Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A tribute to HKL

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Thank you HKL.. for the experience that you have given me . I would do it all over again if i am given the choice !! hehehe..

Thank you HKL.. for waking me up from my medical school slumber.. training me to be what i am so far..

Thank you Paediatrics ; for making me to learn the art of patience and meticulousness for it is an important ingredient for me to achieve my ambition..

Thank you O&G ; for i enjoyed my 4 months stint there in the busiest Maternity centre in Malaysia !! Kenapa i did not proceed to do O&G ek ??

Thank you Surgery ; well.. memory of Mr Kwan comes in.. haks.. though i hated him to the max , there is always sometime new to learn everyday.

Thank you Medicine ; for building my courage , my confidence , my rapport , and sharpening my thinking skills in managing patients with limited resources.

Thank you Anaesthesia HKL , for accelerating my learning curve. Funnily , the more you think you know about something , the more you don't know..

And my tribute to Anaes bosses ;

Dr Ng ; for giving me the opportunity to practice anaesthesia in HKL and supporting all my decisions and aspirations so far..

Dr Tai , Dr. Shanti and Dr Airini ; for making my GICU experience a learned one..

Dr. Satber ; for the thorough guidance during maternity posting.

Dr. Zul H , Zul A ,Dr Loo , Dr Lau , Dr. Rapi , Dr. Yani , Dr. Zuhrah , Dr. Lim JM , Dr. Lim KY , Dr. Zarina , Dr.Rafidah ..

it was a pleasure working with you guys..

To the young guns ; Dr. Azrin , Dr Salleh , Dr Zakir , Dr oon , Dr Shih Pei ,

And to all my fellow colleagues ,( ni kalau tulis nama panjang sangat.. )
THank you for your guidance and help ,
will definitely miss you guys .


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I just realized that i have not been updating my blog for 1 week !! haks.. well ,the joy of being a father certainly overtook the enthusiasm for regular blogging ! Wifey was sarcastic by saying how i've neglected my "second wife" aka the computer! haks.. Its a bit difficult to blog for now as i am still adjusting to the new routine. Wifey and Dzaeffran is currently in Mak's place and DJ ; therefore i've been sleeping there everyday since they came back from the hospital. I only go back to SS2 to change and pick up my new clothes for work.. If there is access in mak's place ; i am sure to blog and update !! heks..

Baby Dzaeffra has sized up a lot when compared to his initial size after delivery. Alhamdulillah , he is doing well ; feeding well ; shitting well.. hehehe.. and its always a pleasure to be by him when he is awake. I am lucky not to be awaken too much in the middle of the night to do things.. as wifey brestfeeds the baby ! so alang2 tu.. tukar lampin sekali aah... wonderful sleep mind you..


I was quite emotional on Monday morning ; after my pass over rounds in GICU . I was actually on call on my last day of work in HKL . Eventhough i still have few more days of leave left , i decided not to take it because i appreciated my colleagues in my pool. It was exactly after changing my clothes from my blues ; Only then did i realize that my tenureship in HKL for now is over .I am actually moving on. I did not really announce my current status to the department ; so only a handful knew about my departure. Two years of service in HKL , and i really do appreciate the experience i've gathered so far. So many things learned and so much more to be sought after.

I;ve just reported to the faculty in UiTM Shah Alam today. Well , nothing much to happen as yet.. and hopefully not to be so in the next few days. I have yet to meet my boss ; sometime this week i guess. I have to sort out my masters dcumentations for the June intake . Well , reading a fellow friend's blog certainly gives me the chills and rigors. Macam susah jee... heks.. well , just tekad and go all the way insya allah..

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


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GROUP : Third generation of Hybrid Opioid
GENERIC NAME : Myftzal Dzaeffran Qayyum
EFFECTS : potent sedative , anaesthetic smile , heart softener
SIDE EFFECTS : euphoria , substance dependance
CONTRAINDICATION : before going to work.

It is baby Dzaeffran's day 7 of life outside the womb today. I had to return to work after a long 7 days leave. Somehow , its a bit different now leaving home. It was soothing to see him fast asleep when i woke up for Subuh prayers . According to wifey , he behaved well last night , breastfed baby Dzaeffran twice throughout the night and he was not irritable hence my undisturbed sleep.

And as i was about to leave , i just had to rub his nose against mine ..and smell him. Aahh.. the baby smell.. so pure and refreshing. Its just so wonderful to see him , just looking at him makes me smile. I cannot explain why , but it just does.

