Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pay day..Off day!

It was a nice feeling.I was being a bit excited when the first thing I did today was to log on to my westpac first pay cheque is in! They pay us fortnightly and Alhamdulillah the payroll has started!I guess after going through everything, to see those numbers on my account bank is such a relief:) Its not about the salary so much but the point where you felt that whatever that you've done is literally paying off!
It was a coincidence too that Im on my off day today.I didnt have my day planned properly only a few administrative things that I wanted to do.Borrowed 2 DVDs as I thought I would be spending the day at my lovely CIRB.However, the weather was totally different from the past miserable 3 days.It was sunny and no clouds were in sight.It was horrible every morning as I took the easy way out by going to work with the CAT bus rather than walking.It was too cold and wet! It was the end of September and as I remember, King's Park display and emphasis on wildflowers will end come October.

After Asar, I was off to King's Park via Blue CAT bus which took me to the start of Jacob's ladder.Its a pathway thought to be a shortcut to get to King;s Park but one needs a really good heart to climb all the way!I was a bit puffed when i finished the climb but i thought it was a good training spot if i wanna push up on my fitness but Im not too sure if its good for my knees :)
The park was wonderful.Its the first time in my life that I really appreciate the wildflowers which looked really nice.I tried to capture it on photo but i guess the limitation of an automatic camera limits the beauty I saw.I guess now I know why fanatic photographers will spend hours in taking a good picture:)
I was wearing my Blue Malaysia jersey and proud of it I guess!Hahaha I had a great time and I'm sure to bring my family here for picnic so that they can enjoy what I experienced today.

Baobab.. geography 101.

Good picture kan?

this is my camera tau!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I was waiting anxiously for the real estate agent phone call last Tuesday.My application for an earlier apartment was rejected and it would be more stressful if I am not considered again. Finally,when she called, to my surprise she asked me whether I was still interested with my first application. Well, I preferred the earlier apartment and without being hesitant I agreed to take the first apartment in Wellington Street instead of the one within Minray Hotel.
I signed off my papers on Friday and by Saturday I was in my aparment! Alhamdulillah.It is situated in the city and within an old warehouse which is currently a Perth Heritage building.The interior is modern and I must say what attracted me to it is the ample space it has.It is a modified studio and getting a fully furnished apartment in the middle of Perth CBD is a bargain.Why I am very particular for a spacious unit is because of the possibilities of my family members visiting and I dont want them to cramp into a small unit.Getting a satisfactory size i bedroom apartment is rare in the CBD but alhamdulillah its a rezeki for me.
I kinda like the setting of this apartment and I am so glad to call it home. I've been doing a bit of shopping in buying what is necessary and Insya Allah, it looks like I'm going to be for some time.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Night view

Perth at night from my camera. 128/138 Barracks Street.
Managed to get the shot i wanted:)

Yanchep National Park

Masuk gua terus kat Perth!

A colleague of mine,Siva came down to Perth from Sydney.He was visiting friends here whom I met at a small gathering in Wembley.It was nice to meet up with Gopal and his wife,Usha and family, Athena and Lip Yang came a little bit later.It was nice to have some sort of UM Anaesthesia Alumni meet up that night:)Siva then asked whether I was free the next day as they were planning with Alvin(another UM colleague) to go to Yanchep National Park to see wild flowers! Of course, this was something that i will not refuse:)
Athena picked me up in town and quickly we went to Alvin's place.It was a very nice house and how iwished that my family was here as well seeing him with his kids:) After a quick IGA stop, we were off to Yanchep.It is a bit north not too far from Perth CBD. It took us about half an hour to reach there and this was the introduction to the WA outdoors for me!
The park was really nice and what complimented it well was the excellent weather.The ducks were really tame and came to our picnic seat without fear! Both Alvin's kids went chasing after them and again they came back! Alvin and wifey prepared a very delicious choice of picnic snacks and I enjoyed it very much.
It was also the first time I saw a koala in their homeland.. hahaha they looked lazy but then peduliklah as long as they are cute!No kangaroos in site though but I guess Yanchep was not the best place to see them.After finishing our lunch we were off to the short cave walk tour.That was interesting and I certainly enjoyed my day.
Thank you guys for bringing me with you and indeed i know that Perth is the perfect place I wanna be for now :)

excellent lunch and weather to picnic

Surviving survival

swan river: house hunting..

