Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rottness Island short trip

I did not plan this earlier, but intuition made its way and there I was, on my off day to Rottness. I've heard people talking about it on how its a must but until you've been there.. you'd realize why you just have to visit it at least once while you're in Perth.
 Its an easy start from Barracks Street Jetty and at 0830, I was off on the 1.5 hours trip. The cruise along Swan River was very enjoyable as we had a good commentator who gave lots of info regarding the history of Swan River and its surroundings.After a short stop in North Port Fremantle, we were off to Rottnest and I was lucky i managed not to vomit during the trip! hahaha the wind was hard and of course that made the sea rough.
 What is really cool about Rottnest is the lack of modern vehicles.. ie cars in the Island. They do try as much as possible to limit motorized vehicles. The best mode of transportation on this island is bicycle and that was what i did. Did not bring Mizz Pina nor Meriam because of my fear of losing them! hahaha I rented the bike off Rottnest express which had crap bicycles, but it was good enough to move around in the island.
I certainly enjoyed my day.. it was sunny breezy and the temperature was just nice to be on that Island ! Wow.. best giller.. hahahaha

HBf Run for a reason

 If it was not for Elystan (my colleague) asking for a change in shifts, I would not have experienced it. Thank you Elystan! Immediately after i swapped shifts suddenly i saw the advert on tv regarding this run. And of course, as i'[ve not joined a running event for more than a year, it is something that I should not miss in this short stint in Perth.
I registered for the 14k event as it was the longest route.My training was sparse but the frequent biking I did certainly did the trick. Managed to maintain my speed for an hour and at least 10km consistently and coming to that Sunday, I was prepared to try my best.
 The beauty of staying in the city is it would not take much effort for me to be at the starting grid.There was a free bus service to the starting point and staying in an apartment where the Yellow CAT bus stop is at your doorstep, it was effortless!
The event started at 8am and I was there by 730. Thousands of people was there and the atmosphere was certainly electrifying. Apparently there was more than 20K runners in WACA. I was excited and eventhough it was a cold morning, it was certainly an event I've been waiting for!

 The flag off was excellent and organized well. I was in the A group; claiming to be one of the ones who can finish the race in 75min. Honestly, I mistakenly registered to be in this starting group because I've not even done a 10km less than an hour for quite some time! But then, i guess.. just follow the flow and belasah je! hahahaha
The route was nice, the water support was for every 4km and the atmosphere was wonderful. There were pom poms and cheerleaders encouraging us and of course i was elated! I managed to maintain my speed and not feeling tired or exhausted. It was the earlier part of the race when i was trying to find my own pace mixed about by the group.
I was really happy when I was at the 10km mark, my time was definitely the best I've done ever I reckon! I controlled my emotions and tried not to over do it and Alhamdulillah.. crossed the line in 77 minutes! Not bad for a 14km run after a long hiatus!

It was just great to be in WACA that morning and I'm glad i took the effort to do so. Really cool event and congrats West Australian!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Its Winter..and its Rejab

 Its coming to the end of May.. and today is the first day of winter. The weather has changed from gloomy cloudy raining spells to really sunny day with low temperature. According to the locals, this is the best weather condition anybody could ask for. I guess the word for that is Syukur :) Its definitely colder as the apartment is getting colder earlier. I am not that keen to use the air conditioner - reverse cycle mode la takkan air con pulak hahah.. I am not keen because i do wanna save on my electricity. Its the design of my warehouse apartment which would not trap heat but maintain the lowest temperature it can get. The cold nights do remind me of my days back in Shrewsbury and especially Manchester.. studying with the duvet on me.. hahaha
It'll be June and then July.. hmm.. whats next? I will not really reveal as yet what is next after my initial contract expires.I am thankful that I am given the chance to work and be here.. a thought I would not have ever imagined ever. Its definitely rezeki and Allah is showing me something..

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What I like..

I'm sure one day I'll be known as the person who loves to snap pics this way!

