Thursday, August 31, 2006

2 years old

Merdeka ! Merdeka ! Merdeka !

Alhamdulillah , without me realizing it , my blog is two years old now. I can't believe it myself how fast it had been. My first post was during Merdeka eve in 2004 and i never thought i'd go this far. I've tried on the conventional webpage before but i suppose it was so inconvenient that you tend to loose interest.

It all started after being a regular follower of my friend's blog and somehow it struck me to join in. I've always been fond of writing though the quality may not be as superior as my peers. In a way ,blogging is a good medium for me to improve my english writings. The most important thing is that i am able to express myself . My blog may not be the "quoted" blog or the one with a large following. That was never my aim. It is simply my thoughts of my life that i would like to record and hopefully it will remain intact so that my future generation can refer to later. They'll see what type of person I am by going through my blogs of life..

I realize that lately , I've written more about my daily life rather than my daily clinical job. It is quite a change when i flicked through my previous posts especially the earlier ones. I suppose I am comfortable with what i am doing now ; thus nothing much to write about compared to when I started .It had never bored me and gives me the daily adrenaline rush constantly. I reckon I will improvise this and may include "live" pictures to depict my experience in the operating theatre.

Long live the blog !!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Selamat Pengantin Baru Abang !!!

Selamat Pengantin Baru to my brother in law AKA Wali ..Azam Abdul Jalil !!
Congratulations !!! To Rahaya Sri Kirana ; welcome to the family.

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It was a busy weekend. Three consecutive days ; from the akad nikah to our reception. It was tiring that i am now still suffering from a bad flu. Dunno who i caught it from but it impaired me from badminton yesterday.

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The reception we had in TTDI Community hall was a success. The crowd turn out was good and more than what i expected. We had an initial glitch with the kompang boys.. who arrived later than scheduled. Apa la.. pengantin dah sampai.. kompang lak takde.. It went on smoothly there on and Alhamdulillah we finished the day off in a happy manner.

My i never knew weddings can be hazardous for your health !!

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Dzaeff's busy weekend..

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The previous post

Somehow , my previous post was published in Malaysiakini today.

It was edited therefore the letter sounds a bit different. Well , thats how people vet things going through .

Well, at least i have one publication this year.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Spy me spy you

Come 31st August 2006 ,Malaysia will celebrate its 49th birthday as a free nation. We've grown to build our own identity from an unknown british colony into a reputable state. We've thrived well so far on the social contract agreed by our founding fathers. We boast to the world how we achieve integration and living in harmony by this formula.

Obviously , nothing is perfect. They've been glitches here and there through out the years. Unfortunately , our dream in achieving a "true" united nation is not becoming as real as we want it to be. On paper , we have the best idea and the plan has always been jotted down utopicly.Uniting different races coming from different backgrounds is a difficult job. Integrating history and culture needs time and it does not help when we try to put ourselves superior compared to the other.

It is a fact that on face value , we say that we are a single entity ; as Malaysians. It becomes hypocritical during the general election ; politicians either government or opposition mess it up during their mass campaign in gaining support.Race for race will ensure votes not forging unity ! That is the reality ! At the end of the day , it will be about gaining votes to claim power. The real issue will dissolve . We tend to ignore this but that is what our 49 years of independence is about. Suspiciousness of what we do to each other is being grilled into our heads since we are young.

Imagine putting religion righteous into the equation. THis is another dangerous area to meddle with. Religious issues evoke high emotions and fracas tend to burst easily. Each religion preaches on how they are the one for the here after. We try to protect this in our constitution but laws made by man are meant to be broken. The verdict of the ongoing Lina Joy's case will be dentrimental no matter which way it goes. We talk about justice and freedom to exercise our own rights but what benefit will it bring to our aim as Malaysia ?

Survival will always be human's main interest. It is why we are here in this world.

I would not blame KJ for uttering how when the malays are weak , others may take the opportunity to stake their claim. We do it to them , therefore why shouldn't they do it to us ? It is the core of our politics.KJ maybe a highly scholar but he's now living in Malaysia and that is how it goes. I'm sure that in the future ; when the opposing side touches this issue , it will be highlighted out of proportion as the war just started. Its the same all over the world , democracy is just another mask to ascertain one's will to rule. A clever political tool which uses logic to justify their actions.

I hope I don't sound stupid writing in english but I'm worried on where we are heading now.The Malay Dilemna part deux is streaming actively in UMNO and the split this time may ruin the country by its domino effect. The world is becoming more dangerous and internal squabblings like this are music to the ears of those who seize open opportunities.

Happy Birthday Malaysia..

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Transformers the movie.. coming soon..

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Waah.. I'm a bit excited seeing thetransformers trailer online. I'm a big fan of transformers and I;ve watched the cartoon movie like more than 50 times throughout my life. In fact , i have the VCD with me.. haks.. This cartoon was a real cult and now Steven Spielberg will be producing the movie.

haks.. can;t wait.. Mafiz , Azad ... we have to go together and watch this movie when it comes out. Only the hardcore fans will appreciate what will be in store.. JUly 4th 2007.

