Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Its a wrap

The picture says it all.

Its getting nearer #Diagnosis2

We had our 2nd meet up last weekend to finalize on certain aspects of the book launch. Yup Diagnosis2 is really really close to you! We missed  Mahyuddin as he was delayed in Kota Kinabalu. Otherwise, it would have been the first time the complete team is assembled physically.
                                                      AF in an earlier wedding doa job
We ended up in Las Vacas Yap Kwan Seng after only realizing the nice tea shop closes at 6pm when we were already there.. haha (thanx Ben, tapi kesian jugak Ben coz its always him who had to choose the meet up venue!).
AF is very positive about this project and that positive vibe certainly envelopes all the team members.
 I am optimistic as well as i believe we will make people believe in us again. It was a fun meet up and insha Allah, of many more to come. 
Will it be as good as Diagnosis?
We hope so.Insha Allah :)

UiTM Medic Marathon 2014

Me being out of UiTM does not mean I am not affliated to them. Most of the colleagues are my friends and the friendship remains. When Adli advertised this to us, of course it was something that i cannot resist. My only worry then was i was working on that day! Was it possible?
After thinking a lot, i decided to just join the 5km category as I will have to rush to Rawang after the run. And that is if it started on time. And with the usual tradition of amateur organizers, we were late to start of with! hahaha The warm up only began at 715 instead of 0645. I was a bit worried if i had to abandon this run. 
 It was nice to have my footie mates Abe, Shah and Syazli to join this run.Adli and Abid was as enthusiastic too. I am sure if Izzat was around he would sportingly do this run as well.As this was a fun run, i was not intending to have a go at it to get a PB. I was looking forward to a leisurely run with my mates who are starting to get interested with healthy lifestyle.
Unfortunately, because of the tardiness i had to leave all of them because i have to be in Rawang to start a case at 0830!! And the run began at 0745!!Was it possible? 
 The route was relatively flat until KM 2 when suddenly there was a small sloping hill going across the cemetery. I did not expect this so there was a little bit of mental breakdown there.. haha I continued my run with huff and puff and in a way i forced myself to run at a faster pace. I had to! not that i have a choice! hahaha
When i ended the run i did not look back as i needed to get tothe hospital! ran in about 25 minutes and there i was, away to work! hahaha
Thank you JPK UiTM for organizing this and definitely a run i would like to continue joining every year :) KUDO!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Here we go here we go #AFFSUZUKICUP2014

Nobody would have predicted the results we achieved in Hanoi.. not in a million years! And for the VFF to investigate their players for any possibilities of throwing the game away can be justified. Vietnam were definitely the favourites playing at home. Harimau Malaya was banking on the oldies to bring them through.
And as though luck was keeping themselves to our side, we were up 4-1 by half time! A penalty, a fluke chip and a lucky cross that became an own goal.. we were ready for the finals. I'm sure the players themselves did not realize how fortunate they were especially playing away!
Credit to the team, they did play better in Hanoi. more discipline with Shukor marshaling the backline. the midfield play was better though i don't think Piya did as well as the media potrayed. I reckon it was the strikers who played well closing the play well by pressing. Well done to Indra for playing his part off the ball rather than on the ball. 
And yes! We are in the finals woohoo..!!
We can do this! Kamon!!! #HarimauMalaya

Monday, December 08, 2014

PJ Half Marathon 2014

This was my first PJ Half Marathon whether you beleive it or not! It has always caught my eye to join this event since school days but somehow the dates never fitted my schedule. It used to be sponsored massively by The Star and the hype towards PJ Half has always been the paper's highlight. I guess The Star newspaper has since withdrew their sponsorship but PJ half will remain to be the event for PJ inhabitants.
This year this event is organized by Deeno and Pak Am's company, thus no more excuses for not joining this race. I did not train specifically after Pacesetters 30K but i did try to fill in runs in the evening. My current job is unpredictable therefore it was not as regular as I want to. However i knew I'm quite comfortable to finish 21km run without over straining myself. The question now is whether i want to achieve my sub-2 in my future runs? Perhaps.. perhaps.. 
The run was supposed to start at 530am. Unfortunately due to a fumbling act by 100Plus we started half an hour later! The starting pace was slow but i did not push to run faster. Perhaps because i am not sure of my endurance due to my lack of training. The surau provided for us at Km 6 was sweet! 
The whole route was in fact not too bad as there was only a climb at KM9.In fact if i had trained better this was my opportunity to go sub-2. It is so much possible. 
Surprisingly i was comfortable with my run. my breathing was good and i ran more than i walk. I'm sure if i had another 21K run the weekend after i will improve my time tremendously. I reckon i did a 2h15min ish but i need to look at the official time once it is released. 
It was a good run topped up with a good event management. It may not be as glamorous as it was before but it has the makings of such in the coming near future. 