Mothers Day do for MAWA 13 May 2012

 Being part of the DJ team of Radio Melayu, we were given the responsibility to host the inaugural Mother's Day celebration for the Malays in Perth. It was more of a seasonal gathering by the Malay community and as a fund raising event for Radio Melayu to be on air every Saturday night. Hilman, Izhar and me were the main host and it was something that we took seriously! We had 2 discussion sessions to ensure that we don't end up like 3 stooges in front of everybody!
 The event was held in Makan-makan bistro, Northbridge and the attendance was full house! I was jittery to start off with but we managed to get the ball rolling! We had Ajek Hassan as our guest artist - the famous internet sensation with hundreds of acoustic cover versions. He is the man!
 We did have few competitions which was interesting and I was forced to do the roti canai thingy which I had no clue to do! hahaha it was hillarious! We had few participants trying their best to teh tarik and most of them managed to wet the floor really bad! haha

It was a successful event and i really do hope to be involved in the future. Its an interesting alternative job that I am doing- mana tau jadi cam Aznil ke.. hahaha he started MCing when he was at this age !

ALS-OT Simulation workshop - ANZCA ASM workshop 2012

    A number of my friends enquired, why do i look like I'm having a lot of fun here in Perth? What is so special about Perth? Am i working or on holiday? hahaha macam-macam betul la!

My answer to them is, its never the place nor condition. Its how you want it to be.Its that thing i learnt going through a number of camps and leadership thingys when i was younger; to make the best out of the situation.. no regrets!
 I was lucky because being involved with RPH Simulation team I was invited to be part of the ANZCA ( Aussie-NZ College of Anaesthetist) Simulation workshop faculty. It was something that i would not miss it for anything! This the the first time in more than 8 years that Perth became the host and for me to be at the right time and right place.Alhamdulillah.

It was an opportunity seized as I was given the task to be a part of the ALSi ( a special app for ALS education) team. It was fun working with Joe, a consultant from Joondalup and Mike; the brain behind ALS.It was cool to be a part of Simulation 2 where we concentrated on the charging on compression technique as per suggested by the 2010 guidelines.

 We had a team of senior consultants doing this- updating their knowledge and I am really keen to see even at their stage of career, they do come and participate without being embarrassed.I guess this is one of the feature where we asians lack- we have our ego! Its cool to see them actively in the discussion afterwards and I am certainly glad to be involved.
Thank you everybody for a wonderful experience!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Alternative career

 Haha officially I'm a 6EBA World Radio 95.3 fm presenter! Well if it is not for the senior Radio Melayu DJs i would not have made the stint official!Thank you Cik Kama for inviting me to join the group earlier this year and i've embraced the job to the best of my liking; especially on weekends when I'm not working.

Of course, Aaron Aziz had to be in the conti when I was back home! haiiyaaa.. Well, if Maya Karin turns up in Perth I'm sure to be there to interview! haha

A long gap.. with a good reason

Its 13th of May today.. and my, my.. this is my longest gap in between postings since I've been in Perth. However, in this new age of facebook and twitter, blogging has gone out of fashion. I do wonder if there are still people reading my blog? haha but then again, blogging is not about me looking for your approval but my own "diary" of things that i do, what i feel, my achievements and perhaps one day an archive of sort.

I went back home about a month ago, yup after a 7 month hiatus from the soils of Malaya. It was definitely good to be back home; i do realize how much I love Malaysia seriously! I spent most of my time then at home, just being at home was great.. at least to me. Seeing the antiques of my youngest Dzarief. He is certainly a character of his own and perhaps molded in this initially stage by the maid. I am sure he was confused with my presence initially but then kids are kids.. they'll just get used to it and so easy for them to forgive and forget.

I was honored to be given the opportunity to run a workshop and give a talk during the MSA AGM in Kuantan. I am thankful for the opportunity as I guess at my current stage of career, it is such a proud moment to be shoulder by shoulder with your Professors and senior respected anaesthetists. Of course, before i started my talk - I had the jitters to perform well! hahaha gila takut seehhh... It was with this opportunity i took the family to Kuantan as well. Eventhough its free and may not viewed to be a sincere trip, but as rezeki to me Alhamdulillah!

                                                                Workshop with Julina

                                                                     SIGRA 2011/12

One thing i realized after this trip back home, I do feel missing my kids. And at this stage where they are growing up, I'm missing bits and pieces of their development. It is temporary i know but it is so precious.

I guess that is why people say their children is their will of life or the reason why they go on. I do understand that connotation now and may Allah grant me the strength and ability to guide them to their destiny.