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Walimatul Urus

On behalf of Haniza's family , I would like to extend our invitation to Azam's ( elder brother and my wali.. tukang nikah dulu babe.. ) wedding reception .

Date : Sunday , 27th of August 2006
Time : 12 - 4pm
Venue : Taman Tun Dr Ismail COmmunity Hall.

If you happen to be in TTDI that day , I really hope that you guys can make it.Makan tengahari la nih.. haks.. It'll be a simple ceremony so do join in.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

27 Rejab - Isra' Mikraj..

My brothers and sisters ,

Every year when Rejab arrives, we will be reminded of a particular event in Islamic history - an event of enormous significance and which has never happened to other prophets before Rasulullah s.a.w.; Israk and Mikraj . Many lessons can be drawn out of that single stamp in history.

Surah Al-Isra, ayat 1:

Which means: Who took His slave (Muhammad) for a journey by night from Al-Msjidil Haram (at Makka) to the farthest mosque (in Jerusalem), the neighbourhood whereof in order that we might show him (Muhammad) of Our ayat (proofs, evidences, lessons, signs, etc). Verily, He is the All-Hearer, the All-Seer.

The prophet was properly cleansed on this day ; Maybe the 2nd time anaesthesia was performed on the prophet by the angels.This is very significant for me as an anaesthetist ; as this being mentioned in his hadith how his chest and abdomen was opened ( laparotomy ?? thoracotomy ?? ) and a washout was done .He did not feel pain but knew what was happening. The ultimate regional anaesthesia experience ! Such an inspiration.

Allah s.w.t illustrates His greatness in that one single event - among which is a very special animal called Buraq. This animal was Rasulullah?s s.a.w vehicle while he embarked on his Israk and Mikraj experience that special night. The animal transports Rasulullah s.a.w from Masjidil Haram to Masjidil Aqsa in a very short duration.( science fiction warp speed concept ?? ) No one ever imagines at that time how one can travel from Mecca to Baitulmaqdis in less that one night. Indeed, with the help of the special animal, Rasulullah made that journey within that unimaginable short time effortlessly.

When Rasululah s.a.w was Mikraj-ed to the sky "Hadratul-Qudus" and Hadhrat Rabbul - Arbab , Allah s.w.t showed him flashes of mankind, their conditions and consequences of their actions.Among them, are scenes of mankind in hell which can be used as a lesson for us to sustain our faiths and conviction towards Allah s.w.t. Besides that, Allah has proven His love and generousity towards mankind by decreasing the number of solats.

Do remember this day as a significant event in our daily lives as a muslim. Insya-Allah...

Sah ? sah...

21st August 2006.. 11.45am.

The all-famous Dato' Khalid Jiwa...

"Saya terima nikahnya.. Siti Nurhaliza bt Taruddin dengan mas kahwin .."pause" sebagaimana yang tersebut... "

Woit !!! tak acila woi.. orang lain nikah in KL kena cakap the full sentence and amount of mas kahwin , he got away with "sebagaimana yang tersebut".It is legal in Terengganu and Kelantan, but that was the first time i heard it on KL soil.From hukum point of view , of course Sah ! but i don't understand the favouritism. Sapa suruh letak mas kahwin berjela-jela ? standard ah RM 80.( KL and Selangor )

Preferential treatment ? haks.. In Malaysia , commercialism and VIP goes.. leniancy for them.

Anyway, congratulations to Siti and Dato' K. Semoga berkekalan..

p/s Macam tak puas hati jer ?? haks..

A day trip to Muar..

We went back to Muar on Sunday. Arwah Atuk Abah had left us for exactly one year and the tahlil was organized in conjunction with isra' mikraj.This was also dzaeffran's first long distance trip anywhere in a car ! haks.. We've conditioned him for 9 months in his baby car seat and yesterday's trip was the first real big test ! haks.. Alhamdulillah , he was comfortable and did not cause any problems for us during the 2 hour trip to Muar.

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We went out from SS2 early , at about 8am.Being a sunday morning , there were few cars on the road and i enjoyed my speed on the highway. As always , we would stop at the Seremban Petronas station rest area for a quick bite. Unfortunately , we were dissapointed to find out our favourite "PAU" was no longer available. The PAU was our regular snack when we travelled to the south everytime. They've close the counter and replaced it with Dunkin Donuts.. sedih la kejap.. apa la.. kempunan tak makan pau..

Maktuk was happy to see us when we arrived. Of course she was surprised to see how Dzaeff had grown ! I;ve always enjoyed my trip back to Muar because i had a lot of happy memories here. To bring Dzaeffran back was a pleasure and i do hope to do this more often and see dzeffran chase after the chickens one day !! hahaha.. Dzaeffran enjoyed his space and kept crawling here and there exploring the new place. Maktuk's hall was long thus the borderless space for him to chase after.