Sorry as Ive not been updating! Life is hectic and Im more settled now with work.I'm still homeless and I must again thank you Jaya and Cheng Bee for their hospitality.Terhutang budi betul and i will repay their kindness somehow someday definitely!Its not easy to get friends like them and i do really appreciate their gesture.I really dont know how to express my upmost gratitude and i guess it is explained why I keep writing this in my posts!Not sure if they are reading my blog but someday when they do, THANK YOU!!!
Its been 2 weeks now and I'm off today as I was working during the weekend.I've just worked for a week and still trying to get hang of the system in Royal Perth Hospital.Im currently doing the general anaesthesia work and its definitely the start I want before they put me in more subspecialty disciplines or responsibilities.Work itself is not an issue but on how they do it here,what to be extra careful of, the population and kind of people you anaesthetize; mind you I gave GA to a 92 year old on Sunday! However with the drugs and technique which is available here,it is possible to do it in ways that you'd never consider back home.In fact, having a 92 year old in your list is of rarity!Hahaha
Being a senior registrar means that you are depended upon especially during night time.The strata goes that this is post is just one step behind Consultants.Ive yet to be given that responsibility but it will come soon and I have to be ready for it.Previous Malaysians and current ones who are here had given a good reputation and standard. I dont want to be the one who spoils it and therefore it is a bit of a stress for me now to maintain that class.I must say those who were here were the top anaesthetists back home.Well, I have to take up this challenge and continue to prove myself!
I've met a few Malaysians who are currently PR here.Talking to them gives me the input of keeping my options open. It is interesting to see their point of view and how they've lead their lives.Certainly, when thinking about the young ones; why one should not take the advantage?Globalization can be a good thing if we know how to make it a win win situation for all. I guess all this will make me wiser in making decisions in the future.
In the mean time I guess, Ill do what I am here to do.However, being apart from the family is slowly creeping in as life can be lonely when you are used to the chaos and mumbo jumbo of handling of 4 small kids!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

House Hunting Job

House Hunting

This is something which I reckon is difficult to do especially when you are on your own. Of course the budget comes as the highest priority but there are a number of factors that should be considered. Especially in Australia, one has to choose it well. Potential tenants are known to be fussy and the owner are careful as well in selecting their renters. Its always scary to imagine a “Michael Keaton of Pacific Heights” to become your tenant! Here in the Aussie world, your complaints are my priority.

I’ve been doing a lot of Net research and scouting around to look for the best place to be at least for one year. It was easy back then in Manchester as there are many people who can suggest and help. You can look almost everywhere for the information. But then again , maybe because it was Student’s City where things are easy for everybody. Currently I am looking for a good place in town , fully furnished. It is suitable for me who’ll be alone here.

Its not easy though to do it. I’ve never been the one who really look into details, scrutinizing and being very meticulous in choosing a place. So far, wifey is the main person doing this. It is sort of a new experience for me. Even before in Manchester, I was only part of the consortium and not the main person who really dwells into details. Its rather expensive to rent in Australia nowadays. Not just for the numbers but when you convert the currency to RM, then you’d realize how much you’ve paid for your monthly rent.

I’m still looking for the best place and I will definitely share my stories of that chapter

Good Day Australia!

Au revoir Malaysia, Good Day Perth!

I woke up early that morning, mama woke us up for Subuh. Dzareif the baby was with us.The kids were with their nenek, not knowing that they will be seeing me physically the last time that morning. Wifey just came back from Phuket earlier and I guess did not gauge much sleep.

We went off to KLIA in my car. Both Papa and Mama followed but did not stay long; the usual practice for my family members. Mak, Abang, Yo and Adik came along as it is in their tradition that any family members going abroad for some time they will all be at the airport. Azam was late but I really do appreciate his effort as I saw him puffing away when he arrived as I was waiting at the escalator to board the immigration. Thank you again. The kids were very casual about it, I guess they’ve sent me many times to the airport and thought I would be coming back 2-3 days later with presents for them. As I walk to my Gate, I felt a bit sad realizing I’m leaving behind my kids.

I took MAS and glad I did that as the flight was half empty. In fact, I had the whole 5 seater for myself! More worthy than a first class or business class seat! Hahaha The flight was short, about 5 hours to arrive in Perth International Airport. There was a heavy traffic in KLIA so we were delayed by almost an hour!

It was a breeze through the immigration. I guess my e457 visa did help to ensure the custom officers that I’m here not to destroy their ecosystem or introduce a destructive species in their land! As I came out from the door bringing my luggage with me, hmm.. guess I’m here now to proceed with my latest adventure of my life. Quickly I bought myself both prepaid phone and mobile broadband because that will be my lifeline for the next week. This is especially true in settling lots of things! Oh.. how we’ve depend on the internet so much that you cannot live or start life without it!

“Welcome to Perth.. Macha!!” Jayaraj greeted me with joy on hearing my voice. After giving specific instruction, I was on my way to Barracks Street (to which at that time I did not have a clue where in the hell it was!) It was nice of him to wait for me and he offered me to stay at his place for a number of days before I get my accommodation. To Ching Bee and Jayaraj, My upmost gratitude for your help and I know I will not be able to repay such kindness! Thank you again.. Later that night, we were off to Wembley Food Court to enjoy Malaysian dinner as most of the dishes there were Malaysian based cooks!

