Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Disaster Drill KPJ-evo

I am the chairman of the Disaster committee in my hospital. We had our first annual Disaster Drill last week. It was an exercise to test our hospital protocol and readiness if such event happens. Rawang is an industrial area and would be of risk for disasters to happen. Therefore, even as a private hospital, we are to be ready at least in terms of preparation in case something happens.
                                                   moulage and make up
                                                   macam zombie
                                                    caught radiology by surprise
                                                    Qayyum in ED
It was something that everybody was excited to participate. We planned it well 1 month in advance. The actors (staff members) were ever motivated and gave their full cooperation. Sporting habis! I brought Qayyum to join in the fun. The moulage was extraordinary! Kudos to the staff members! Memang dedicated :) 
We ended our session in the afternoon after a debriefing. It was a good learning experience. Insha Allah for the better! 

Selangor Misi 33!! Red Giants rule!

Selangor marched into the finals of Malaysia Cup as a surprise package. As loyal fans, how could we not attend the match.. dahlah duduk Shah Alam kan? Besides that, we are season ticket holders :) (which we only use like 3 times? haha) Anyway, Shah took the initiative to buy the tickets online and Walah! the ultras are here to celebrate! Yes!! My first ever Malaysia Cup final! Ive always been to the stadium but never to a Selangor Malaysia CUp final.. the last was in 2005, but i could not attend then. So now is the time! 
With our previous experiences in Shah Alam stadium, we decided to park far away from the designated parking as the traffic after the match can be a nightmare if we were to park next to the stadium. Honestly, for a Cup final we were too casual and by the time we got into the stadium, there were no seats left! Aduss... I was thinking, maybe i have to stand all the way to watch this match. Shah then brought us to this place.. which was cool.. as we literally watched the game from the roof of the stadium! Haha.. 
 The atmosphere was as ever electrifying.I love being in a stadium full of passionate supporters. Cool habis. We were there. It was a question though why was the Kedah supporters who looked like dominating the stadium seats.. hmmm.. 
 We were there when Hazwan scored the first goal in the first few minutes. We were there when Hazman scored another in the second half. The Selangor supporters were singing and dancing. The team played really well. Puas hati tengok.. effort from each player. The antiques of Di Guelme.. Andik and the rest of the team. Not to be forgotten, Kedah's keeper haha  
And when the final whistle blew, we were there... were there.. to witness Selangor's 33rd Piala Malaysia.. Kudos Red Giants! Kudos Selangor!

Another year coming to an end

I have not done justice to this blog. I guess since the day our maid called and decided not to return from her holidays it has been a haphazard life. Wifey became very stressed that she had changed the definition of stress Haha I was busy myself with work as suddenly there was a surge of cases. Its the end of the year and lots of people are trying to maximize their benefits. I had a run of midnight epidurals and caesarean sections; uncommon in my hospital so far but i guess that is how life is. Kalau tiap-tiap hari macam tu, then hmm.. kena relook at my life goals! haha 
Its the 30th today and in two days time, according to the Gregorian calendar we will be moving on to the next cycle of life. 2015 was certainly the year where I recalculated my life goals especially with the hajj trip. The last 2 months became an eye opener to the meaning of life. Seeing wifey's cousin in battle with cancer at a young age is overwhelming. I cannot imagine the things that she has to go through, and of course her dear Hubby, Azad my good friend. I honestly don't know if i am to be in his shoes, to be doing what he has done so far. The sacrifice, the pain.. masha Allah. I may have encountered patients with a similar state and condition, but as now it is happening close to me; it feels surreal that i maybe able to think what should be done, whether I can really do it if I am the one. 
What will it be in 2016? For whatever it is, Allah has already have everything in plan.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

#DIAgnosis2 in CUCMS - The Giving Hands

Talk to the hand.. tengok poster rasa macam tu.. haha
Alhamdulillah, the 3 of us were invited to be panelists to this session last night. We were invited by the student body who were raising funds for their humanitarian trip to Laos next year. I have always enjoyed such forums and talks especially towards the future healthcarers of Malaysia.
It was my first time in CUCMS premises and I was very impressed with the set up. I have been following the university's progress through the years because of Prof Latif. A very inspiring person I had met when I was 18 years old. He changed my perception on the true meaning of a complete and holistic doctor. We were young, far away in a foreign land and it was him who impressed me the most. High academic achiever and at the same time inspiring us the Islamic way. This was back in 1994-1996! He did then mention of his vision of having his own medical school with its own unique teaching philosophy. Alhamdulillah, I was at his premises yesterday witnessing his vision. Insha Allah, maybe with DIAgnosis, we can create something similar.  
The format was simple, and we only had two real questions to talk about. And 10 minutes for each of us flew just like that. I nearly forgot how i would always enjoy myself on the stage talking.. talking.. haha What i reckon have changed in my way of presentation would be how relax i can be on the stage, thus cracking jokes here and there as how I would do during my teaching days in UiTM. 
Azah was as inspiring as ever, cool and calm and the idol. Dato Rahim mentioned that she was like Prof Muhaya! hehe Indeed she was, talking in the mannerism of an elder sister inspiring her siblings. Ben was as usual the charming guy.. the darlig of the crowd! Haha Well, nak buat macamana as he is indeed very famous on twitterland with 40k followers ! mak aii.. and nampak sangat la when 1 girl actually stood up during Q&A,,, " Im here because of Dr Beni..." and i could swear seeing in her eyes: waiting to say I love you Dr Beni! hahaha but this is Malaysia kan.. so malu sikit aa.. 
 We had the special appearance of Muadz, a contemporary nasyid singer who sang for us really well! I am impressed with him and who knows in the future we might collaborate? :)
Alhamdulillah, I was glad to be involved in the programme. Thank you to the organizer and thank you to teamdiagnosis for making it happen :) 

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Mati adalah motivasi hidup terbaik

I've been watching Sayap Jibril on tv. I reckon more lesson learnt as compared to the monotonous tanah kubur. Though i must admit that the popular Tok Adi is one my current favourite characters on TV. Of course, the element of logical condition of Ustaz Rayhan can be questioned, but for dakwah entertainment purposes there are other things which is more important. 
The other thing that attracted me is the soundtrack. When it is from Ungu, you would know the depth of their song's quality. When i went through the lyrics, wah.. too powerful! certainly something to ponder. I've been pondering about death these few days. Its never ours to decide when and how. I've been toying around with the idea of What if it was me kind of thing. Am i ready? Am I prepared?

Saat tibe nafas di ujung hela
Mata tinggi tak sanggup bicara
Mulut terkunci tanpa suara
Bila tiba saat berganti dunia 
Alam yang sangat jauh berbeda
Siapkah kita menjawab semua

Bila nafas akhir terhenti sudah
Jantung hatipun tak berdaya
Hanya menangis tanpa suara
Mati tak bisa untuk kau hindari
Tak mungkin bisa untuk engkau lari
Ajalmu pasti menghampiri
Mati tinggal menunggu saat nanti
Kemana kita bisa lari
Kita pastikan mengalami mati

Mati tak bisa untuk kau hindari
Tak mungkin bisa engkau lari
Ajalmu pasti menghampiri
Mati tinggal menunggu saat nanti
Kemana kita bisa lari
Kita pastikan mengalami