Monday, September 19, 2011

Yanchep National Park

Masuk gua terus kat Perth!

A colleague of mine,Siva came down to Perth from Sydney.He was visiting friends here whom I met at a small gathering in Wembley.It was nice to meet up with Gopal and his wife,Usha and family, Athena and Lip Yang came a little bit later.It was nice to have some sort of UM Anaesthesia Alumni meet up that night:)Siva then asked whether I was free the next day as they were planning with Alvin(another UM colleague) to go to Yanchep National Park to see wild flowers! Of course, this was something that i will not refuse:)
Athena picked me up in town and quickly we went to Alvin's place.It was a very nice house and how iwished that my family was here as well seeing him with his kids:) After a quick IGA stop, we were off to Yanchep.It is a bit north not too far from Perth CBD. It took us about half an hour to reach there and this was the introduction to the WA outdoors for me!
The park was really nice and what complimented it well was the excellent weather.The ducks were really tame and came to our picnic seat without fear! Both Alvin's kids went chasing after them and again they came back! Alvin and wifey prepared a very delicious choice of picnic snacks and I enjoyed it very much.
It was also the first time I saw a koala in their homeland.. hahaha they looked lazy but then peduliklah as long as they are cute!No kangaroos in site though but I guess Yanchep was not the best place to see them.After finishing our lunch we were off to the short cave walk tour.That was interesting and I certainly enjoyed my day.
Thank you guys for bringing me with you and indeed i know that Perth is the perfect place I wanna be for now :)

excellent lunch and weather to picnic

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