Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ramadhan and its power

Alhamdulillah, its day 12 of fasting today. A fairly normal routine so far. My ramadhans for the past 4 years has been of multitude situations, from being out of the country to a busy cardiac centre style ramadhan to my revelation adventure last year. 
My 3 elder kids are fasting with the surprise package came from Marissa. She is only 6 and she has been doing well to just do it. I remembered Qaisya being non commital to fasting at her age and Marissa is certainly very matured. She doesnt complain a lot and prefers to keep her feelings to herself. Qayyum i hope is slowly maturing. He used to lie on certain days regarding his fasting status.. haha kantoi with umi on the smell of food and drink in his school bag. Its a boys thingy.. and i pray that he learnt from his previous mischievious acts haha 
The one thing that i enjoy doing with them this year is to bring them to tarawikh. Alhamdulillah, all of them are enjoying it and i partly put it to the child friendly atmosphere that my mosque provided. Being the 7th royal selangor mosque, it certainly lived up to its reputation. It is certainly comfortable performing prayers here and at night, the mosque shines majestically. 
My kids are lucky as during my time, my introduction to tarawikh was by my Pak Long who lived with us at that time. My parents were busy workers and i guess during those days the emphasize on tarawikh during ramadhan was appauling in the cities. Time has changed and the community attitude changed too thus the festival like atmosphere in mosques or musollah all around Malaysia. 
May we all be blessed during this Ramadhan, and the search for Lailatul Qadar is on :) 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Super throwback.. Ramadhan 1435

Subhanallah.. a year ago, i was at a different juncture. Masha Allah, only Allah can tell what was felt inside when i made the decision to let go and join the Aman Palestin team in our bid to enter Gaza at that very hostile moment. The war started on the 1st of Ramadhan and the world stood still, a live genocide happening every minute. The attempt of pushing the Palestinian out of their homeland. The whole world continued to let it happen as if it was permissible as the super powers of the world continued to let it happen. 
Its easy to preach jihad in sermons and tazkirah but when one is in that position to take up the calling, the decision was not straight forward. To really know the test that Allah gives one after all the nikmat that he has given to you? How willing are you to accept the challenge in your bid to prove your worthness to the Almighty?
 I totally cannot imagine how Prophet Ibrahim A.S. on receiving Allah's command in sacrificing his own son which he had so much wanted after a long wait to conceive, to bringthem to a totally exodus land and after that, to let him go? The ultimate test.. Alhamdulillah, as what was transpired in the quran on the ending of how all things went well. Imagine the turmoil of one own's feeling that defines us as a human being? Of course my own test cannot be compared to what Prophet Ibrahim had to endure, but perhaps only a fraction of what he felt which honestly will still make me teary everytime i think bout it.
 It was my life changer.  During this journey, I relearnt about my own faith and the concept of fi sabilillah in its true meaning. When we talk about submission, are we ready to submit.. kalbu, lisan dan perbuatan? How ready are we to know the calling is true and to believe truly to qada and qadar defying logical thinking of man? 
Subhanallah, Walhamdulillah, Wala ilahaillallah.. Allahu Akbar!
I year on and my life journey has changed tremendously. My views, my opinions and the believe on what Allah has planned for us is different from what i thought of in the past. Indeed, Allah is the planner and the challenge is always on us to keep up to what we preach.

Alumni SMTTDI Career talk

Mafiz is an active member of SMTTDI's PIBG. He is not politically inclined therefore his involvement in the PIBG is purely to oversea the school's progress and plan for his children studying there. You want people like this to be a part of PIBG  as they contribute sincerely and not to gain popularity or impressing others in thier CV. 
His father was an active member in the past if i can remember correctly. Mafiz has been doing this voluntarily and i reckon he enjoys it. Last year, he brought the students to CTC to be with the CTS team for a day. His creative mind is endless! Truly gifted and talented! 
 Few days before ramadhan, he brought me and Azad to give a short talk to the form 5 students in conjunction with the school's career week. I was free that day so it was possible for me to do what i enjoy as well. It was a short talk, me and Azad given 20-30 minutes slot each.It was cool to be back in school that we left more than 20 years ago :) It was more of a sharing session rather than motivation and both me and Azad spoke about different themes. 
Azad went on to talk about the realities of having a plan and the true proof of what financial freedom is about :)  I went on how to integrate work and passion in the same line. I came in my scrubs as I knew students need to be stimulated visually. especially this current Gen Z. 
Thank you SMTTDI and Mafiz for organizing this session! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

AFL #teamdiagnosis wedding.. Barakallah!!

It was their biggest day, Chief Anwar Fazal and his lovely bride, Fatin Liyana or better known in the blogger world as honeykoyuki. Alhamdulillah, It was a celebration for this extended family of mine, team #Diagnosis2 family. I tried my best to make it with the whole family and alhamdulillah, it was such a sight to have all of us there. Ben came with his partner.. ehem..ehem.. perhaps a soon future wedding to attend as well? hehe 
Having one's wedding less than a week before Ramadhan reminded me of my own wedding which was a week before Ramadhan! I guess doctors tend to do this.. haha
 The wedding reception for both families were held in Putrajaya, halfway between both sides guests. MDQs were all too ready to attend events such as this haha I wanted to attend the solemnization in Fl's place but because I was oncall, i could not. It was a bit too far to risk not being called. Alhamdulillah, That Sunday before ramadhan was quiet. 
It was also the day we received our first paycheck royalty for Diagnosis2.. hehe Alhamdulillah, rezeki yang Allah bagi :)

Insha Allah my two colleagues, may Allah bless both of you till Jannah. 

