Monday, November 12, 2018

Bohemian Rhapsody review

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Watch this movie the other day.
Totally enjoyed it , the music and the story was good paced.
It was the tragic story of Freddie Mercury, perhaps the best rock performer ever seen.
I never knew he was not caucasian nor did i had the interest to look up his biography before. Perhaps his strong association with LGBT and knowing by reputation his galant lifestyle.
The music in this movie was good because it was all Queen. I must say the band is really talented with 3/4 of them can actually sing.
It was an interesting journey of his life and his passion. Though from my reading , a lot of his "other life" is not highlighted in this movie. Brian May and Roger Taylor emphasized in their interviews they only want to highlight his amazing talent.
And indeed he is, as i am stuck to youtube watching all his past live performances. 

Thursday, November 08, 2018

My favourite actor ever..

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Siguniang, China Dafeng Summit 19-28 October 2018

It was a wonderful trip. Almost a reunion of Stok Kangri in 2016. 10 of us, new to me was Hani, Abang Rahim and Mat Dinz from Labuan. Usual suspects: Pak Am, Deeno, Abang Ayob, Mang, (Ustaz Wong aka Great Leader), and Loe. 
This trip to China was my first, and my first impression of China will be WOW. They are a great country and somehow we have to be at par with them. How could you not as their civilization spanned more than 1000 years BC? 
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Image may contain: sky, nature and outdoor
Summitting on my birthday was a first. It was very memorable. I could not have asked for more.
Thank you team for making this trip something to remember!
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42 on 24/10

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42 on the 24th of october 2018.
Dafeng, Siguniang Summit, Sichuan, China. 

Monday, October 08, 2018


It was a sad week. Initially the devastating quake in Sulawesi, and we then lost 6 brave fire & rescue personnels in Puchong.
It was sad to loose these heroes.
I will not go into the controversies around the tragedy for now but it was the reality of their job. They will put their life in the line of fire (literally) and this incident showed just that.

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Standby mode

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PASKAL - Sentiasa terbaik!! - movie review

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I was asked to do a review on this movie, "lama dah you tak review movie eh?". I watched this yesterday, at noon ( ponteng kerja kejap hahaha). My expectations before the show? Well, The trailer was good but how many times have we been fooled by awesome trailers especially malay movies. I was crossing my fingers hoping that PASKAL will not receive the same fate. I rate PASKAL highly because I have had the opportunity to be with them during TRYLA many years ago. Our own "Navy Seal" if one wants to compare. 

From Wikipedia : 
"The Pasukan KhaLaut (Naval Special Warfare Forces, Jawi: ڤاسوكن خاص لاوت), commonly abbreviated PASKAL, is the principal special operations force of the Royal Malaysian Navy.
PASKAL's task is to conduct small-unit maritime military operations that originate from, and return to a river, ocean, swamp, delta or coastline. PASKAL also perform unconventional warfareguerrilla warfarecounter-guerrilla warfarejungle warfarecounter-terrorismclose protection, hostage rescue and foreign internal defence."

I went in without reading the full review, saw the ratings and thought hmm should be good. and..

My verdict? 

WOOOWWW ! TEBABOOOO! Awesome yeah!! 10/10 from me :)

The plot:
The plot was how you expect it to be. Good vs evil and how evil stemmed from injustice of the system (lateral thinking) - Cite Batman & Black Panther pun same theme. Nobody is wrong and nobody is perfect. The 2 big incidents were based on 2 true ops and that gave the goosebumps while watching the events.
The characters were real and the dialogue were not pretentious. Seeing the flashbacks of their training an initiation was surely heartwarming. They are the best! I wished that we could have seen the test of throwing them in the middle of the sea with all limbs tied, and waiting them at shore. Imagine berenang macam tu!! 

The action sequence:
I must praise the  meticulous details being given attention to on the weapons and assets of TLDM that was shown. It was as real as one can get. Submarine tu cool habis :) I guess having the Navy and PASKAL themselves breathing down the producers neck, they have to produce this perfectly. It is our special forces dignity at stake! True enough, the director brought justice to this piece. 

Action sequence were hollywood standard. Check it out Tom Cruise!! I had the thought that we might go Hong Kong style where the action sequence maybe good but there will always be something missing unlike the Hollywood action flicks. But PASKAL wasn't Hong Kong! Betul cam hollywood siot.. Hahaha Okay, they maybe some logic stuff you would want to consider but hey, tengok Rambo lagi mengarut oii.. Give credit to our own local production! Thumbs up! 

