Monday, November 25, 2013

My 2013 Shimano Highway Challenge

 When the event came up on the net, I must have been one of those who quickly registered; this evidenced by my double digit bib number! What attracted me to join this event is the exclusiveness of the highway, purely for the participants! Some may have complained regarding the entry fee which is expensive. I thought it was fair based on the exclusive usage of the highway.
 I had a torrid time reaching the collection site as I was from Sungai Buloh after rounds on Saturday morning. I never thought that MRR2 would still be as crap on a Saturday school holiday afternoon! Haha I was stuck in the massive traffic jam for 2 hours before reaching the venue. The one thing that got me pissed off is i had to make a u turn at the next toll stop as i was from the other side! Haha a lot of swearing came and went! The collection booth was simple yet effective. I did see a 3K Ultegra Di2 upgrade which i a way, i do regret for not taking the offer! haha The event jersey was nice however a size smaller.. Arrgghh.. need to slim down to be able to wear it in a good fashion, otherwise looking like hahaha

I was up really early, by 4am i was wide awake.As usual, set up my things but it was not possible to defecate! i did try and ten when it did not happen, hoped that it will sustain and maintain without giving me any problem. Using the KLIA highway and after that SKVE was definitely the smoothest ever flow to reach LEKAS. I arrived really early in the morning. 
However, it was a bit dark where we were supposed to park. I did not realize there was a bump and when i hit it my Pinarello made a jump to safety! Luckily there was nobody behind me otherwise i might have caused an accident. I was worried my Pina would have been injured and initially i thought i've broken my derraileur! It was still functioning and i only hoped that nothing wrong will happen during the race.
 Everybody was up and early. I just love event atmosphere:) THats why im addicted to these events! Of course, 15 minutes before the start my tummy kept on grumbling.. yup it was time! I am glad the toilet was functioning 100% and i was glad i decided to let it go hahaha otherwise it would have been really troublesome riding with letting go feeling all the way.. hahaha

 As usual, Kamal is my cycling comrade in such events. He was a bit late but luckily he managed to arrive at the starting line before the rolling start. Met up with few of my anaesthesia comrades; Dr Nordin from Mahkota Melaka and Salleh who is currently in KPJ Kajang. There were few others whom i met later after the race.Saw Elly my sister as well but at that time she was occupied by the fact that she had dropped her phone and sort of lost it.
 The rolling start started at 7:05. Rolling start means everybody will be following an escort bike and then being let go after a certain distance. For us, it was about 2.5km. This is definitely a safe way to ensure no mishaps or accidents at the start.

The route on paper was not too bad until the 30th kilometer. I started from the back but with a constant 30km/h i managed to catch up and bypassed quite a number of participants.The weather was perfect and the highway was cool as it can be.I did enjoy the start and felt quite strong, however I was cautious to not overdo it as i don't want to end up injured.
The 25km ish climb was what everybody was waiting for. The elevation wqas fair but stretched to about 2 km. It could have been painful but i enjoy climbing! Seriously! Im sure if I've conditioned my legs well than i welcome any KOM!
 Arrived comfortably within the 3 hours and of course we were delighted by the satay after the race!
I thought the organization was smooth and i did really enjoy the event. Kudos Shimano n Lekas!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Success!! OPCAB UiTM workshop :)

As a unit, (the core unit of CTC!) we are thankful for the sharing knowledge session we had with the CTS team from Sakakibara Heart Institute, Tokyo Japan yesterday. The team lead by Prof Takanashi, Dr Jun Shimizu, their scrub nurse and perfusionist were here in CTC in showing us the way they do off pump CABG. 
 I came really early in the morning, as through my previous experience of joining a workshop, i wanted to make the whole thing beneficial and not time wasting. So by 7am, i was putting my invasive lines for the patient under local anaesthesia. I wanted to really learn from them and cut off the unnecessary delay which will definitely occur! Alhamdulillah, it went Ok and patient was all ready for CABG!
 The programme started with talks by both Dr Takanashi and Shimizu on the off pump technique essentials. Though the presentation was modest, it was clear from their body language how sincere of them parting knowledge to us. Eventhough it was an in-house affair, i ensured all my anaesthetist to be there and be a part of the workshop. At least learning something from the expert.
 We proceeded with our case and certainly there were few controversies of Dr Shimizu's technique. He uses Nitrous Oxide or the laughing gas as his recipe, which is totally unheard of in Malaysia or even Australia! But his logic is fair and i do learn something different from him. Alhamdulillah the case went well and the amazing speed of how it was done!
                                               Dr Jun Shimizu, Anaesthetist Sakakibara Heart Centre
The workshop went well and things though in the beginning was not too smooth became alright. I was certainly impressed by their team dynamics and reminds me a lot of the team I have here in UiTM. It was a heart warming experience, learning from the expert on doing things. My hats off to Dr Jun Shimizu who plays the vital role in the dynamics of off pump CABG.
I guess Insha Allah, Perhaps we will be a centre which can emulate them in terms of technique. Perhaps THE OFF PUMP centre in Malaysia in the future. Insha Allah :)

