Sunday, November 10, 2013

Putrajaya Cycle for Diabetes

I registered for this event during the Powerman expo. It looked interesting especially when it is organized centrally by the Ministry of Health. The 40km distance is not that for to many, but it was for fun and part of my LEKAS highway preparation.I told Kamal to join and enthusiasticly he agreed.It was a must because he himself had not really train for the 70+ km event. Neither of us are looking to the DNFstatus and at least we should be able to do it within qualifying time.
My concern intially was about parking as i know how Putrajaya government buildings are not carpark friendly.I did ask in the website but it was not answered! haha I guess they became too busy with the event :p
Anyway I arrived at 6.15am and it so happened that Kamal arrived at the same time, in fact we parked our car together :) After a simple registration, we performed Subuh prayers and was ready with our bikes. Initially i was a bit worried if we were the only one on roadies as the route will bring us into the Wetlands. I was glad when i saw few roadies as i was not keen to do 30km+ with MTB on the highway.
We started off at 715am with a simple, 5,4,3,2 and GO! The crowd was a mix as most of the riders came for fun rather than to race. It was a good crowd and i thought it was just nice:) One thing that became apparent was it was not hot, the combination of the cool weather and morning breeze reminded me of Perth very much! I paced myself well not too fast but not too slow. It was good as we were off to the well organized and spaced out Putrajaya highways. 
The route was nice overlooking putrajaya in the early morning but i do realized the traffic control was not that good. The hazard of MVA was possible as at certain traffic light junctions the cars did not treat us well :( Therefore safety and being careful is very important here.
It was allright when we were on the highway but we had to be diverted to the motorcycle lane. At times, going through the tunnels were scary as it was pitch black especially the last tunnel if i am not mistaken. I could not see a thing at all!!!Towards the end the tar on the motorcycle route was hazardous to our roadbikes! I was luck i did not puncture my tyres and progressed well to end the route.
I managed to end my 40km in less then 1 hour and 30 minutes making my average at about 25-27km/h. I did not really push but i was glad that i did not feel tired or having any single twitch on my leg muscles. Kamal came soon after and my sister came in very late, during the lucky draw! We waited for it in hoping that luck was on our side but as usual, it did not happen hahaha 
I guess in promoting healthy lifestyle to avoid diabetes, Cycling should be embraced! In 2 weeks time it will be LEKAS and Insya Allah, I am all ready for that.

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