Overall it was an enjoyable movie. I maybe biased because I love Malaysia but seeing our special forces being given the honour to be potrayed as such in this movie, memang tersentuh :) 

Well done! 

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Merdeka de Elbrus 2017

Merdeka Climb 2017 Top of Europe, Mt Elbrus.
For 2018, I was in Cambodia.
But for big mountain project ke mana yah? 

Cambodia hernia HBB project

Merdeka this year I wasi n Cambodia again. This was the third installment of the project initiated by Syariz last year. Alhamdulillah, we have been consistently doing it for 6 months. The programme is simple, First 2 days in HBB ( Hospital Beyond Boundaries) to conduct charity surgeries. Then we'll be off to the deeps of kampungs to perform the sunathon programme.
It is a very fulfilling act. I enjoy doing this and I hope to remain m istiqamah to do this.
If any of you are keen to join us, please contact me or Syariz. We will fill you in with the details :)
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Malaysia Baru

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WOW! My last post was almost a year ago! What happened yeah? What happened? Allahu akbar! Ive left my blog for a year and honestly, today it suddenly triggered me whatever happened to my blog. Good that it is still around but obviously I've been blog dormant for almost a year.

A lot has happened and changed. I guess the catalyst for my absence was the event that took place in OT almost the same time. It was something that shook me and I guess I tried to stay away from writing my feelings due to the possible medico-legal implications later. Well, it is still not sorted yet but we'll see what happened.

I am still in Gleneagles Medini. It will be 2 years by November again. I am still at times running up and down to KL as my family has yet to move here. They might in the future but i really don't know when. Let time tell. Qayyum has settled his UPSR and now in a KPM tahfiz school alhamdulillah. Who would have thought he would be interested ( till date) to be a tahfiz and I pray for his perseverance.

Malaysia? Haha ni lagi best. Who would have thought the possibility of Mahathir-Anwar combo to lead the country again. Who would have thought that Mahathir, the 93 year old gaffer rose to lead the country again? In politics nothing is impossible. Today is the nomination day for Anwar to rejoin the parliament in Port Dickson. It is an interesting plot happening at the moment. Whatever it is we hope the best for Malaysia.

The people in Malaysia voted for change. Whether the whole Malaysia is ready for this change, we will see. It is rethoric but it was something that Malaysia needed. To define the baru is interesting as it has only been 61 years since independence. It was in 1970 that we first started to restructure the society. Changing mindset is not overnight and take generations to achieve. We pray the best for Malaysia.

As for me, i do hope to be consistent in blogging again. It is a good feeling to be able to write on the blogosphere - the popularity of blogs has come down with the presence of facebook, twitter and instagram. Hoever i do believe that blogs will be around for a long time. I am not looking for viewership, but it serves as some sort of personal journal of one's life.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Write up burnout

The most obvious reason for my sudden appearance in the blogging world today is obvious: my TV malfunctioned. This is the bad thing about LED TVs, the backlight can just decide to stop working and you become a blind TV watcher. Well, this problem has been going on for few months but because it went Ok after few days of not switching it on. Haha thats how easy going i am. I know i should have it repaired as it is still on warranty. but MALAS.. 

Honestly, since working in the south; my creative mind had deceived me. I am not keen at all to be in front of my laptop screen and type whatever is in my mind. Its difficult for me to lay out any story line and write it up. I used to have it free flowing, an all nighter for one story. Thats how my mind works. Unfortunately, i cant reproduce that at the moment. Hence my off time even from blogging. To say that im superbusy is not totally true. I was busier before ; looking back at my blogging history since 2004, I produce lots of my writings during the busy years of my masters programme. 

I believe I'm suffering from a Writing block burnout. I was thinking about writing stories for our future DIAgnosis or even my future solo book. BUT I CANT!! Haha memang kering otak to write :)

I have one book which is done but i have to make it longer because it is too short. (Not too short like HIPNOTIS). I really need to work at it because i believe there is a story to be shared with everyone. I foresee it to be liked by the mass readers but need lots of fine tuning to it. Haha.. Hopefully 2018 will be the year it can be published. 

The test to this will be after I've repaired my TV. Haaa.. then we'll see whether the exodus will be repeated.

