Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The clock is yours

Alhamdulillah, my journey so far has been blessed. The time has come again for me to make another turn in my life. Honestly, i am settled. There is no reason for me to go anywhere. However, opportunity made its presence and as I am about to embark the next stage of my life (being 40), i have to take the challenge.. again! 
Sometimes i ponder, adakah aku ini hambamu yang tidak bersyukur? But then again i am aware that if we have something to offer, then we should go all the way to fulfill that. Moving to a new place is a definitely significant life event. A lot of adjustments need to be done. Not just for me, most importantly the kids and their future. So far Alhamdulillah, it looks promising.
What does my future hold? insha Allah, usaha tetap usaha. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Arrows CVC in Hosp ATM Tuanku Mizan

CVC Arrows team was back in Asia. However it was only Jim in this trip as Amy was sick and could not make it. The plan was to be in Malaysia for a day, then to Brunei for two days and later on to Thailand for three days! 
Honestly i really wanted to go but it was not possible due to my commitments. Besides that it was just last weekend i was away in Jakarta. Therefore it was not possible for me to be off on the next weekend.
 This was a special course as it was designed specifically for the ATM officers. We had a variation of medical officers who came as far as Kuching to join this workshop. It was my first time in Tuanku Mizan hospital and i am impressed for what they have built it for. 
This time around (unlike in Selayang) I was more prepared especially after the India experience. I thought the team did a good job and i must congratulate the Shmidt Malaysia team who worked hard to make this happen beautifully. Credit to Brig Gen Dato' Dr Suhaimi who made it happen and giving me the opportunity to be in this workshop. The participants were all very enthusiastic and certainly hungry for such opportunity. I am happy to see the amongst the army doctors as i know that their enthusiasm showed their commitment to their job. 
I certainly do look forward for CVC Arrows next programme.

The legacy you left behind

I was in UiTM the other day. The Japanese team that came before were in Malaysia again to do their surgery here in Malaysia. They still remembered me when they saw me! haha
 Its nice to see the thing you left is now greater than what it was before. The cardiothoracic anaesthesia team has gone from strength to strength. I was smiling ear to ear as i step into the OT. It brought a lot of memories back to when we first started. The struggle, the fight and the perseverance of few. I may not be that strong to still be with the team but it is a good feeling to see what it is now. Simply superb. 
All the best team! I do wish we could all work together again. But as usual, I have something up my sleeves...