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It was a good gathering. Most of my uncles and aunties turned up as the day goes by. It was good to see everyone again and an enlightening experience for dzaeffran. I felt sad somehow as i was not around when Atuk Abah passed away last year. I was in Singapore and was unable to come down to Muar to atttend his funeral. Maktuk was certainly happy to see most of her children with her yesterday.It was equally heart wrecking to leave her for KL late last night.All KL bound family had to go back as today was a working day. I could have taken the day off today but Wifey could not.

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Semoga dipanjangkan umur dan rezeki , my grandmother. And may she get to see our second offspring in the future...

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Prayers for Cikgu Rezwan

I visited my old tuition centre teacher in UH today. He was in the cardiac ward and had been there for the past 1 week or so. I only had the opportunity to visit him today afternoon.

Cikgu Rezwan is only 43 and had been a very dedicated teacher with his own tuition centre in Damansara Utama. His main subject was add maths and physics.At the same time , he was an active motivator ; helping lots of the unfortunate ones and motivated them towards SPM at least. I must say,he had done a good job and i admired his spirit.

I was surprised to see his condition today . Gone was the happy go lucky stout chain smoker who would always smile upon seeing his old students. He looked really emaciated and weak.One positive thing though.. his long hair remains !!! Image tetap image babe !! haks..

He was on nasal prong oxygen and seemed exasperated for breathe. I looked around him and i saw they've switched off his dobutamine - in a way that is a good sign to his recovery.His lasix infusion was still running indicating how he cannot afford to retain excess fluid in him. Unfortunately , after reading through his notes, it will be very unlikely that he will be back to normal. Its either a plateau or downhill from now.. A very negative outcome.His heart is really in a bad shape with irreversible damage.

He looked depressed but was cheerful as we talked. It had been quite sometime since i last saw him and spoke to him. He wants to talk more but unfortunately he was very ill. I felt really sad to see him this way. He had delayed few diagnostic treatment before this because of financial constraints and that is a bummer. He had been ill for wuite some time but only recently did he ask to see his old students. He had suffered a lot and is still holding on . He is frustrated that he needs to depend on others to do his daily chores when he is so used to being independent. I felt really really sorry for him.

Cikgu Rezwan.. My prayers are for you.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Nice song 2

Dreams Come True - Love Love Love

I've been looking for its mp3 equivalent for quite soem time but unfortunately none was available. How did i know this song ? Well I was influenced then by my japanese friends ( hahaha.. are they really japanese ?? ) X-JAPAN somehow became my all time favourite rock group.

I really do love the melody of this song. Maybe I don't really understand what it means fully , but the song is very nice. Came across it during my youtube surfing..

Selamat mendengar.. haks..

*tip* Sometimes , youtube ni cam lembab sikit because of the direct streaming. First ; press play then let it load for a bit, and Now you can enjoy the full version. Kalau tak tension , asyik sangkut-sangkut.

Congratulations Mal !!

Saat-saat genting

An old friend of mine, Ikmaluddin Ismail succesfully married the love of his life Lily last Sunday. He became the last of us to engage himself in a commitment for life. Welcome to the club !! haks..

Congratulations my dear old friend. Semoga kekal ke anak cucu.. Insya Allah..

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Humpty dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty dumpty had a great fall
All the King's horses
And all the King's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again..

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The real world..

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Current hot issue : Israel occupation and Lubnan cleansing.

Unfortunately , I don't think what they are doing now is something out of the ordinary , one expected it and predict it to happen sooner or later. Such a blatant use of force and obvious terrorism is ignored by the world ; we are letting it be real in front of our eyes. They have a lifetime history to pinpoint to why things are happening this way now.We never learn from history. There will always be war no matter how civilised we say we are . It's just human nature and funny how the current obvious act of terrorism are of no objection from uncle sam.

Maybe ten years ago , we cannot really visualize it clearly unless reported in the news via papers or tv. Now with the internet , i came across a site which updates me how many killings are done by the hour.. astaghfirullah.. one can be condemned as a fool for not knowing the evil doings of god's nemesis.

I am disgusted by UN , OIC , NAM. Hopeless and utter rubbish.Stupid organization by name but of no influence and power. Purely puppets. " We condemn the attacks...blah..blah.. " the same sentiment of statements issued by these organizations but.. TALK ONLY MAH... Bull laa... And this extra ordinary OIC meeting we're having now in Putrajaya.. I doubt any statements of the extraordinary can be done !!! SO WEAK .

Few resorted to having demonstrations .. either peacefully or with violence.. Interesting to note how few Indonesians are challenging the arab countries to bring them to the battlefield for jihad.. Few have their own personal war in principles by boycotting... TO HELL WITH STARBUCKS.. ( still waiting for the complete list ) .Various efforts are shown through out the world but unfortunately it had not stopped the massacre of 22 days old. Still , we have to play our role in expressing our dissatisfaction.

I'm just worried for my coming generation. Will they be as happy as we are now ?