Sunday, September 25, 2011


I was waiting anxiously for the real estate agent phone call last Tuesday.My application for an earlier apartment was rejected and it would be more stressful if I am not considered again. Finally,when she called, to my surprise she asked me whether I was still interested with my first application. Well, I preferred the earlier apartment and without being hesitant I agreed to take the first apartment in Wellington Street instead of the one within Minray Hotel.
I signed off my papers on Friday and by Saturday I was in my aparment! Alhamdulillah.It is situated in the city and within an old warehouse which is currently a Perth Heritage building.The interior is modern and I must say what attracted me to it is the ample space it has.It is a modified studio and getting a fully furnished apartment in the middle of Perth CBD is a bargain.Why I am very particular for a spacious unit is because of the possibilities of my family members visiting and I dont want them to cramp into a small unit.Getting a satisfactory size i bedroom apartment is rare in the CBD but alhamdulillah its a rezeki for me.
I kinda like the setting of this apartment and I am so glad to call it home. I've been doing a bit of shopping in buying what is necessary and Insya Allah, it looks like I'm going to be for some time.


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Azad said...

Nice place. Jangan lupa samak the kitchen utensils, fridge, etc.

mafeitz said...

brand new.. alhamdulillah..