Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Alfatihah #pray4MH370

After 17 days of mystery, hope and theorems; DS Najib announced to the world the current conclusion on the fate of MH370. With the current data and information, he broke the bad news to the world. 
It has been the most emotional roller coaster for the past 2.5 weeks. Speculations and speculations became the talking point amongst Malaysians if not the world. Everybody was intrigued with the mysterious dissapearance because it can sound illogical for the big steel bird to disappear without a trace. It was a new experience for us as Malaysians and definitely the power in being to handle such an emotional tragedy.
Somehow the PM's announcement would bring some sort of closure or should i say, the beginning of the coping mechanism process. The agony of hoping for the best outcome is unbearable and having to wait for morethan 2 weeks to have some sort of concrete idea what had happened. I don't blame the Beijing families to throw tantrums and run amok with the limited information which was provided. It is very volatile and a bit of provocation does make things worse.
It is of no surprise for the foreign media to not acknowledge our efforts to handle this issue. It is so easy to fall into the trap of scrutinizing and being ashamed of your own kind to the world. Social media can be a bad thing as everybody is entitled to their opinion and to be made known all over world! C'mon guys.. a bit of jatidiri is the key here. We have to accept who we are and rather than bring them down to find ways or show how it is done to our next generation.
This is just the beginning as I am sure there are a lot of questions that need answers. MH370.

Sunday, March 09, 2014


The last 24 hours has been an unfinished nightmare to the family members. The uncertainty of what has happened to those on board the aircraft is certainly playing their emotions. It is indeed something MAS and Malaysia had never experience and coping with this issue is certainly not our cup of tea.
The whole world is watching us. I myself became distraught after learning about the incident yesterday during NYSORA Asia. I could not believe it myself earlier as the wildfire on the social media can be misleading most of the time.
We are all still hoping for that small light of hope. Being a keen aircraft crash investigation tv series, i know their chances are slim based on previous tragedies. I am keen to know as well what actually happened when we lost contact with the captain.
The mood is sombre all over. I am waiting patiently in front of the TV for updates; whichever way it goes. I am sure most of our countrymen are feeling the same way. Flicking through Awani, Bernama and CCTV once in a while and the mood to do anything else can be inhibited.
I am appalled by certain quarters on the social media who had made lots of speculations and fitnahs on what has happened. Nobody is confirming anything and i guess let the people in charge do what they are supposed to do. This is an international issue and why it happened can range in various possible reasons.
Lets pray that whatever the outcome, it is for the best and my empathy to all their loved ones who are waiting.. anxiously for anything.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

MERCY MALAYSIA Humanitarian run #myMERCYrun

I decided to join the MERCY run because i just had to! Somehow, I do feel a connection with MERCY MALAYSIA and as much as i can, i will support whatever their activities. Of course, the missions will be my first objective but i know, i can't just go whenever I want.. haha
The distance was just 7km and as a charity run, don't think a lot of people will turn up to enjoy it. I arrived quite early and even from then, you know this run is happening. Music was blasted and the atmosphere was electrifying. I wished there were more people and I'm sure the popularity wil pick up from year to year. 
Thank you again for the person who donated his/her 20sens so that i was able to enter the toilet to fulfill my destiny 10 minutes before the start.. hahaha That was really funny!
Kudos MERCY and hope to join this run again next year!

A new hope.. and brighter future?

March 2014; it has been a year since coming back from Perth. A lot has happened, milestones achieved and battles endevoured.
Today we are up to our number 43rd open heart case. Who would have thought we have reached this stage at the moment. I am really proud of the whole CTS team; surgeons, fellow anaesthetists, perfusionists, nurses, my techs as well as the PPK. We have all worked hard to ensure the best of treatment and care for our unfortunate patients.
Being where we are now as how in any other field, its difficult to run away from office politics, little Napoleons and jealousy. I guess it is more obvious here in Malaysia and more subtle in western countries. It is so easy to fall into the trap of pulling down somebody else either directly or by other means. I pray to Allah to ensure whatever i do in my everyday job to be sincere. 
As much as I refuse to be specific about incidents or "name & shame" a particular person in my blog, it is difficult not to mention in my everyday conversation. I do learn how people will not change with time or circumstances and whatever tyranny which was legendary will remain wherever one goes. Its unimaginable to see how childish and desperate an old man can be in order to sustain his ego. I pray to god to not make me to be one of them as i yearn for barakah not just for me but for the rest of my generation.
With the current change of regime in my medical centre, i can only see a better future and hope. I am sure the dynamism showed in the last 6 months will be consistent in its momentum.A better leadership would definitely ensure better productivity.
So to our future Heart & Lung Centre.. Yezzaaaa... 

P/S Options are beginning to cross my mind and email drop ins.. Hmmmmm.. which future ? :)