Tuesday, November 05, 2013

2XU 15km run report

I have not fully recovered from last week's Powerman. My thighs were still a bit tight and i am still struggling during my prayers.I'm sure the strain was due to the cycling leg which i did have bad cramps.My training run for 2xu run was disrupted as i had to be careful not to injure myself worse.

Bib collection
I collected my bib on Thursday afternoon in Gardens, Midvalley which logically is not the best day to collect. The line was long as at one time there were perhaps more than 30 participants came! Thursday was my best bet though as it was the only day i could come. I am certainly not interested to come after Jumaat prayers or Saturday in Midvalley city! A total traffic jam nightmare tu! haha 
There was a bit of confusion too as i was early and was the first person to pick up the JABRA (wireless headphones) i bought online. Nobody in the counter was aware that the collection was there. I was even asked to maybe go to another place to collect it. I became a bit agitated and when the person in charge informed me yup..i can collect it there i realizzed i was the first person to collect it! hahaha 
Race day
Woke up early as usual and had to miss the Liverpool game. Luckily i decided not too as Liverpool lost to Arsenal anyway blurrgghh... I woke up before any of the alarms and as a routine, my bowel seems to understand why i want to wake up early haha 
It was drizzling when i left home and true enough the roads were all fairly wet. Arrived at about 530am and after parking my car near Tugu Negara, i went to the event area in the parking lot of Padang Merbok. There were many enthusiasts there already, with the MC really excited trying to rev everybody up! And just before the stsrt, the downpour began! It was raining heavily.. haha Everybody cramped into the few available tents to avoid getting wet which is no point really looking at it retrospectively. 10 minutes before 6 am, the MC gave the instruction for runners of 15km to go to the starting point. It was raining and i guess the main reason why it started 10 minutes later than the planned time.
 There were lots of people running on this event! As the starting point was inclining, it was an easy way to seperate the better runners. I held to my pace and my JABRA was switched on.. perfect, honestly i did not feel it to be disturbing me at all..i can hardly feel it ans it is very stable. 
One prominent feature of this run was the hills, it was climb.. climb.. and climb again! haha For runners who really train, it must have been an interesting run to take part in. I thought the route and the hill surprise was good. By KM11, I thought that i have done well and don';t think there were any more hills to climb but i was wrong! The stretch up to the Mayor's house was the main killer. When we started climbing, those who were coming down were telling us.. another 100m..another 100m... BS!!! haha kena tipu hidup-hidup as it was 1km worth of climb and it is no joke after running on hilly trek in the last 10km! At this point, i was just doing brisk walking as i could feel the muscles on my thighs were twitching. I had to be careful as not to injure myself.
One reaching the top, it was downhill and not too bad to the finishing line. I picked up my pace and held myself to not stop on the last stretch.
THe official time came out and my net time was 1 hour and 35 minutes for 15km of such monster hills! Alhamdullah.. not too bad i guess considering my progress in runs such as this in the past few years. I wanted to wait for my sister Elly but when i called her i think she was still struggling with the hills hahaha I had to go back as Adik's reception was that afternoon and true enough soon after Elly called me back :)

I truly enjoyed this run as how I enjoyed Kiara Hills! Lung busting but definitely adrenaline pushing!

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