Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Merdeka Blues

Yup... 31 August 2004
Still in the excited mood to write this bloggss.. haks..lepas ni nanti sekali sekala lah ade entry.. bila buat macam ni kan , teringat cerita Doogie Howser. kan , he'll write the happenings of his life in his comp journal..

I'm off today.. not on-call.. therefore had been on the bed for the whole day..
heks.. giller malas..
the paradox is i will be taking my MRCPCH PArt 1 exams next wednesday..
and what am i doing today ? not studying.. perrggh..
memang gile ah.. dunno why i made the decision to take the exams during housemanship..
maybe i felt that i am suppose to fast forward myself as i am definitely 2-3 years back to my old colleagues..
I feel like i wanna catch on them.. tu la pasal.. i am 27 now.. and still just at the tip of my housejob.. tak lama lagi baru je nak jadi MO. Tengok my wife , she's now doing Masters and in 4 years time insya-allah , she's a Specialist.. hmm.. where will i be then ?

Anyway , while i;m still in the mood might as well just key in my thoughts for the day..

Still not out of the euphoria and adrenaline rush from the talk i gave in Kolej Matrikulasi Johor on Saturday.. never thought that i was able to catch their attention for 2 hours.. well , i suppose i have the charisma in me.. hmm.. have to strategize to realize this potential..

Ok.. i think thats all for today.. need to take my shower and pray.. pray to PASS MY EXAMS !!!! haks..


a'kum.. if anybody is reading my blog.. haks..
its 2.50 am now and i am not yet asleep..
gila ape.. mentang2 esok tak on call.. saja jer jaga lambat..
have to get my priorities right yeah.. having my exams next week..
God.. part 1 MRCPCH .. dunno whether i am fully ready..

Anyway , received my MO posting letter..
it seems that i will be in HKL.. most likely will be posted to the medical department..
hmmm..but somehow , i will try to puch for anaesthesia rotation..
seems to be more of my liking for good experience..

MY surgical rotation is crap.. dont think i learn much ere..
especially because it it UPM ward..
dont get to do any appendicectomies yet..
will try to ask for one soon.. must do it..
otherwiae , it will be a useless posting..
and the number of colleagues are getting less..
Mai cant be on call anymore coz she's nearing term..

Anyway , will be waiting to watch my dad on tv tmrw..
MPOB MERDEKA contingent.. haks.. lawak laks..

Friday, August 27, 2004

hello.. the start


dunno what to write actually..
anyway.. am new to this...
haks.. cakap sorang2 ah... ok kewl.. ni test run eih..