Wednesday, October 31, 2007


It is exciting times in the country.

1) Lingam-Gate Saga
2) Proposed 10th of November ; 10K rakyat march for a clean Election
3) A top Cop giving a press conference ; mentioning about the possible conspiration against him on investigating a high priority case. ( 27 million man )
4) UMNO assembly and Speculation of election announcement
5) Ruling government vs Malay Rulers with Agong

And i am here struggling to learn Propofol vs Thiopentone on TCI ( Total Intravenous Controlled Infusion )....

p/s Damn... its in 2 weeks time..

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A self proclaimed hotshot ( while speaking at the Malaysian law conference) claimed :

"I’d rather spend my time to do things that are constructive; that go down directly to the people who are really in need of the help of the government. Our bloggers are really not up to standard. When they put up something, it’s not something that they want to discuss in a very intellectual way. It’s more because of their anger - the language they use. Why should I read all this rubbish? When the standard of our bloggers is upgraded, then probably I will look at what is written. But anyway, they are a minority. My concern is for the majority."

Wah...wah... obviously he's not learned enough to realize how the cyberworld via blogs will be a major contributing factor in future elections...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Grey Sunday

I never think the last time is the last time
I think there'll be more
I think I have forever but I don't
I just need something to happen

I need a sign that things are gonna to change
I need a reason to go on
I need some hope
In the absense of hope
I am nothing -Dr. Meredith Grey

p/s its so bad isn't it , extrapolating scripts from tv series as quotes of inspiration. Whatever happened to book-dwellings ?

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Read shah's review about P Ramlee the musical.. daammnn.. how i wanna go !!haks..
And somehow , when i was looking for something ( related to my current stress.. ) I found these :

haksss.. my "theatre" days in shrewsbury...

Friday, October 26, 2007


muka tension... my "chipsmore" camera phone..
Had a long OT day today. My department organized a regional anaesthesia workshop and those in the final year attended it ; leaving only the few of us to run the OT. I was in the OT alone doing the hepatotectomy and scary woo being alone terkontang kanting...with the epidural , Large IV access and invasive monitoring catheters !!! tension.. ni nak exam tak lama lagi ni !!!

I was so tempted to snap a picture of the abdomen after the've closed it , you know..the ROOF TOP incision with a previous midline laparotomy ;
An arrow -> pointing upwards !!

Hahaha.. would have been a cool pic!! But ethics my friends... ethics...
Today is my last day of work ; tomorrow last call of the month and then my study leave...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wiser ..for the longest time..

pic taken in Tok CIk's place during raya which had lots of beautiful orchids

The facebook phenomenon gets my thumbs up today as for the first time , many people wished me happy birthday ! Not that i long for people to acknowledge it ; but the extent of the interactive technology nowadays makes it possible to be aware of yout friend's birth date ! Toce..toce.. kamsia..kamsia..
Being in your thirties and as it ascends , you do feel you are so much old ! I've never imagine myself to be at this age ; when you are younger you always imagine yourself being a matured 27 year old and it stops there.. And i still feel I'm stuck at that age compared to the magical 31 as it is today !

If I was born in Pahang , then I would be proud to have the same birthday as the Sultan. Unfortunately , I'm a throughbred KL boy born in Selangor ! But who knows , an excellent birthday present would be a n SSAP or SIMP from the Sultan of Pahang on this date in the future !!!
Angkasawan rindu mandi ?? hahahaha . Those who knew personally Angkasawan would just smirk and say.. "thats him allright !! "

Berita Harian 24/10/07 "Saya terlalu teringin untuk mandi, tapi tidak dapat lakukannya di ISS kerana air sangat terhad. Kini saya dapat lakukannya selepas pulang ke bumi," katanya pada sidang media di Star City, kira-kira 40km dari sini semalam.
Did not do anything special today . Usually I'll make some effort to make the day different from any normal day. I suppose , this year I have something major in mind ; and takes a hell whole lot of my brain space of things and thoughts. I'm becoming more absent minded... mak aii...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I was wondering why there were so many people in PASCA on my way back home. I mean lots of blonde "jadi-jadian" surrounding the whole of the recovery area. Then , eh.. a familiar face from TV lah ! And a very unusual sight as well where the usually bleak PASCA area is now full with nurses as well !

