Tuesday, November 22, 2011


If you read my blogs, I've always been an avid Malaysian football supporter.From the days when they were scrutinize and ridiculed,I've always followed them patiently.I try to be in the stadium during their games regardless even if it was a low grade friendly.I even brought Dzaeff to his first stadium game and bought him the Malaysia jersey early this year.
The scene certainly has changed in the past 2 years with our successes.
I was working on night shift; RPH theatres and vodaphone line being the worst combination.In my eagerness to find out immediately after work, I received an SMS. "Game seri.. going to penalties!"
And i rushed home.Switched on to my live streaming and Luckily i managed to catch the last penalty kick which was really heart stopping by Badrul and we won!
Malaysia champions again! On Indonesian soil! Wow.. After AFF Cup and again this back to back gold medal! We are certainly Kings of SEA!
Kudos to Ong Kim Swee and his boys and of course, I'm proud that we've won and reclaimed our past glory! We are still a force to be reckoned with :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Santos Great Bike Ride 53km

 Muiz posted a link on FB, asking anybody would be interested to join this event last week.I had a look at the website Santos and why not? Since its the biggest cycling event in Perth I should be one of the participants..Bukannya senang nak join international event.. hahaha but of course, I am a novice cyclist therefore doing a 53km..hmm.. don't play-play woo...
 I did do 25km+ worth of rides during the week. I was worried initially that I maybe not in the best physical condition to finish this route.Therefore, I thought that i will take it easy and as long as I finish the race I am happy.
I was quite early to the venue as there were not that many people around.Well, the 106km riders were off as early as 6am and it was the 53km participants slowly filling Langley Park. I was fortunate that Muiz registered as well and at least i have a friend and not being too alone during the race!Its always more enjoyable with company :)
 I registered for my average speed to be <20km/h therefore my starting position/grid was far far behind hahaha Well, riding in bike groups is not something I want to play around because I can pose as a hazard/danger to other riders.Gladly, those in my starting grid did not look as professional as those in the front runners so it went on well.
 The route was excellent; the view along swan river was breath taking.It was about hills to Freemantle but it was not too bad and I enjoyed the lot! It was a good ride and I am glad i did not have cramps nor injuries during this ride.It was a big concern as I usually will get my cramps during my runs before.
 I am glad I took part and I guess this is a start to my new hobby :) Meriam was great!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Introducing my Meriam (Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam)

 Yup.. introducing everybody to my new acquisition. Been interested to have one of the roadies but never had the exact chance back home. The price itself made me think many-many times because I'm sure wifey will give a good bashing of the need:) but since I'm in Perth, land of the bicycles.. its just a matter of time before i get one..
Went to Carousel Cannington and just went to the bicycle shop and walah.. terus buat tour Carousel-Albany Highway-South Perth Swan River-Wellington Street.. hahaha
Since usually we name a boat after a lady, I'm naming it Meriam (character from PHSM).Don't think wifey will approve the actress but the character is neutral enough :)

Monday, November 07, 2011

Mama & Papa in town..

We walked all the way to RPH on the night the arrived.Definitely a bit too far for them :) Tula.. anak dah jadi  Bushwalker from Malaya.. hahaha