Cape town at its best

Cape town is certainly beautiful. It is the place to be for honeymoon seriously! The weather is just nice and the scenery of its surrounding is really amazing. I was fortunate that i was invited for WCRAPT here and it was my chance to explore Cape town as i don't think i will come casually here as it is far away from home!! It was difficult to make my way around during the conference and that one day i had, i maximised my time to conquer the land :) 
We stayed in Westin hotel which is just opposite to the conference. It made life easy and being the speaker's hotel, it was at its own class. Every late afternoon we would make our way to V&A Harbour, a complex which is dedicated for tourists. The setup is simple but the view it offered is amazing. On a clear day the sea would highlight the beauty of Table Mountain in opposite directions. The sea breeze certainly makes the experience wonderful and i was glad wifey was with me. I guess this trip was a relief for her, in fact the first outing overseas we had together (just the 2 of us) after 10 years! Alhamdulillah it was refreshing and an effort to strenghten our relationship. 
In Cape town, one cannot miss this few things. 
1. Cape of Good Hope & Cape Point
2. Table Mountain
3.Malay Cape settlement
and alhamdulillah we managed to settle it in one day! We took the conference tour as it was advisable to do so. It maybe a bit rushed but we managed to capture the main essence of the peninsula. 
 For history buffs like me, reaching Cape of Good Hope is a must! Bartholomeow Diaz, Vasco De Gama.. the landmark explorers of the past who paved way for the lights of history point! Few may argue their achievements to be the pathway of colonization! Regardless of which, it is interesting to be at where the western and eastern civilization meets.The landscape reminded me a lot of Perth :) Perhaps being the western part of the southern hemisphere makes it less coincidental than the thought. 
 The scare was table mountain as the weather was unforgiving on the 3 days we were there. Manoj gave a tip ," If you see the mountain, then it means you have to just go!" which we certainly missed on our first day. The next 2 days the table is covered with the clouds and of course the cable car operations will be closed because of that. We were really lucky that we gambled to go there on a Friday 5pm, beating all the rush! The weather turned really good that evening and we had to make our way there byhook or by crook. And we were indeed rewarded with the beautiful scenery of Cape town sunset.. What a way to end the lovely trip! 
 It was a nice getaway. You would definitely want to be here with your soulmate or partner. The romantisicm is much alive in Cape Town. Alhamdulillah for what i have achieved in 2014.

THe agony of losing #AFFSuzukiCup2014

The hype was extraordinary. The hope was lightened up again. We Malaysians were looking forward again to the romance of 2010. The win against Singapore last week was in a way unexpected but fits to the chapters in a fairy tale. Malaysians were up in full arms supporting Harimau Malaya! Looking back, the win against Singapore was probably a charade, disguising truth about the quality of the current squad.
I was not willing to risk going to the stadium yesterday because I was oncall. It would be a tragedy if i wwas to be called during the game as there will be no way that i can go to the hospital stat. So there i was with my kids in TTDI watching the game.
Few of my colleagues were in the stadium. Witnessing the comeback of a full filled stadium, all in tandem supporting the national team for greatness.Seeing the fans all out especially the Ultra Malayas is exhilarating. I am proud to be a Malaysian when seeing all this in front of me. All the team had to do was show how worthy they are to the hardcore supporters. The current squad had the core of team 2009-2012 anyway, how else can it go wrong?
The truth was, Vietnam was the better team both in their system and tactically. They were more composed and confident. We were lucky to get the penalty but our game play did not reflect our status as semi-finalist.
We succumbed to the Vietnamese. 2-1. But credit to the players who played their best, just that their best is not standard enough to win this cup. Syafiq's penalty was as cool as a cucumber, superbly classy and oozed with confidence. I wished that our defence had more confidence in themselves in last night's game.
The next leg will be in Hanoi. I will continue to root for our team. Wishful thinking of winning in Hanoi? Why not ? Asian football is about living the fairy tale and the standard amongst us is not much difference. Perhaps, playing at home seemed to created more pressure for the players more than playing away.
Ayuh Harimau Malaya.. we are behind you!! 