"Sapa kat PASCA ?" I asked.
"Anak Mustapha Kamal... tu pasal banyak artis datang melawat"
"Ni ramai-ramai korang kat sini.. ?"
"Nak tengok artis-artis laaa.... "

haks.. Read the news today ? Well , its quite interesting as the version is different from our history taking of the event...

Monday, October 22, 2007

Big weekend

It was a big weekend for Sports !

The Springboks won the Rugby World Cup in the most boring fashion. It did not help much when the foe was England !! Hahaha.. Only penalty kicks and no tries .. Modern rugby they say as long as you win the game. In Formula 1 , Raikonnen won the world championship in the most unlikely way. Before the match he only had a mathematical chance but then he was up against an English team and Hamilton , the English driver. Who else in the world can f**k up at the very last minute ? Hahaha.. Kudos to Raikonnen as he deserves the championship. Whoever had him as their bet must have won lots of money !!
On home soil , Stoner was awesome winning the MotoGP but elsewhere , Malaysia football was not good enough for World Cup as they suffered a heavy loss against Bahrain in Manama. There goes our World Cup hopes and a pity that the return leg next week in Shah Alam ; supporters will not fill the stadium .

I had the opportunity to be in Bukit Jalil watching Myteam2 against the Indons. Indons had theit under 23 team playing against our kampung boys. Sad to say , our kampung boys remained as who they are ; totally outclassed by a half hearted Indonesian team. It was still however a joyous experience to be amongst the 40,000 population , and the fun of watching the game remained the same. It was trulyRAYA with all the fireworks fired up !! Sakit jantung tuu.. I wished that we had given more fight. Maybe it was a funny thing last year challenging our national team , but i think this year it is not funny any more. Its sad to go out as no hopers and end up as a fool. A good food for thought to the think tank.

I must say , even the pathetic diplay by myteam cannot match my patheticness after the game. Somehow or rather , I embarrassed myself when i forgot where i parked my car !! Ended up like a headless chicken , figuring where in the hell did i park my car ?? hahahaha.. Wonder what got me distracted ??

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Extended Raya

This is the first year since I started working that I am on leave for a week. Usually it would be till Day 3 or 4 that I have to go back to work ; being on call. This year we are a lil bit relaxed ; no rush to go "raya" in a blitz unlike previous years. Besides that , I have my books to dwell into at the same time. But "raya" is "raya" , how could one not be involved ?? heheh..

Mak came back on the 4th day of raya from Mecca. It was good to have everybody back home ( with adique as the exception ) and we sort of had a "delayed" celebration yesterday. It was good to visit the elders and just talk and hangabout with them. I've always enjoyed this tradition. Being "muhibbah" withe the Malaysian spirit , it has also been a tradition for me to visit Shakti during raya ! hahaha.. the kewl thing about it is he visits me during Deepavali last year !! Hahahaha...

However , I am a bit annoyed with class cancellations ; which ws done at the very last minute for the past 2 dyas ; making my plans disrupted.. and me.. hungry alone at home... :(

Monday, October 15, 2007

Short notes on Aidilfitri 2007..

Ketupat , rendang . lodeh ! What a food galore ! I kept eating.. and eating.. and eating... an extreme contrast of only one meal per day during ramadhan to 7-8 times per day on both first and second day of raya !! Express weight gain crash course !!! Hahahaha...
The traffic was allright , Good flow and i enjoyed my drive. This year it was stress free ; to and fro! I dunno whether it was the three lane thingy on PLUS or somehow people stagger but it is definitely the better travel amongst the ones before.Should i thank Uncle Sam for stopping all the works on PLUS during raya ?

The Muar house had a good make-over this year. Pak Pit certainly put a lot of effort to ensure that the Johor tradition of getting everything new for Syawal continued ! The curtains were changed to modern railings , toilets changed to the "hotel" look , plasters and chandalliers.. ( heks.. Pak Pit is a contractor you see.. ) and the 46 inch plasma TV was a plus ! haks.. The air conditioning was installed as well in the main living room.. haks.. Doesn't sound like any typical kampung anymore does it ?