UiTM Anaesthesia on the roll

2013 Anaesthesia & Intensive Care, Faculty of Medicine UiTM.

This is our first ever department picture :) From now onwards we will have a yearly picture to be hanged in the theatre or near our office. As you can see, we are a happy bunch. Insha Allah, you'll see us as happy personnels in the future.
Maju Jaya UiTM! :)

Friday, November 15, 2013

Devastating typhoon Haiyan

"FOR once it was no metaphor but the real thing—a perfect storm in terms of its sheer size, its circular symmetry and the tightness of its eye. When it hit land, in Leyte and Samar provinces in the Philippines, Typhoon Haiyan’s ferocity set records. Sustained winds were 250 kilometres (160 miles) an hour with gusts of over 300kph—like standing behind the revving engine of a jumbo jet. But it was a 5-metre (16-foot) storm surge—an intense low pressure at the storm’s centre sucking the sea level upwards—that caused the worst damage."
Typhoon haiyan really hit Tacloban hard. I was surprised at the devastation that it produced and day after day, sadness surface while watching the updated news on tv. Thousands are dead and the survivors are struggling to find their footing. Most of them lost everything and are waiting to go off from the island. The damages are devastating and hearing the newscaster saying that now, by day 5 the smell of dead bodies would emcompass the olfactory nerve.

It was not something that the world did not expect. Last week the weather forecast did forecast it to be the biggest typhoon of all time. The government knew but yet i don't know why evacuation was not in line for the people. Yes, the country is not economically wise but the safety of its people? I am quite disturbed but then again as this is the wrath of god, nobody can runaway from it ever.

I was offered to join the medical emergency team there by MERCY which i had to heavy heartedly declined. If it was not for the japanese doctors who are coming to do the workshop in UiTM, i would have agreed immediately. I've always wanted to go for there missions but somehow I never could. 

My prayers for the dead and of course the survivors. Inshaa Allah, i may be of some help to the needy soon. Alhamdulillah, such disasters are unheard of in Malaysia. If this does not make one thankful for god's grace, I don't know what will..

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Putrajaya Cycle for Diabetes

I registered for this event during the Powerman expo. It looked interesting especially when it is organized centrally by the Ministry of Health. The 40km distance is not that for to many, but it was for fun and part of my LEKAS highway preparation.I told Kamal to join and enthusiasticly he agreed.It was a must because he himself had not really train for the 70+ km event. Neither of us are looking to the DNFstatus and at least we should be able to do it within qualifying time.
My concern intially was about parking as i know how Putrajaya government buildings are not carpark friendly.I did ask in the website but it was not answered! haha I guess they became too busy with the event :p
Anyway I arrived at 6.15am and it so happened that Kamal arrived at the same time, in fact we parked our car together :) After a simple registration, we performed Subuh prayers and was ready with our bikes. Initially i was a bit worried if we were the only one on roadies as the route will bring us into the Wetlands. I was glad when i saw few roadies as i was not keen to do 30km+ with MTB on the highway.
We started off at 715am with a simple, 5,4,3,2 and GO! The crowd was a mix as most of the riders came for fun rather than to race. It was a good crowd and i thought it was just nice:) One thing that became apparent was it was not hot, the combination of the cool weather and morning breeze reminded me of Perth very much! I paced myself well not too fast but not too slow. It was good as we were off to the well organized and spaced out Putrajaya highways. 
The route was nice overlooking putrajaya in the early morning but i do realized the traffic control was not that good. The hazard of MVA was possible as at certain traffic light junctions the cars did not treat us well :( Therefore safety and being careful is very important here.
It was allright when we were on the highway but we had to be diverted to the motorcycle lane. At times, going through the tunnels were scary as it was pitch black especially the last tunnel if i am not mistaken. I could not see a thing at all!!!Towards the end the tar on the motorcycle route was hazardous to our roadbikes! I was luck i did not puncture my tyres and progressed well to end the route.
I managed to end my 40km in less then 1 hour and 30 minutes making my average at about 25-27km/h. I did not really push but i was glad that i did not feel tired or having any single twitch on my leg muscles. Kamal came soon after and my sister came in very late, during the lucky draw! We waited for it in hoping that luck was on our side but as usual, it did not happen hahaha 
I guess in promoting healthy lifestyle to avoid diabetes, Cycling should be embraced! In 2 weeks time it will be LEKAS and Insya Allah, I am all ready for that.

Friday, November 08, 2013

OPCAB Workshop in UiTM

We will be holding a unique OPCAB ( Off Pump Coronary Artery Bypass) workshop in UiTM next week In Shaa Allah.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Ayen-Meng wannabe

This is something i hope to achieve one day but perhaps to have a feel, I am joining it as a team! With my X-terra colleagues, Azad & Kamal! The Half Ironman relay! With Azad doing the 2km swim, Kamal on the 90km bike and me on the 21km run.
Of course I would like to complete the full ironman! That would be an enormous achievement for myself. I've seen many doing it, the love hate relationship with training , the urge and perseverance wow.. such a romance! Haha Insya Allah..

