail.

Still very early to celebrate.
But the happiness it brings.. is so precious.

p/s don't tell wifey ahh i wrote this on the blog !!

I was there..

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Did my first on call in UMMC yesterday. When i came in in the morning , I was surprised to find Elis's name on my list. I would have thought she would be done as an elective case.. but noo.. they had to put her in the emergency list. It was not a major Op as the papers reported , instead it was just a minor Ventriculoperitoneal (VP ) shunt.My Specialist on call assigned me to assist him in the OT. Haks.. talk about being involved with a "high profile" kid.

In the news..

I was glad that UMMC did not allow the cameras to air the surgery live. They followed her from the ward until the OT entrance. We received her and I'm not sure whether I was on air live then ..but I was wearing my mask.. so takde la nak cari glamour.. heks..

Anyway , Prof Vicky ( The Neuro surgeon) wanted minimal personnels in the OT.

" This is One shunt i can't afford to have it infected... "

Elis's problem was simple. * according to Prof Vicky laa..* She has a malformation of the ventricular system which causes her face disfigurement.An atypical hydrocephalus.In layman's term : The container of the Cerebro Spinal Fluid ( brain fluid ) seems to be not well developed causing it to fill in the space in between her eyes. Thus, causing the ugly big buldge that disfigured her nose . Her eyes position went lateral and that made her unable to close her eyes properly.The brain CT scan was interesting to look at as it showed a funny anatomy which was assymetrical.

As anaesthetists , we were worried if the disfigured anatomy affects the airway. Looking at her physique , it did not seem to be difficult. When we held mask on her face , Alhamdulillah there was no problem but it was a bit tricky as the fluctuating buldge on her nose was really dodgy. We didn't want to cause any "bursting" problems.
Intubation was a piece of cake.

What Prof Vicky did was just to divert the excess fluid from the brain into the abdominal cavity. A "bypass". It is an everyday and basic neurosurgery procedure and can be done anywhere if you're well trained. Prof Vicky was not keen on doing a major Op just yet - He wanted to see if this works and within minutes , the buldge dissapeared. haks.. It was a short procedure , but we discharged her to the ward late because we sort of overdosed her with morphine ! haks.. She remained stable but was a bit on the "high" side when we woke her up.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Emergency Department UMMC

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Honestly , if you or your relatives are in an urgent dire-straits need of medical attention , Do not go to UMMC . I repeat.. DO NOT.. The best ? HKL.. you'll get your optimum , trained and of the highest consultation emergency care there... Only dire straits emergency yeah... please take note of that..

I was posted today in A&E . I was a replacement for a colleague who had to take MC . I guess with the amount of stress you have in ED here , its such a havoc job. Now i can understand why there are so many negative comments about the department. Its a classic example of first class facility but with THIRD CLASS mentality. If you drive along University road , one will be impress with the infrastructure ; so called DATARAN TRAUMA but inside.. Masya Allah... Ultimate chaos and i was in it this morning.

It's not as glamorous as ER or House where you have a team to work with, to discuss and to ensure the best medical care.I was in the YELLOW ZONE or fondly known as the ACM ( Acute Medical Care ) unit. Usually , us Anaesthetist will be in the RED ZONE area ; for emergency resuscitation but somehow i was pulled to do the yellow zone.

I was so surprised to find out that i was the only doctor in that area for today. Patients were non stop ; having problems ranging from Asthma to chest pain as well as severe abdominal pain. And i had to see and try to give my best care and consultation to each and everyone. Having to handle a 20 bedded emergency unit ALONE is not one's cup of tea. I was smirking caustically from the beginning to the end and my adrenaline was on its rush the whole day !! Obviously , my consultation was very sub optimal as i had to make fast decisions on what to do.. and i had no superior to consult . Damn man.. It was just about settling the immediate problem and at the same time glancing on the next patient.

The staff was wonderful and everybody worked to the best of their ability.Its just that we don't have enough staff .. apa lagi doctors !! Some patients who were not so urgent had to wait on their beds for quite some time. I just pity them but i tried my best to cater everybody's needs. Its just the bad HR planning by this department and imagine having a stand in doctor to be the main gatekeeper of the hospital for the whole day.Imagine , me the Anaesthesia MO with my limited year of experience ,untrained trying to manage the YELLOW ZONE of A&E alone.. I'm not trained to triage and fast diagnose.. Its not my major field and it is very UNFAIR to the patients !! The planning is really bad and from what i heard.. this has been the trend for years.. and nothing has changed. Everybody just HANTAM SAJALAH...

The last time I worked my ass off was as a houseman in P2. It really brought me the rush and memories of being so busy that you lose track of your time. Tau-tau jer.. from 8am.. dah pukul 2.. Damn.. and there were still patients coming in for treatment.The staff nurse had to stop me and forced me to take lunch in the pantry as she saw how i was literally on my toes since morning. Thank you S/N !!