Every year after the aidifitri prayers , we would quickly move to Tok Cik's place for a short tahlil and morning feast. It was a tradition upheld since Tok Cik's father's days as Parit Setongkat's imam. It was continued by him and on giving his speech this time , he hoped that his children will continue the long-lived tradition. It was quite sad , as he was in tears while speaking to all of us ; him being ill at the moment.
So you think you can marhaban ? Haks.. I embarrassed myself when i went off-key on few notes during the marhaban against the old-timers in Tok Cik's place! Hahahahah .. Don't "pray-pray" with the "otais" as eventhough they are in their 70's or 80's ; their recitation was as young as one could imagine ! I tell you , never compete against the Johor old timers as they can beat you flat !! And the Johor - marhaban.. has its twist and and there !!!
Dzaeff was the happiest boy on earth during the festive period ! He certainly loved the kampung as he ran up and down.. to and fro and all over ! The flat structure of the house made him really really in freedom and it was as if he had no limitations to roam !! He kept laughing and smiling ; and the presence of his 2nd cousins really brought me fond memories of my younger days in during raya in Muar..

We had a busy first day raya as the whle family completed the visit to all the extended relatives in one day.It was a hot day in Muar but it was nice to visit my grand uncles and aunties. There are not many left , and the number reduces each year. A question came into mind , if Mak Tok is not around next year ; MAybe that'll be the end of the family celebrating raya in Muar.. hmmm.. a sad thought..

Nearly lost my wallet after visiting Tok Abah's tomb with Pak Pit and Pak Pai. We stopped at a nearby stall ( where I had no idea where it was in the morning ! ) and ate breakfast. Somehow , as I carried the plastic bag full of nasi lemak, i accidentally exchanged it and left it there. I did not realize it at all until 11am and I panicked like mad ! Went back to the stall and it was closed! My adrenaline rush was at its high thinking about the hassle i have to go through doing police reports etc.. Asked the kampung folks about the whereabouts of the stall owner and went to his crib. Miraculously , he was waiting for me and asked me in for raya ! Alhamdulillah he kept my wallet and was thinking of ways to pass it back to me as my add was in KL ! I was so thankful , and Its just nice to know how the kampung folks are as nice as how it should be ..

Friday, October 12, 2007

Eve of Eid

Salam Aidilfitri ; Eid Mubarak to everybody !!! If you're driving ; drive carefully eih..

I honestly thought that calls nearing Syawal would be cool as a cucumber. Yesterday , was a typical KKM call where everything was only settled at 6 am !! Had a very long energy sapping 24 hours ! My shoulders and back is aching and I could do a good massage !!

My plan was to drive back to Muar at 10am and I reckon it is impossible ! I am so groggy !!
Aidilfitri to all and see you on Monday !!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Up .. up.. and away !!!

10th of October 2007 will be a historical day for Malaysia ; the first amongst us to be in space. Wow ! I am truly proud of our angkasawan ( eventhough I cannot deny there is a bit of envy !! )

Dr Shaikh's ( A definite future Dato') plan in space is written in his blog.
He'll be bringing : ( specially packed )
Biryani Chicken, Satay Ayam, Rendang Tok,
Sliced dried Mango,Banana rolls, Tempe, Ginger Jelly,
Roselle Granola Bar, Kuih Raya Bangkit
( of all kuih , kuih Bangkit ? I would have brought kuih keria or tart.. hehehe )

and celebrating Eid in space !! How often do you get that chance ?
Lets pray that everything goes according to plan ; Malaysian "live" in space !!

Sunday, October 07, 2007


My super-mega beanie.. ( best wooo !! )

Ever faithful entertainment centre...

Study dugaaaann....

Saturday, October 06, 2007

2008 calendar

Got the mail from ogkl crew regarding proposed climbs in 2008 :

Februari ; Chamah - Ulu Sepat , Yong Yap .
May : Semeru , Bromo , Arjuno , Walirang. ( Indonesia )
August : Kinabalu , Trusmadi , Tambuyukon.

Waahh... mouth watering with G7 standard.. 2008 will be one tough year !!
p/s Somehow , i lost 5 kilos dah.. hehehe..

Amazing terror

This post is dedicated to the National transplant team who had worked hard in the past 72 hours

If lailatul qadar crawled through us last night , we wouldn't have realized it.

It was a hectic call for the team eventhough personally for my specific job it was one of the few referrals received. I had to join the OT team ( more of kay-poh-chi ) during near iftar as we had a ruptured triple A (Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm ) on table with my lecturer ( aka specialist ) and Chief MO having to attend a patient who had an MI in PASCA. I haven't done a proper AAA for quiote some time and it was indeed a challenge to induce and then manage them intraoperatively. Level 1 was all set and we did use it when the surgeon opened the abdomen. Blood was splurting everywhere when the tamponade was released and that was when we activated Level 1 ; one super-cool toy !!

