Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Its Winter..and its Rejab

 Its coming to the end of May.. and today is the first day of winter. The weather has changed from gloomy cloudy raining spells to really sunny day with low temperature. According to the locals, this is the best weather condition anybody could ask for. I guess the word for that is Syukur :) Its definitely colder as the apartment is getting colder earlier. I am not that keen to use the air conditioner - reverse cycle mode la takkan air con pulak hahah.. I am not keen because i do wanna save on my electricity. Its the design of my warehouse apartment which would not trap heat but maintain the lowest temperature it can get. The cold nights do remind me of my days back in Shrewsbury and especially Manchester.. studying with the duvet on me.. hahaha
It'll be June and then July.. hmm.. whats next? I will not really reveal as yet what is next after my initial contract expires.I am thankful that I am given the chance to work and be here.. a thought I would not have ever imagined ever. Its definitely rezeki and Allah is showing me something..

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Syafiq Afifi said...

yeay! more adventures to come!! weeeeheeeee