Ramadhan kareem

I/ve not updated my blog for the longest time this year! Today is the 6th day of ramadhan and it has been a fulfilling one so far.
May we all be blessed during this holy month Insha Allah. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Nurses Day Celebration

The company that i work with certainly celebrate Nurses Day in a festive mood. We had a lunch meet up and of course few speeches were thrown. Our Director has always been sporting and would always join us for our social events.What I am keen about is the attitude of every staff where in the midst of our busy schedue, we meet up to have lunch together. 
 Nurses role is vital for any hospital or healthcare setup. Without them, there would be no way that the setup can thrive and prosper. They are always the unsung heroes, doing jobs sometime more than the their expected scope. I have not known any nurse who would simply neglect their patients. There are rotten apples but only a small number. These rotten apples are individuals who joined nursing for the wrong reasons.It is quite unfortunate that sometimes social media would sensationalize their experience without considering what the nurse went through that night. Of course, they have to be ma'sum without flaws but it is wrong to expect that from a fellow human being. Otherwise, the majority of the trained burses are caring and will always try to do their best for the patient. 
 Happy Nurses Day to all especially to those I've worked, lived and learnt from before. Thank you for your kindness and may Allah reward you for your sincere deeds :)

Monday, May 25, 2015

The pursuit of happyness

Kinda like that movie. Touching. 

In the true sense of all our pursuit of happiness, we are reminded to go back to the teachings of our own religion and belief.To achieve the inner peace+happiness. I suppose that is the blanket management to everybody in doubt of their own feelings. But if you do not find your happiness, does it really mean one has not gone back enough to one's religion? haha question upon question.
I guess everybody looks for their own happiness. It comes in different shapes and sizes. Multitude definition and subjective with big gaps of variability.
 What does happiness really mean? It is an interesting connotation which is being potrayed in our minds of our hopes and dreams. Things that were embedded either via formal education or informal education according to one's socio upbringing. It is tough to judge the end point as the definition may change with time according to needs and experience. 
Happiness maybe achieved own your own, or via others like spouse and family, some maybe material which involves career and money. Some may yearn recognition and status. Some may find it early and lost it, some may have looked for it all their lives and achieve it at their dying bed. It is superbly subjective which thinking about it maybe the first dogma and contradiction in achieving it! 
Have i found happiness? false happiness or true happiness?
Happiness in what i do?
Happiness on my achievements?
Happiness of offspring's future? 

And truly.. happiness is assured when one submits fully to the Almighty. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Nepal earthquake mission - Part 6

The second team arrived late that night. I was fast asleep and did not realize of their presence. Maybe there was some noise heard but i was not interested to come out from my sleeping bag! haha It was that cold at night. 
Dr Jit, Dr Sue, Dr Lai, Dr Reynu, Pak Mahmud, Kak Zah cam to join us. The team has certainly grown and we were increasing our services that day. Pak Mahmud took over the mantle of clinics logistics and we were expecting a bigger crowd that day to barge our clinic.
hand over briefing to Team 2
The task was even bigger now, setting up the Mobile OT! This is the first time ever, a fully functional Mercy Malaysia mobile OT. Mr Guna was ever ready, getting the generator ready. We had a good electrician local on board who had helped to troubleshoot a lot! A priceless addition to the team. Mana taknye, kan ada aircon sume OT ni! I am in a way very pleased that i am involved in this, so that any issues can be embedded  as the  blueprint for our future missions.  
the OT
 Setting up the Rofi ( the big tent) was a big task because somehow we have left the electrical pump, therefore resorting to pure human power. It was never tried before to pump it up manually, but the hardworking volunteers helped us out. Wow.. and it was erected majestically :) 
This was then my turn to ensure everything was OK inside the OT, the handling of stuff and limiting personnels in the tent. It was not an easy task as being a mobile OT, we had to go back to the first principles to ensure we are running it accordingly, safe and clean. 
                                                 Innovation for Disaster water clean supply
toxic waste- Cidex outside the tent
                                          Air cond and Anaesthesia corner
We did not have a GA machine, so the for anaesthetic services would specifically cater MAC (Monitored Anaesthesia Care) cases . If it was deemed necessary, then Ketamine Anaesthesia would be administered. By Day 4, the transport services to the city was accessible. Therefore, we thought that if the cases would need a long follow through, then we will not perform the surgery in our facility. Besides that, near to our place was the SKM hospital, a specialized plastic surgery hospital (collaboration with Interplast Germany) which catered initially for elective cases. However, since the disaster struck, they have managed a number of polytrauma cases in their world class facility. I had a tour in the hospital while sourcing disposables and drugs for my mobile OT.
OT team for the innaugural case
                                          Anaesthesia on..
 It was an invaluable experience as I have certainly learnt a lot about Disaster Medicine. Being on ground zero was a totally different ball game and i would not trade this experience for any other thing. The friendship and teamwork from mind alike colleagues was priceless. Most of us do not really know each other before this but Alhamdulillah, the team dynamics was excellent as we gelled and certainly had fun together. It was hardwork but with excellent team members, everything became easy and solvable.
Thank you very much Mercy Malaysia for deploying me for this team. I am indeed thankful to Allah for his grace and his plans. Thank you team.. Miss you all! 