I've changed baby Dzaeffran's diaper a few times , surprisingly i am quite happy to do it !! haks.. the thought of his "offerings" initiates nausea ; however during the change ; it becomes enjoyable ?? funny eih ? Honestly !! My colleagues told me its just a phase ; just like when you're initially in love.To me , its a different kind of euphoria. Something i cannot explain but i don't mind feeling it !!

By the way , i have not really decide on what baby Dzaeffran should call me. I was keen on father , but it brought laughter to friends and annoyance to wifey. Not keen on bapak , daddy or papa , maybe ayah or abah ..but thinking hard on Walid. hehehe.. Wifey not that keen for me to be addressed as Walid but.. why not ? it sounds cool anyway.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lion King..

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Baby Dzaeffran was swarmed by family members and friends when he arrived home on Sunday !! Thank you guys for coming !! Honestly ; if i were to hold a reception for baby MDQ ; i would certainly do the memorable "Lion King" lift !! ( dunno who'll volunteer to be the baboon though.. hehehe )

1. Mafiz , Rozita , Raidi and little Zidani who certainly made his presence felt !!
2. Ibdil , Eza and baby Sofya who was as charming as ever..
3. Fiqar , Ezuan , Nily , Nor and baby Nurleena .. hehehehe..
4. Nik And Lan

But the most memorable and really touched me was Mak Long who came all the way from Melaka to see baby Dzaeffran. She was suppose to come with En , but En had to go back to Kedah as his grand father in law passed away. So determined that Mak Long called Uncle Nal to drive her to KL.

Thank you Mak Long !!

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The force is with you..

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We went back to Damansara Jaya on Sunday. Wifey was fit for discharge on Saturday but baby Dzaeffran had a tinge of jaundice. His bilirubin level was 205.. not really for any photo therapy but i insisted on him being put under the light for 24 hours. Kita pukul bilirubin habis-habisan before going back.. hehehehe..

Baby had to be put naked under the ultraviolet light . Of course , being naked and hot.. of course he would feel uncomfortable. Wifey was crying seeing little Dzaeffran struggling to cope with such uncomfortness. I told wifey to let him be as it was the best for him. I suppose when it comes to your own child , it brings different sentiment. Otherwise , during our housemanship training in paediatrics ; usually we 'll scold mothers who tend to hold on to their babies instead of letting him be under the light.

I'm glad that my department granted me the maximum 7 days paternal leave. This is the advantage working in the government sector. It becomes your right and being in a department which constitutes mostly working mothers ; they encourage you to spend time at home. Otherwise , i cannot imagine working in GICU with my mind distracted. Besides that , wifey is very dependant on me to do her chores.. heks.. Usually i am very reluctant to do so.. but for baby Dzaeffran ; its a different story..

Learning to..

Remember Tommy of Rugrats ? He was my favourite cartoon character..

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ANd now i have my own.. little Tommy..

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

A proud father

Myftzal Dzaeffran Qayyum Mafeitzeral

hehehehe... gila panjang !!!

Myftzal Dzaeffran Qayyum

Alhamdulillah , my son was born yesterday on the 16th of November 2005 at 9.20pm. Syukran lillahi taa'la for this gift; a very special one.

I was barely recovering from my terrible call ; with two maternal mortality at 3 am in the morning. I was in the labour room resuscitating a 30 year old indian lady ; post op 6 hours when she suddenly collapsed. I was called to the scene to resuscitate but after an hour of CPR with 7 defibrillations.. we were unable to bring her back. At the same time , another mother was resuscitated in the A&E ; brought in from a private maternity home after they were not able to control her bleeding post SVD. I was so knackered in the morning ; that when wifey told me that all the wards were full ; i was hoping that maybe we can delay the delivery. She was at 38 weeks and the plan was the induce her.

Allah is great ; though we had to register in the 3rd class ; to our surprise during the assessment her OS was 4 cm.. and the CTG reading showed contractions. She was not feeling any pain at all !! She was sent to the labour room at 3 pm yesterday. and we were totally unprepared for it !! No specialists were around and my colleagues were busy in the OT..so i decided to put the epidural myself !! haks.. really unethical eih.. But..hmm.. it was a good block..as she had painless labour.. PAINLESS.. that i wondered whether it was TOO painless..

Her progress was well.. and her os was fully dilated at 820 pm. That was when she was unable to feel anything.. the contractions nor any bearing down feeling. It became a bit difficult as she had no clue of how and when to push.. Vijayan then placed a silicon cup to pull the baby out.. still the maternal effort was poor. Almost all the midwives were there encouraging her when the baby decided to pop out..