I was having a short break for iftar in between ; when the Surgical MO barged into our room and urgently posted a laparotomy. It was young fella who just had his nephrectomy 2 days back and currently having a massive intra-abdominal bleed which is hay wiring his cardiovascular status. It did not make it better as he has a history of occasional SVT with an ejection fraction of 40% eventhough his ASD was corrected more than 10 years ago. True enough , during the operation patient arrested and we had to CPR him in the lateral broken-up position ( they went through his nephrectomy scar ) before putting him supine ! His ECG was mightily hay-wire after the adrenaline with a rate of 250 / min ! Prof was called in to help manage the patient and that helped to settle our adrenaline !

Earlier during the day , I was called to the Radiology Angio room as the patient who was pre cerebral aneurysm coiling collapsed during their trial run of vessel occlusion. Ling and Jahan ran there as well and we managed to intubate the patient .It was not the most ideal place to secure her airway but it went on smoothly. The nuerosurgeons and Radiologists were arguing what may have cost the fit and arrest - subjecting her to multiple scans for a proper diagnosis. When things like this happen you wonder whether we should meddle around with the aneurysm when she was well and assymptomatic ? Not for me to say...

ICU was no different with Azman having a torrid night managin 11 ill patients ; he too missed his iftar and you could see his inner self with the constant frowning when i looked at him from far.
Wow.. i missed sahur somehow but its "good" to have calls like this...

Friday, October 05, 2007


Its 2 am now. Still wide awake ;
after effect of my Nescafe Ali.
Just finished a bit of my revision ; SAQ and MCQs of various topics.
And I thought i knew everything..

Tarawikh prayers is telecasted live from Makkah on tv..
Ate half of my RM3 roti john for sahur..
I'm on as crash for tomorrow's call and I have a scheduled brain angio-coiling in the morning..

Anything more exciting ?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The meaning of "lay-park"

I was waiting for my wifey post call today for our exchange ( me post call - she going to work ) and I could not help noticing certain things. The passenger's waiting area was the entrance to the hospital clinics . As early as 7.00 am , hundreds of people were walking passing through the tiny corridor. The waiting chairs were almost full as i walk through. Mostly the elderlies were up as early birds , racing to grab the first number in for their appointment.

I saw life as how it is in front of me while waiting. Children or spouses , taking their loved ones who aren't as fit or as healthy as before for their routine medical check up. I was impressed by one family , where they specially modified their van to fit in the mother's wheel chair. It was even equipped with a "mini" lift to carry up/down the wheelchair-bound mum into the van. There were also the other whole gang of grandchildren , slowly leading their grand dad walking on his own with his walking stick. He must be 90 odd but I could see how stubborn he was and insisted on walking himself. An empty wheel chair was pushed by one his his younger generation behind him !

Besides that , there were also cars dropping in their loved ones to work - doctors , nurses , administration staff etc. You could appreciate the affection of a loving old couple who kissed and hugged before she went off the car. Another was an obvious not-in-the-mood-post-quarrelling of a young couple as the wife just refused to look at the husband while slamming the door !! The tradition of a wife respecting their husband in the gesture of having the husband's blessing before going off to work is still obvious in the metropolitan society of ours. ( though , somehow along the way me and wifey don't really practice it anymore !! )

a pic I took on seeing a family trotting together for a picnic..

It was during my youth days that the issue of "lepak" came around and brushed off by the higher authorities as utter rubbish ! Then , we had no internet thus "lay-park"ing in malls was the in thing and observing people moving in front and around you was a skill. Obviously , if you do it everyday it becomes such a waste of time ; but in the concrete jungle that we live in , i reckon it is a good crash call "social-studies" course to self reflect and ponder...

Monday, October 01, 2007

KLIA visit

We went to KLIA today - sending Mak ,Pak-Mak Long, MAk Teh and MAk Uda for umrah. It had been quite sometime since we last visited KLIA and the one that enjoyed most was Dzaef. Eventhough , we made him to wear the mini jubah as the "theme" fashion statement for the sending off , he was abnormally active ! I guess it must have been the space which stimulated him and he ran and ran and ran.. And I was puffing and huffing trying to catch up !!!

I am glad to see him gleaming with joy , running and shouting loud in full happiness. Evidence : He's fast asleep now at 9pm which is of rare occurance nowadays !!!