Sooo.. I've registered for the half in April 2014. It will be good!
Go team AzKaMaf! hahahaha (macam budak2!)

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

A huge endevour

It has been an emotional roller coaster for me this past few months. All emotions mixed into one! Gile rojak style but Alhamdulillah I am still able to maintain my sanity and not go overboard. I am thankful because I take it as a test from the Almighty and the more i am tested, the more is Almighty looking at me and figuring me out.
Interestingly, there is always a plan by him and somehow I have been triggered to endevour into something i have not done before. It can be overwhelming but this is my current project and i am preparing myself for it. I will not reveal as such but i am blogging this out to remind me of the date when I am left alone to figure things out.
Insya Allah it will be revealed when it is confirmed and i can tell you that it will be the BIGGEST adventure of my life :)

2XU 15km run report

I have not fully recovered from last week's Powerman. My thighs were still a bit tight and i am still struggling during my prayers.I'm sure the strain was due to the cycling leg which i did have bad cramps.My training run for 2xu run was disrupted as i had to be careful not to injure myself worse.

Bib collection
I collected my bib on Thursday afternoon in Gardens, Midvalley which logically is not the best day to collect. The line was long as at one time there were perhaps more than 30 participants came! Thursday was my best bet though as it was the only day i could come. I am certainly not interested to come after Jumaat prayers or Saturday in Midvalley city! A total traffic jam nightmare tu! haha 
There was a bit of confusion too as i was early and was the first person to pick up the JABRA (wireless headphones) i bought online. Nobody in the counter was aware that the collection was there. I was even asked to maybe go to another place to collect it. I became a bit agitated and when the person in charge informed me yup..i can collect it there i realizzed i was the first person to collect it! hahaha 
Race day
Woke up early as usual and had to miss the Liverpool game. Luckily i decided not too as Liverpool lost to Arsenal anyway blurrgghh... I woke up before any of the alarms and as a routine, my bowel seems to understand why i want to wake up early haha 
It was drizzling when i left home and true enough the roads were all fairly wet. Arrived at about 530am and after parking my car near Tugu Negara, i went to the event area in the parking lot of Padang Merbok. There were many enthusiasts there already, with the MC really excited trying to rev everybody up! And just before the stsrt, the downpour began! It was raining heavily.. haha Everybody cramped into the few available tents to avoid getting wet which is no point really looking at it retrospectively. 10 minutes before 6 am, the MC gave the instruction for runners of 15km to go to the starting point. It was raining and i guess the main reason why it started 10 minutes later than the planned time.
 There were lots of people running on this event! As the starting point was inclining, it was an easy way to seperate the better runners. I held to my pace and my JABRA was switched on.. perfect, honestly i did not feel it to be disturbing me at all..i can hardly feel it ans it is very stable. 
One prominent feature of this run was the hills, it was climb.. climb.. and climb again! haha For runners who really train, it must have been an interesting run to take part in. I thought the route and the hill surprise was good. By KM11, I thought that i have done well and don';t think there were any more hills to climb but i was wrong! The stretch up to the Mayor's house was the main killer. When we started climbing, those who were coming down were telling us.. another 100m..another 100m... BS!!! haha kena tipu hidup-hidup as it was 1km worth of climb and it is no joke after running on hilly trek in the last 10km! At this point, i was just doing brisk walking as i could feel the muscles on my thighs were twitching. I had to be careful as not to injure myself.
One reaching the top, it was downhill and not too bad to the finishing line. I picked up my pace and held myself to not stop on the last stretch.
THe official time came out and my net time was 1 hour and 35 minutes for 15km of such monster hills! Alhamdullah.. not too bad i guess considering my progress in runs such as this in the past few years. I wanted to wait for my sister Elly but when i called her i think she was still struggling with the hills hahaha I had to go back as Adik's reception was that afternoon and true enough soon after Elly called me back :)

I truly enjoyed this run as how I enjoyed Kiara Hills! Lung busting but definitely adrenaline pushing!

Life is about educating

One of the reason why i took a career as a lecturer is because i love to teach. Something that wifey doesn't really understand and perhaps not all will have the same desire as such. Its really more of a responsibility rather than just another choice of career.
I was priviledged to be invited again by QAS Management, who in the past i was a part with in their programme. It was a motivational talk to students who still decides to go to Egypt despite the turmoil they have there at the moment. I do try to inspire, at least for them to keep their spirit up in the midst of war and strive for excellence.
And of course for my own students in UiTM, Insya Allah i will try attend as many of their functions to show support. I do remember during my students days that the presence of teachers and lecturers were much appreciated. Its not easy to juggle with what i have for them but i guess, if i don't try who else would. Perhaps in the coming future, inviting my colleagues to attend such activities !