Monday, April 04, 2016

#Throwback Diagnosis2 ke Mesir - Part 1

It was planned a few months in advance. When Anwar and Ben received the invitation, we were elated. AF, Aizzat, Azah and Ben met the representative in November when she came back for the PAT in PWTC. It was to discuss about the programme. Projek Nusa Bangsa. Totally bombastic!
However, being practical, never that i thought they would invite all of us to go. I would reckon that perhaps just 3-4 of us would do - all expenses paid! I was surprised when it was informed that all of us were invited and its on them! Wah.. I do know that Overseas UMNO Club is funded well but to sponsor 7 of us? It was surreal and i never thought it would be as such! Apa lagi, Why not right? 
All of us then applied for leave and planned for the trip. I had to look for locum cover during my absence. The list was getting busier and it would be catastrophic to just leave without cover for that week. SOmehow it was rezeki that the month of October in my place increased. Usually February is a slow month for private hospitals. 
Unfortunately FL had issues with this pregnancy. Initially we timed it well so that she could be on board the plane. However, it was not meant to be. Bukan rezeki. For her own safety she had to stay back. Kudos to Ben for helping out to get appointment in IJN after a palpitating (literally) episode in UKM during her call.
Honestly we did not know what to expect. I was in Cairo in 2014 but because of the mission tension, I did not visit Cairo much eventhough we were persuaded to do so. It did not feel right. This time around, i did a bit ofreading so that i know what to look for  during this trip. Of course, the main objective of the trip was to meet up with future doctors and inspire them. Apparently, D2 is a big hit with the students around Egypt and therefore justification to the club of our invitation.
We had to take an early morning flight from KLIA. Everyone was excited. Shahnaz (Din's wife) took leave tofollow her husband. She later became a big asset to the team during this visit. We were excited and really looked forward to be in Egypt. 

The arrival of Apokalips

Launched 29 MArch 2016 - MPH PIBF Putrajaya.



A lot has happened since my last "real" posting late January. I've been a complete slacker after a promising January for blog postings. Somehow after the death of arwah, I had a thought block. There was no desire to share or blog anything that has been happening. Seriously. Tak bernafsu langsung nak tulis apa-apa. Searching for what i really want again i guess after seeing the end of a loved one in this world, awaiting to board the permanent destination. 
There is a lot to share of what has been happening this past few months. I was in Egypt with the Diagnosis2 gang as we were invited by KULN Mansoura. It was nice to travel again with friends and at the same time, sharing about our lives with future doctors. I will blog down a post on that later. It was fun to travel: Cairo-Mansoura-Alexandria nad a definite memorable trip!  
Its April now and suddenly I am in the mood to blog again. Perhaps the 2 things which has been bugging me, the launch of Diagnosis Apokalips and my solo effort: coming out soon end of this month during PABKL Insha Allah. Sorted editing it and hopefully it'll be fulfiling to the potential readers. 
I was sick after the Egypt trip. It was the week after returning. A bout of bad viral fever ( not Dengue or anything that can be detected) but it was a miserable 2.5 weeks. I've recently recovered and Alhamdulillah. I was worried if my mysterious illness in 2011 had made a comeback. Alhamdulillah, perhaps a reminder for me as well to be on my toes on my health. Sayang that i had to miss Powerman and NKVE run which i have registered for. Takpelah, ada runs lain to do Insha Allah. 
Work is getting more hectic. We have hit the 100 case per month target. Somehow, in February when in all other centres the cases declined (the usual trend) Ours went up. Last month was busier and i guess Insha Allah, can only be better.