Somehow , i enjoyed my experience today. ( Am I a masochist ??? pain is pleasure !! )However , I cannot imagine doing it day in day out.. gile mental stress !!!

Anyway , as I was about to leave , I saw a patient who was struggling while blood taking by my PM colleague. It was definitely a scene as she was screaming fretfully !!! Haks.. patut pun macam kenal . Guess who ? It was our dear SMTTDI English teacher , Cikgu Rohana. ( once , she was Ustaz's nemesis ; remember ?? ) . Of course she recognized me ; and the first thing she said was..

" Alamak !! Anak murid cikgu ke.. dah berapa lama jadik doktor ??!! Mafeitzeral.. Don't tell anybody in school about me in here today !! Malu lah cikgu !! " . Hahahaha..I just laughed and calmed her down.

My colleague failed in her attempts to take blood as she was a "difficult" patient. She has phobia with blood taking maybe because of her past experience . She was hyperventilating and very panicky !! I managed to take her required blood after such "high drama"!! I quickly wish her get well soon as she was pushed up to the ward.

Well.. that made my day.. *smile*

Surgery LIVE telecast

If you guys have been reading the papers , RTM will be airing live Elis Krisyanto Sari's surgery on Monday in UM. It's a major Op but somehow i still do not understand it's significance.

I'm on call on Monday,so tune in. haks.. Maybe you'll see me on TV then.. hahahaha.. gila glamour !!!

p/s I strongly suggest that the government airs live Lina Joy's Putrajaya Federal Court appeal on the 28th of July...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Italian hangover

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I was zonked out yesterday. Watched the World Cup finals from 2 am and went to work straight away after that. I was in charge of daycare surgery thus the 8am sharp start.I was finished by noon but my pre med rounds took me hours to sort out.7 paediatrics cases man ..complicated lak tu. By the time i went home I was so stoned that i slept from about 4pm till 9pm !! haks.. gile miss sembahyang !!!

I was satisfied with the game , initially it promised goals as it was 1-1 by the 20th minute. As time progressed , you can sense that nobody will be scoring and thus the penultimate penalties. It was obvious from their body language ; whose team was more confident Besides Zidane's heroic head butt , there was nothing else exciting about the game. The italians deserved to win .. and now they are the most successful European team to win the World Cup. Forza Azzuri !!

I was quite glad this morning to find out that the surgeons cancelled 4 cases , making only 3 to do today. I was doing the CVL list ; surgeons putting on a permanent IV access on the child's major veins via surgery. This is usually common for terminally ill patients for their parenteral feeding or chemotherapy. This is also always a nightmare for us to anaesthetize ; imagine telling the parents about the risk of having their child expired after administrating anaesthesia.

Anyway , I was really sad for this 12 DAY OLD baby. She was very unfortunate to have her intestines resected on her 5th day of life ; she had duodenal atresia ; in layman's term ; her gut was not well formed therefore causing absolute obstruction. It was a very major Op then; the surgeons were hoping to save some of her gut ; but unfortunately it was really bad. Her parents did not have a clue about all of this ; their initial complaint was baby did not defecate for 4 days since birth.

SHe looked very thin ; cachexic and malnourished. Imagine , 12 days of life and she just cannot take feeds . The line inserted today was for her nourishment ; but honestly , her prognosis is very poor. There was no way she can absorb any kind of nutrition into her body and she will die slowly. The measure taken today was just palliative ; and nothing can actually be done. So sad...

I was with a final year student doing the list. She was a bit of a nightmare to start off with because we can't intubate her.. Well , we did but her tube dislodged when we repositioned her head and she desaturated to 48% with her pulse rate coming down fast. I went a bit panic because the staff nurse was extra "rajin" today by throwing away all my emergency drugs prepared especially for this baby girl ! haks.. Nasib baik my 1mg in 10ml atropine was around .. so we resuscitated her and she all right with LMA. Somehow , with the small ETT she has some obstruction.. somewhere..

The procedure was simple ; thus the short time of anaesthesia. Before sending her off to the Paeds ICU , I was a bit disturbed.. because i know her prognosis and maybe ..that'll be the last time we meet..

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Super Superb..

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We watched Superman Returns last night. We dropped baby Dzaeffran at his nenek's place and off we went to Cineleisure ; a new complex in Mutiara Damansara. The cinema was a bit secluded because only the cinema was operational on the 3rd floor. Otherwise , the complex is still in its refurbishment and no other retailers around.The complex is huge and this place will be a big hit to movie buffs ! At least , it would decongest GSC in One Utama and tickets for new movies will be easily available.

