Thursday, May 31, 2012

HBf Run for a reason

 If it was not for Elystan (my colleague) asking for a change in shifts, I would not have experienced it. Thank you Elystan! Immediately after i swapped shifts suddenly i saw the advert on tv regarding this run. And of course, as i'[ve not joined a running event for more than a year, it is something that I should not miss in this short stint in Perth.
I registered for the 14k event as it was the longest route.My training was sparse but the frequent biking I did certainly did the trick. Managed to maintain my speed for an hour and at least 10km consistently and coming to that Sunday, I was prepared to try my best.
 The beauty of staying in the city is it would not take much effort for me to be at the starting grid.There was a free bus service to the starting point and staying in an apartment where the Yellow CAT bus stop is at your doorstep, it was effortless!
The event started at 8am and I was there by 730. Thousands of people was there and the atmosphere was certainly electrifying. Apparently there was more than 20K runners in WACA. I was excited and eventhough it was a cold morning, it was certainly an event I've been waiting for!

 The flag off was excellent and organized well. I was in the A group; claiming to be one of the ones who can finish the race in 75min. Honestly, I mistakenly registered to be in this starting group because I've not even done a 10km less than an hour for quite some time! But then, i guess.. just follow the flow and belasah je! hahahaha
The route was nice, the water support was for every 4km and the atmosphere was wonderful. There were pom poms and cheerleaders encouraging us and of course i was elated! I managed to maintain my speed and not feeling tired or exhausted. It was the earlier part of the race when i was trying to find my own pace mixed about by the group.
I was really happy when I was at the 10km mark, my time was definitely the best I've done ever I reckon! I controlled my emotions and tried not to over do it and Alhamdulillah.. crossed the line in 77 minutes! Not bad for a 14km run after a long hiatus!

It was just great to be in WACA that morning and I'm glad i took the effort to do so. Really cool event and congrats West Australian!

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