But... the baby was not breathing.. and Haniza went beserk !! It was a heart stopping moment for me at that time seeing the baby flat. They brought the baby to the resuscitation area and bagged him.. Slowly.. he cried. but his limbs were weak ..and his respiratory effort was worrying. Apgar Score 4 and 8 . Quickly the baby was transferred to SCN ( baby's special care nursery ) - I managed to bring the baby for Haniza to see as she was crying all her might ; memories of the old MSB.

I had to act brave in front of wifey but only god knows how worried i was ..so worried that things might go the other way. I followed the baby into SCN and watched him closely. I was praying hard that please.. please let him be OK.. Haniza was sms'ing me non stop..asking.. is the baby.ok ..is the baby ok.. I just replied Y.. but i don't know at that time if it would turn out to our favour.

Slowly his breathing rate came down.. his heart rate became normal. There was no need to intubate as he was breathing comfortably under the headbox. Paediatricians had to cover him with antibiotics anyway in case of any congenital pneumonia. At that moment , i really don't know what the outcome will be.. fight..baby.. fight.. i said while glaring at him.

I brought wifey to see the baby at midnight ; and Alhamdulillah he looked fine. We were with him at 2pm today.. breastfeeding the cutest creature i have ever seen in my life !! Wow.. the feeling is great.. to have the baby in your arms.. i just cannot stop kissing the baby.. my little precious baby..

Today.. on my way back home.. i cried.. don't know why i cried.. but i just cried all my might . It came out of nowhere and unplanned. Maybe only when i am alone ; my feelings show itself. It shows how sometimes you can show superficiality ; but you cannot lie to your own conscience. I am thankful to Allah.Alhamdulillah...

Only today.. that i reveal to the world the name of my baby..

Myftzal : Noble
Dzaffran : Successful
Qayyum : eternal..

Monday, November 14, 2005

Mini reunion

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I've not been actively updating my blog this post raya period . Its not that i don't want to but i was too tired !! Having working with colleagues in a multi-cultural society , last week was our turn to qada' the misery calls we gave to our non-muslim friends during the raya period. Post raya blitz made our GICU became very busy.

Almost everyday we had to struggle in deciding who should be sent out and who should enter HKL GICU. I had to reject few good prognosis patients from outside referrals ; having to nurse few foreigners who are damn complicated to manage in the GICU. Its not that i am a purist , but i do feel that at times ; our government hospitals are being "over-used" by non Malaysians ; impairing the 100% care for our own people.

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In the midst of that , i managed to catch up with few old friends from my A-level days during the weekend . Pak Ngah ( budding neurosurgeon ) coaxed Pecet ( budding orthopaedics surgeon ) and his wife JUli ( future A&E physician ) to organize a small gathering for the old - BUXians !! Eventhough small , it certainly rekindled the old memories of our early days in UK. It was kewl comparing Pecet's C200 Merz he brought back from UK with Hussin's Super turbo Perdana !! ..( haks..wished i had enough money to have one of those !! ) It was a good ; catching up with each other's stories and gossipping on the same topic we did 10 years ago !!! hahahaha..

Anyway , earlier that day ; Doner came over to our house for raya. She wanted to go to Pecet's house but because she's driving alone ; it was not advisable as her home is in Gombak ; and i reckon it'll be a nightmare to drive back there with the daughter "mengaruk" at midnight !! heks..

Its funny though looking back through my old raya pics in uK ; I never imagined how it would be 10 years later. How we all have grown and move into our own paths. I guess that is what life is all about , growing up and taking risks in choosing your direction..

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Friday, November 11, 2005

Another jewel..

I suppose this week is made for families.

Mak's favourite daugther , wifey's youngest sister returned from New Zealand for her summer holidays ! She even organized a raya gathering to celebrate it !! V

Then , Shakti had his baby through Caesarean section on Wednesday afternoon. The boy is called Sashtrivel..

Then early this morning , Azad ..i meant Yanti ( his wife ) delivered normally. Baby girl No 2 !! haks.. COngratulations to my brother in arms !

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A truly happy moment ....

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Raa..yaa... Poo--Loon...

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Aidilfitri 2005 was really "pulun"ed by wifey and me. I've never had this type of raya for a very long time. We were out of the house by 1030 am everyday and be back home after 10pm every night !!! Waah.. everytime i got back , i was so knackered.. and literally dozed off to sleep. And the next morning routine was mandi , gosok baju ..and off for raya !!!

