Sunday, March 09, 2014


The last 24 hours has been an unfinished nightmare to the family members. The uncertainty of what has happened to those on board the aircraft is certainly playing their emotions. It is indeed something MAS and Malaysia had never experience and coping with this issue is certainly not our cup of tea.
The whole world is watching us. I myself became distraught after learning about the incident yesterday during NYSORA Asia. I could not believe it myself earlier as the wildfire on the social media can be misleading most of the time.
We are all still hoping for that small light of hope. Being a keen aircraft crash investigation tv series, i know their chances are slim based on previous tragedies. I am keen to know as well what actually happened when we lost contact with the captain.
The mood is sombre all over. I am waiting patiently in front of the TV for updates; whichever way it goes. I am sure most of our countrymen are feeling the same way. Flicking through Awani, Bernama and CCTV once in a while and the mood to do anything else can be inhibited.
I am appalled by certain quarters on the social media who had made lots of speculations and fitnahs on what has happened. Nobody is confirming anything and i guess let the people in charge do what they are supposed to do. This is an international issue and why it happened can range in various possible reasons.
Lets pray that whatever the outcome, it is for the best and my empathy to all their loved ones who are waiting.. anxiously for anything.

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