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

WCRAPT 2014 in Cape Town

2014 has been the year for SIGRA. All of us have been actively involved in conferences at multiple levels all over the world. We have stood up to be recognized and having allies in major societies has brought us a long way since we started off in 2008. This year it has been wonderful with NYSORA, ANZCA and RA ASIA. Memang berjalan satu dunia lah.. haha
As for me, the opportunity to be involved at world stage is simply exhilarating. It is sort of the peak of my achievement as a speaker and demonstrator for regional anaesthesia. Never had i imagined being invited to speak and facilitate in a world level meeting in a thousand years. Thank you SIGRA for making this happen.
The invitation came about a year ago when it was offered to us to speak in WCRAPT. As it is being organized in Cape Town, it was definitely a carrot being shoved into a donkey's mouth! haha 
It is such an honour and i must thank Manoj Kamarkar ( a well known figure in RA worldwide) for giving me this opportunity. I am proud for my country i must say. There was a little bit of inferiority complex when being amongst them but i know it was by merit. I am recognized to be at their level therefore I have to justify my selection standing alongside the distinguished professors from every continent :)
I was involved in 2 workshops and originally slotted to talk in one session. It was such an honour to work with the world's best in my workshop. One was the lower limbs block and the other ankle block.The participants themselves were different in the sense that they were superly hyperactive and questioned as much as they can. This is certainly different from the one locally where they tend to be dormant rather than challenging the facilitator. It was an experience i will not forget.

 It was to my surprise when i saw my name double booked at the same session. I thought the Refresher Course was matched but in another session i thought my topic was tangential to what the crowd expected. In a way, i thought nobody would come to my basic talk but to my surprise i had a sizeable crowd and they were from different age groups too! I was surprised by this seriously as i thought, in the afternoon on the last session in the afternoon sapa nak datang? And they had questions for me too! Which was surprising!! haha And they sincerely complimented my talk which i was flattered of course :) 
                              lower limb workshop with Andy Gray (US) Amar Salti (UAE)
It was an experience of a lifetime. Perhaps the finale of my invites to such conferences. I was happy and Alhamdulillah thankful for everything that Allah has given me.  

Monday, December 01, 2014

Salsabiila Sports Day 2014

It was a hectic schedule. Immediately after Meng's solemnization, the kids had to be waken up early for their sports day. Its Marissa and Dzareif in action! Looking at previous history, I'm sure Marissa will be given a starring role in the events and i was in for a surprise!
Salsabiila invited me to give the officiating speech and i am very honored! As how it has been, the theme for their sports day has always been about Palestine so this year, me officiating is just what he wants. Though the Principal knew our team was unsuccesful in our mission, he was just overwhelmed by my effort to be in that team to cross Gaza.
I tried very much to not be a typical opening speech giver. I tried to be short but somehow when i was up there, it was not that short. It was never a topic that i could keep calm while talking about it and i guess the audience felt my feelings.
 And the games began! The opening ceremony was majestic and i must salute the teacher who organized the gimmick. They had a wall with zionist mark and they mimicked intifada with the stones throwing to symbolize the struggle of the palestinians. Semangat WAJA!!!
 There were four teams and all named after the gazza brigades. Marissa and Dzareif was donning the blue team. Dzareif was the anchor in his team and if not for his excessive runs around the cone his team would have come second! Nevertheless he was very proud of his medal and refused to be apart from it after receiving it!
Marissa was certainly the athlete in her team and it was obvious from her effort as well. She is definitely has the biggest physique of her class and the teachers had put her to do the routine twice. And both times she was left behind (courtesy of her team members) but she definitely caught up with her determined effort. I was very impressed with what i saw in my 5 year old as she was definitely competitive and focused with her task. I am sure that when she is in primary school, the teachers will select her to be part of the team which will be above her age group. She certainly has the zest to be an athlete, and a future champion!
I was proud of my kiddos. They certainly rock! And i am impatient to wait to see Marissa in her future sports day because i know she will do well :)