1ST DAY RAYA - theme ; beige
1. TTDI family
2. DJ family
3. Achik Kelana Jaya
4. Mak Teh AU Keramat
5. Shakti ( Deepavali )
6. Fiqar TTDI
7. Mafiz TTDI

2ND DAY RAYA - theme : green
1. Pak Long in Bangi
2. Mak Uda SS14
3.Ikmal TTDI
4. Nurleena TTDI
5. Fiqar ( 2c baby )
6. Megat HArris Kota Damansara

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3RD DAYA RAYA - theme : black tie
1. Pak Ngah in Bukit Beruntung
2. Ustaz Che Pee in Ampang
3. Moezni in Ampang
4. Abang Amir Kampung Baru
5. Rozana TTDI
6. Shahrizal Kota Damansara

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4TH DAY RAYA - theme : red
1. Pak Cik Noh in Kampung Baru
2. Auntie Nor of MINDEF
3. Mak Cu Yah USJ
4. Auntie Ha Shah Alam
5. Auntie Non Seksyen 16

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Fuiiyyyoo... i'm sooo tired. Still lots more to go but at least i've settled my nearest family on the first four days. I cannot really tell whether i maybe able to go for raya again - pending upon decisions to be made on Tuesday on wifey's antenatal checkup.

For more pics : goto my pics on the net
So gang.. marilah kita beraya lagi ..heks..

p/s my ass is still hurting.. traumatized by the variety of food ...

Friday, November 04, 2005


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Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2005 !!!
Maaf Zahir & Batin !!!

p/s i'm suffering from my 1st day Raya binge... really bad abdominal colic with diarrhoea.. dah 7 kali gi toilet nih... uhh...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Special anniversary..

Dearest Haniza ,

Its been 4 years today when i first uttered the lafaz for our matrimony. Remembering back the day , i cannot remember if i told you how i had to borrow DIl's shoes for the nikah ceremony as somehow ..i forgot about proper shoes after all the preparation! It wouls have been funny me turning up with slippers on the most glorious day of our life !!! You and i know how we've been trying very hard to live with each other! But somehow we've managed to hold on strong to our promises and i believe the love is just as strong if not stronger when it first bloomed 9 years ago.

Sayang ,

I know we've been waiting for that "parasite" inside you for so long ; it was a battle... a very intense battle with self and faith. And i thank god as it certainly has made our faith to him stronger than ever. There are so many "hikmahs" that only god knows and how we should continue to believe in his qada and qadar.Insya_allah we will be hearing our little gift soon during Syawal.( only then i guess we will wonder if it was a blessing or otherwise !! haks.. )

My Sweetheart ,

I just wanna say i love you so much... and only god knows how much i love you..
Happy Anniversary dear..


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Saying I love you ,
Is not the words I want to hear from you
It's not that I want you
Not to say, but if you only knew
How easy it would be to show me how you feel
More than words is all you have to do to make it real
Then you wouldn't have to say that you love me
Cos I'd already know
What would you do if my heart was torn in two
More than words to show you feel
That your love for me is real
What would you say if I took those words away
Then you couldn't make things new
Just by saying I love you

More than words

Now I've tried to talk to you and make you understand
All you have to do is close your eyes
And just reach out your hands and touch me
Hold me close don't ever let me go
More than words is all I ever needed you to show
Then you wouldn't have to say that you love me
Cos I'd already know

What would you do if my heart was torn in two
More than words to show you feel
That your love for me is real
What would you say if I took those words away
Then you couldn't make things new
Just by saying I love you

More than words

Aidilfitri Mulia..

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Yups.. its syawal eve today. Well , the Penyimpan Mohor Besar have not announced the day yet but everybody is so hyped up about tomorrow being raya !! I cannot imagine if the Agong decides to crack a joke and ordered that raya be on Friday !! All the preparation will be delayed for a day !! Everybody is busy cooking raya goods.. hmmm.. i can smell the rendang , ketupat and lots more in Muar. I guess this year its a bit dull in Muar without Atuk Abah. I hope Mak Tuk in Muar will not be too sad having most of her children back in Muar.

Well , for me n wifey we will not be going back to Muar eventhough for the first time I'm on holiday during raya. I've been soing calls in the last 2 years ; was lucky to have the 1st day raya off but i would be put on call the next day !! haks.. well , being junior doctors ; who else to be utilised if not the vulnerable house officers !! haks.. Come to think of it.. this is the first raya after ALL THESE YEARS having not to think about exams or on call !! haks.. Since my medical school days you know ; some how my exams are always JUST after RAYA !!

We'll be in TTDI tonight for Syawal eve - its my mum's birthday and she wants everybody to be in TTDI tonight. Then we'll go to Mak's in DJ.. hehehehe.. how convenient eih having our kampungs close to each other !!!

SALAM AIDILFITRI EVERYBODY !!!! Datang la rumah beraya...