Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rottness Island short trip

I did not plan this earlier, but intuition made its way and there I was, on my off day to Rottness. I've heard people talking about it on how its a must but until you've been there.. you'd realize why you just have to visit it at least once while you're in Perth.
 Its an easy start from Barracks Street Jetty and at 0830, I was off on the 1.5 hours trip. The cruise along Swan River was very enjoyable as we had a good commentator who gave lots of info regarding the history of Swan River and its surroundings.After a short stop in North Port Fremantle, we were off to Rottnest and I was lucky i managed not to vomit during the trip! hahaha the wind was hard and of course that made the sea rough.
 What is really cool about Rottnest is the lack of modern vehicles.. ie cars in the Island. They do try as much as possible to limit motorized vehicles. The best mode of transportation on this island is bicycle and that was what i did. Did not bring Mizz Pina nor Meriam because of my fear of losing them! hahaha I rented the bike off Rottnest express which had crap bicycles, but it was good enough to move around in the island.
I certainly enjoyed my day.. it was sunny breezy and the temperature was just nice to be on that Island ! Wow.. best giller.. hahahaha

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