And that was my first day in Perth…

New Adventure New Life

I have safely arrived in Perth. It has been a hectic three days. I'm staying with a friend at the moment as I am still looking for my own place.
I have registered with the authority, registered with my hospital, department and now, waiting to start work here in Royal Perth. Insya Allah.
MAfeitz Mamat

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Raya 2011 blast from the past

Salam Aidilfitri to everyone! I am writing this blog entry in Muar at the moment. There is no broadband connection at my grandmas but I can’t seem to sleep after Subuh. Mak Tuk and Mama is having a conversation early in the morning. Mak Tuk’s senility is not as bad as how it was last year. One thing I respect about her that she never failed to wake up dawn and perform her Suboh prayers and proceeded with her wirids. Without fail everytime I am back here. And despite her poor memory span now, she never forgot the Quranic verses and perhaps this helps her not to deteriorate. I should have brought Dr M’s autobiography with me as Ive only managed to glance through 4 chapters so far. Here I am on my lappie doing this draft as it is now so that I can post it later when I have the internet connection.

Everybody is still asleep. I slept in the living area; or “lambak” they call it. It is one of the fun things to experience going back to kampong. I am really thankful that my grandma is still alive at the age of 84. She is the sole reason all of us go back to Muar and I am thankful that at least my children will have the memory of what kampong raya is really like. I guess as long as she is still around my extended family will take the effort to be here together. If Mak Tuk is not around anymore, I’m not sure what will happen to the Muar home. I’m sure one of my uncles/aunties will stay here but the atmosphere and spirit will be different. Until then, it will be Muar for us every raya.

I guess the reason why I can be so nostalgic about Muar is because of the time I spent here when I was young. Mama will always send me back to kampong during the school holidays and it will be from 1 week to 2 weeks. Most of the time, I will be alone here in Muar unlike in Melaka where I have En. It can be boring at times because I don’t really mix around with my age group there but somehow I managed to entertain myself then. Remember that this was the period when there was no internet and video consoles! I must have read anything which was readable here.. hahaha

I still remember when it was still the old house. Its design is like a big extended studio ; all the way to the kitchen. The living area will be turned into area for “lambak” after 11pm. Mind you at 10pm, there are visitors who will throng the house! There were two toilets (well till now there is) one would be the more modern one with pipe and another which is very traditional with a tempayan there. It had green motive as its overall colour and somehow I do miss that old toilet. I had preference for sitting toilet rather than squatting ( hahaha..typical town boy) so when my favourite toilet was occupied, it would be agony for me to hold on. But when there is emergency, I had no choice!
Arwah Tok Abah will wake up really early and go to town to get pau, nasi lemak and paper. I will be the cucu who will wake up early and follow him. I guess that is the special bond I have with him at that age. Most of other cucus will still be sleeping when we did this activity. Well, I didn’t do anything much just sat in the car as we drove around town. Pak Man when he was well used to bring me down to Tanjung but I cant remember what we did there. Just being at the jetty side was good and I guess that’s why until now I have a kind of affection with Tanjung whenever I am in Muar.

Well, I just had to put it down in writing what I felt this morning. I want to cherish it and make it a permanent one with this entry. Insya-Allah, god willing if Mak Tuk is granted a healthy bill of life, I will be able to blog more entries of such with the coming years.

Journey to endevour Part 3

I am thankful that I’ve managed to fulfill the requirements for IELTS. Immigration for visa e457 was another issue. This is the temporary working visa which I need so that I am eligible to work there. Nowadays you don’t really need any intermediate to do it for you. Everything is online and the bummer is one has to read through everything before doing it. So that if things go wrong, you cannot blame anyone else right? It is very tedious and being me I really read the instructions thoroughly again and again.

I had problems settling my medical check up in one day. Don’t get me wrong, my status is ok ( no HIV, Hep B) but it was the urine test. For Australia, you need to be PERFECTLY healthy before they grant you the working visa. I had protein 1+ 3 times that day! I should have drank a lot of water before coming but I’m usually a very light person. So the next day, I really drank clear water like nobody’s business that after my urine test I needed to go to the toilet twice! My urine was as clear as tap water so there was no way I can fail the test that day! Hahaha

Therefore handling stuff with the 3 bodies, namely AHPRA, Hospital and the Immigration is a tedious process. It takes time and not straight forward to sort it out. I guess if anybody who is inspired and keen to go to Australia, I would advice that you should first pass IELTS and then proceed with your application.

Now, after all that Ive gone through, I am feeling a bit nervous to start work there. Don’t worry, eventhough I know I can be busy but Im sure I will have time to blog things out. Going somewhere new, doing something different is a definite stimulus to share it with everyone.