Insha-Allah, the whole family will be going for an umrah trip soon. I am looking forward to refresh my iman. Honestly, it had gone downhill since last hajj and perhaps this visit will rekindle the light to maintain the aim for jannah.

Whatever happened to time?

Yes... time moved swiftly without us realizing it. It goes on and on. Memang betul la surah al asr. Sesunnguhnya manusia dalam kerugian. By not appreciating time, memang kerugian.

I don't know why I;'ve stopped blogging since March. Too busy? Thought block? And suddenly there is a vacuum in this blog between then and today. Its already November. It will be one year now in Medini since I was unexpectedly expedited to move. I wish i had the motivation then, as there were a number of exciting things that happened. 

Life has been plentiful. There were a number of clinical achievements unlocked. I am enjoying my time here with my work. It is such pleasure to work in not so pressured working environment. Of course politics is difficult to separate wherever you go. I do hope that this time around it will be different, life free from politicking and looking for favours to survive. Being with a fairly green and foreign administrators can be challenging. But then again, how can life be perfect? There is no such thing. It is us who would decide to make it perfect to our own liking. 

I summitted Elbrus end of August Alhamdulillah! It was a superb achievement as there were a number of luck factor that was with us. Lets plan for the future of which to climb :)

However, I am not 100% settled here as we are still in the grey of having the whole clan move south. Being settled in KL, I can understand why it will not be easy to start over. I am lucky that my line of job allowed me to do so. I can only thank Allah for his rizq and be thankful everytime.

Happy Birthday GMH :)
 Birthday celebrations and Cardiac Services launch
 Our Annual Dinner last night :)

Friday, May 05, 2017

Historical March 2017 - Tale of two specialties

Alhamdulillah, March has been very kind to us. We have crossed boundaries and leaps towards our brand namesake. I am very happy to have been involved in these two milestones that we have achieved here in Medini. Bearing the name Gleneagles, this is what we can comfortably fulfill our potential. It is not an easy feat but I guess when we do it for patient's sake, god will help us achieve it ho help more people. 

Honestly, I am blessed to have dedicated and enthusiastic people to work with. I know what they want to achieve therefore that is my role as the team player. I may not bear the glorious end as the surgeon in charge, but as the anaesthetist who ensures what feels impossible to be a reality

Awake Craniotomy

When i was approached by my neurosurgeon about the possibility of doing it, I told myself Why not? By principle it is a simple thing to do. Its the precaution and anticipation that will make a difference whether it becomes successful or you have to abandon the initial plan.

The challenge for me was for the awake-awake-awake procedure! Wow, thats an uphill task but of course not impossible.

Important VIP points:

1. Patient must be counselled properly and understand every detail of the procedure. They must be fully motivated for this procedure.
2.Regional anaesthesia skill for the scalp block. This must be superly perfect.
3.If patient throws a fit during the procedure, there must be a solid plan for airway protection.

I did my research by lookingthrough the literature and case reports written by colleagues in Malaysia. MOst of them were more comfortable with sleep-awake-sleep method so i suppose what I was going to do is pioneer "ish". I was lucky as the surgeon adopted a position which was convenient for possible problems if it arises.

Alhamdulillah, the good teamwork with had made this procedure successful with good outcome.


This was the marker of a tertiary hospital. It has always been its KPI since the start and after 1 year and 3 months, i present to you CABG.

The preparation was immense. 80% of my OT staff had never seen one before. We had a thorough preparation from the nurses to the PCAs. What i value most was their eagerness to learn and cross that boundary. My surgeons are both renowned in CTS and certainly the 2 Cardiothoracic surgeons that you want to work with.

When the day came it was goosebumps all over. I started UiTM's first and now its Gleneagles Medini. The profile of our first patient honestly may not be the typical first case you want to operate on. But then again, with cardiologists being more daring than before, one cannot expect CABG cases now without a challenge.

Alhammdulillah again, it went smooth and well.

And till date,  we have done 3.

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HAd an interesting chat with an old friend yesterday. We discussed the importance of keeping a journal for future reference. Hence, blog. A very important pieces of writings that will be preserved forever. (Unless bankcrupt la)

I will cherish this picture forever, taken before the opening ceremony of the Annual Scientific Congress Malaysian Society of Anaesthesiologists and College of Anaesthesiologists Malaysia 2017 in Berjaya Waterfront, Johor Bahru.