SUPERMAN was WONDERFUL !!! I fell in love with the character again last night . When the famous theme song was played at the beginning of the movie , you just had that rush ; the experience rekindled ; remember when we were young and excited with Superman ? Yes..its that feeling... The plot was Ok la.. a good connection of why there was no Superman movie for quite sometime. Bryan Singer is cunning with his ending and I bet ya.. everybody is waiting for the next instalment ; looking forward to Kal-El's son.. Happy Father's Day !!!!

Anyway , an interesting issue came up towards the end of the show. How do you resuscitate Superman ? hahahaha.. The airway was maintained with good ventilation bagging.. but they can't even poke adrenaline for Superman and it was funny when they tried to defibrillate him ! hahahaha... I guess , he maybe a difficult intubation case as his jaw maybe too stiff for us to laryngoscope. Nak inject pun tak boleh , macam mana nak pasang IV access for Sux ? hahahaha... I guess , this will be debated next week with my colleagues in determining his Super physiology!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Italy vs ...

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And the Italians had to score 2 minutes before extra time ended. The timing was very cruel for the whole of Germany who thought their country would be in the finals through penalties.I did not watch the whole match bas i slept straight away after badminton last night. Dzaeffran woke me up early this morning for his feeds and i just switched the tube on. Extra time 0-0. I just laughed my heart out when Italy scored thier crucial goal. Such timing... susah susah aje..

Frabce are up against the portuguese today. Seeing the way Zidane played the other nite , my money is on the French team. Do not rule out the sore tactics of Scolari , and who knows Portugal may win World Cup 2006 !!!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

A dissapointing World Cup .. so far..

Reaching out..

I stayed up late for the past 2 nights to watch the much awaited quarter finals between the super powers of world football. On paper , the games looked juicy and I was waiting for one of those classic world cup games. So much promise was given during the group stages where a century of goals scored and most of them so beautiful. I thought Germany 2006 would be the best World Cup ever...

I was wrong .. and my headache is really bad now.

Germany vs Argentina 0-0 : The Germans showed their mantle with their tradition of resilience and never say die attitude. They were lucky to win the shoot out as Argentina just fizzled out. After the Serbia 6-0 trashing, I had put my money on Argentina to win the Cup but somehow , their game , tactics were just crap in this game and so..they deserved the lost..

Italy vs Ukraine 3-0 : Ukraine is just too young to be a contender. Italy with ease outclassed Ukraine with the handsome 3-0 score.It was the finishing that made the difference , Ukraine are not world class enough compared to the Italians on the day of the unknowns making their country proud with the win.

England vs Portugal 0-0 : Pissed me off so much. The portuguese did not take advantage of England's pathetic display of football. Their tactics are just plain stupid and it is such a waste of Gerrard / Lampard / Joe Cole talent. It showed so much how low their self esteem were when they failed to convert their crucial shoot out. They failed miserably and i reckon the whole squad is depressed now.

Brazil vs France 0-1: Brazil were just waiting for to be kicked out and lucky France manage to oust them.France was not exactly the best team in the world but.. Brazil were just jaded. Ronaldo / Ronaldinho was invisible during the game and their creative flair was non existent. They looked lost and just did not attack well. Serves them right for dissapointing the fans all over the world.

What happened to classic world cup drama ? I really do hope that the semi finals will give something more.. or this World Cup will be just as boring as Italia 1990 or USA 1994...

Fishy day out


Wifey wanted to have a day out with the baby and we decided on Aquaria at the very last minute. Dzaeffran seems to be more receptive now ; thus the decision to bring him to Malaysia's biggest aquarium to stimulate his mind. I guess , it was a mind blowing experience for him as he was so excited the whole 2 hours that he forgot his feeds !! He was so engrossed with the fishes that when we got home , he was so knackered that he slept soundly the entire night !!

dad n son pic..

the kewl tunnel

The Aquaria concept is very similar to the Pulau Sentosa Underwaterworld that we visited last year. The setting up is very professional and of course , plenty of visitors yesterday. I did not bring my tripod ; therefore my attempts on single fish photography was unsuccessful due to the fish not sitting still !! haks.. obviously.. Unfortunately , during the tunnel ride , the amount of fishes is definitely less than those in Singapore. Don't worry , we'll catch up !!

It was an enjoyable outing. I would definitely recommend Aquaria to those who enjoys looking at beautiful fishes. I certainly enjoyed the 2 meter long stingray who ruled the waters here in Aquaria KLCC !!!

fish and more fish..

Saturday, July 01, 2006

In the thick of the action..


Brazil vs France ? Mmmm... juicy.

mandi sendiri

Dzaeffran now loves to sit up. It helps when bathing him. Less hassle !


I really wanna watch Superman returns.. bila eks..