Nepal earthquake mission - Part 5

Back to the mission..

The first day in Sankhu was memorable. We had a huge task which was to upstart run our clinic; which will be the backbone of our field hospital. Mind you, this is the first time in Mercy Malaysia's history we will be setting up the full capacity of ERU's fienld hospital. However, the 3 big guns, Dr Heng (mission leader), Yati and Pak Hapis will not be on the ground. All of them were going off to Kathmandu; having to settle a lot of coordination and logistic issues. We were left to survive the day. So there we were, Guna, me, Matron Anita & Angeline to main the fort.I was thankful that my brother together with Boiy and Harith made their way to our place at midnight. Their role was vital in the success running of the first day in action.
The first task was to erect our Utilies tents. These will be the core of our field hospital. Mr Guna was in his element; gathering the local volunteers who in a way had no other thing to do then to help us. They were a good dedicated lot. A number of them is still with us, helping us till date. Mr Guna's task is vital as he needs to ensure everything running, generator that runs the electricity and also water supply. Clean water was a big issue in the village as all the basic amenities were not functioning. May i remind you about my toilet visits.. haha 
Within a short fraction of time, the inital 2 tents were up! Kudos Mr Guna! Quickly we were in there starting to arrange the necessary for the clinic arrangement. We were lucky that we had the presence of 2 local doctors wh were there. One, as she was too affected by the quake and the other from NSET. Aliff was setting up his pharmacy side and the rest completing the set up. Initially, the clinic was supposed to be up after lunch but at 11am, We had people queing up already! This was because, it was near to lunch time where the community there would cook for the whole village to eat. It was a mere 10m from where we were! ! I had no choice but to start the ball rolling eventhough the team was not yet ready! How could i turn away a small baby!
our first patient 7 months old baby
 Security was an issue as people keep barging in to see whats going on. I was lucky Meng was there to man the gate. It was chaotic but the experience was interesting. We have practiced this during ERU simulation and it is different handling it in reality. We were blessed with the presence of few local lads who had helped to translate as well as to maintain order. 

the line for food
the busy team
It was in the chaotic moment of patients that the WHO team from Kathmandu came to visit us. They were the inspectors of relief and expressed their gratitude and upmost commendation for Mercy Malaysia's effort. Mr Guna was experienced enough to source clean water from them. It was help at its best. We had another visitor too, the rep from the Singaporean army who looked impressed with our set up. He thought he was there and to see our facility erected significantly, priceless. :) 
                                          discussion with the WHO team
And at about 1230pm, it poured. Heavy rain ala Malaysia! People ran away for cover as they were not allowed by our sentry to enter the OPD camp. Habis banjir! Yup..we were seeing patients with water rising slowly! Mr Guna saw this and took his boys to settle it by creating diverting drains. It was in the rain that they did that.. Kudos Mr Guna! SInce people fled, I decided that we should close the clinic for a while for lunch. I could see all team members were drained instateneously during that rush hour. I dont think we had proper breakfast before we start work that day. We joined in the queue! Haha.. Dal Bhat at its best :)

caught in action haha 
It was a chaotic but certainly satisfactory day. We ran the clinic in the afternoon till quite late as it was difficult to turn away the patients who came to see us. Earthquake related matters were the main cases we saw that day. It was my first time handling it, especially as CMO bidan terjun for the first time on Ground Zero's first day. The locals were certainly a helpful lot and friendship created was memorable. At the end of the day, I was proud to see our facility erected, it was just a small fraction of the full set up but i was very proud. Being part of this.. Insha Allah. 
the set up
Ground zero team (Pak Hapis tak muat haha)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Nepal Earthquake mission - The beauty of Sankhu

Every morning when i woke up in Sankhu, it was refreshing. Somehow, sleeping here was more fulfilling and satisfactory. I will wake up fresh and ready to go. I am not sure was it because of the fresh oxygen from the natural hill surroundings, excellent weather or was it because i was away from my daily routine of life? The view is superbly outstanding. Sunrise, sunset.. Nepal landscape is a winner. I fell in love with Nepal once and it stayed that way forever. A reminiscence of that feeling while in Sankhu.
(Credit for the beautiful pictures to insta: routexplorer & boiynadz - both were our volunteers there. The picture they caught brought lots of serene memories of Sankhu as the pictures depicted what i saw and experienced)
                                          a favourite realtime view
                                         when night beckons

                                         wheat field
                                         lunch & dinner line