Saturday, December 31, 2005

Pimp my ride .. Malaysia..

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We officially parted with the ever so loyal Satria 1.3 last thursday. It was actually my first property which i bought immediately after returning to Malaysia. Abang Fathul needed the car fast so that the dealer can settle it before the new year. I am not expecting much from the car as it is not in the most tip top condition . Macam kerete buruk jugak ah.. hehehe

Functionally its one of the most reliable car one can ever have. Since 1999 , i cannot remember having any major revamp with the car. Of course , sometimes the battery decides to die on unexpected grounds , otherwise maintaining the car was pocket-friendly !! It brings so many memories as i've gone around the country with the car. It has the capability to sustain stress on a fast 2.5 hours trip to Batu pahat !! haks.. and i suppose Mal will remember how we drove in an hour to Segamat !! heks.. macam tak percaya kan what this car can do. And of course , when i initially had this car ; the four of us. Azad , Fiqar and Mal.. with a total weight of about 300kg , climbing Genting Highlands !! haks.. i can still remember the agony my little Satria had to endure during that ride.. heekkss..

I am still waiting for my new car.. but in the mean time ; i'm driving a JUARA !! haks.. the ultimate PROTON MPV.. HAHAHAHAHA.. Abang Fathul told me to use the car in the mean time while waiting for my new ride.. heks.. I had never imagine i would driving a JUARA !! Kewl woit.. jom ah gi picnic new year !!!

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Thursday, December 29, 2005


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I'm still adapting to my new environment... At home and at work. Life is definitely different now with Dzaeffran's presence. Everything somehow revolves around him. Any decision made will be at his perusal and not ours. Interesting eih how this little parasite function..hehehe.. but of course , i am not complaining .Its just that fatherhood is so much different from what you expect.And talking about expenditure.. mak ai.. i think this month i am spending a lot.. for the baby , and for the house. Brought few new gadgets for the kitchen and a big toy for me.. heks..

When god grants your wish , god will always throw you everything at the same time. One has to intelligently juggle the opportunities . Currently , i am enjoying myself in Selayang. It is definitely smaller , with about 25 MOs compared to 65++ in HKL !! Our unit is much smaller because of the total hospital bed. The hospital's infrastructure is definitely state of the art. Macam private !!! I remembered when i stepped into the hospital; i was so amazed with its interior. And the other day , when i visited it's First Class ward. GILEE LAWA>. 10 times better than HKL. Macam hotel !! haks...

And i can tell you first hand that the paperless concept in Selayang Hospital is bull!! haks.. the computers are slow , the software is outdated and surprisingly , for anaesthesia i'm doing double charting compared to my time in HKL. True , it is easier to trace the investigations from the lab but i find it quite inconvenient at times especially when you want to do things fast.

My first day in OT , i was like .. alamak.. machine apa ni ? They are using the Drager machine - either Julian / KAto. Fully digitalised.. heks.. i was looking for the flowmeter bobbin but could not find it !! asked my consultant and he switched on the machine.. haks.. digital meter wa cakap lu.. hehehehe.. It took me quite sometime to pick up how to bag a patient using this machine.. and honestly , i'm not fully too sure as some mishaps did happen this past few days during my list because of the machine.. heks.. I'm on call tomorrow so hopefully everything will be ok .. heks..

Wifey left the digicam in mak's place so i am not able to downloas any new pics. Nantila on Saturday ; the pic of the family with my old Satria.. ( dah jual dah.. sedih pulak... )

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Macam menteri..

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Haks.. ok lar.. the weekend was filled with Dzaeffran's aqiqah. Tak habis penat tu.. as the sunday was dedicated to clearing the mess at mak's place. Though my contribution may not be that great , but i suppose the travelling i did on previous days certainly weared me off that sunday.

Monday : reported myself to Anaes department in Selayang. haks.. ni nanti nak kena dedicate one blog about my anaes experience so far there !! A bit rush"ie" day as i was settling with Abang fathul regarding my new car.. heheheks.. jeng jeng.. surprise..surprise.. Wifey started work as well today so both of us were concerned about Dzeffran's wholeday trial on bottle feed..

Tuesday : started working in a new environment and i was able to travel to my locum clinic that evening. Ok lar working hours !!

Wednesday : tagging first call. ok lar jugak not that bad. That evening me and wifey had to move to taman tun as mak would not be around on thursday. Banyak betul barang !!! Mama and gang promised to keep dzeffran on thursday.

Thursday : tagged maternity till about 10pm. But i reckon i was tagging Imran ( who was doing ICu call that night ) more !! Anyway , till about 10pm i only had 2 LSCS which was definitely a BIG CONTRAST from maternity in HKL !!!

Friday : breather..

today : PINDAH BALIK SS2 !! haks.. we're back home !! Woohoo !!!

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The event

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Wow.. time certainly swept very fast. Tup tap tup tap.. It had been more than a week since i last blogged. This whole week was so hectic that i could not find time to do anything else.. just the routine go to work early in the morning and back at night..tired and to the bed !! haks.. i suppose nobody was able to get to me last week.. sorry kawan-kawanku..

It all started last thursday ; when i had to go to Rompin , Pahang for our faculty retreat.I had to go because i am in the organizing committee. Thought that i could make a fast return trip but i was wrong. JAUH SIUT... I lenjan "ed" mak's PERDANA and arrived in 3 hours using the old KualaPilah - Muadzam Shah way. My advice is , PLEASE start your journey early during the day because once its dark , GELAP ooohhhhh.. all the way.. SCARY..

And the next night , i was back to KL. Followed the conventional Kuantan - KL highway that took me 4 hours to arrive in KL. Letih oo.. by the time i was back in KL , everything was ready for Dzaeffran's aqiqah. Certainly NO WAY for me to drive back to Rompin again !!

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It was kewl.. Marhaban , tahlil and potong jambul started on time at 10am. The crowd was encouraging as i did not expect the turnout to be as such eventhough it was said to be women's event.It went on smoothly and of course i was the official photographer for the event !! Dzaeffran certainly behaved well by sleeping throughout the ceremony !! heks.. Fiqar's mum led the group and her rendition was lovely. It was flattering to have her to do Dzaeffran's tahnik.. a cultural ceremony in welcoming the baby to the world. Thank you auntie Sham !!

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The turnout was good as most of haniza's and my relatives came. Of course , the kamcheng fellows who's around and ever so willingly attended the event. Thanks guys. Appreciated your presence !! The food was good too as i had my tummy filled again..and again..and again.. heks.. throughout the day.Though it was scheduled to end at about 3pm , we had to entertain guests who came late . They had prior engagement but still wanted to pay us a visit for Dzaeffran. Thank you to them as well for the courtesy. It officially ended at about 9pm.. and only then we were only able to do a bit of clean up . It was minimal though as we were all too tired !!

Thank you again to all who attended the memorable event.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I month now..

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Baby Dzaeffran will be 1 month old tomorrow. I can't believe it myself how time flies. Dzaeffran is steadily growing and it is very fulfilling to see him grow everyday ; achieving age milestones gradually.

At the same time , it'll become scarier next week when wifey resumes work. Luckily my mother in law will be around but only till end of this month .She will be going for haj then. baby Dzaeffran will be left to wifey and me to take care. Gulp.. Well , it will be that way sooner or later. Me and wifey seeing Dzaeffran grow. Its just that being working parents ; will that effect his upbringing ? haks.. I'm having the parenting paranoia now !! I guess , i was brought up with both my parents busy working ; so insya Allah Dzaeffran will survive.

I had palpitations on Monday after receiving a phone call from UM's anaes department. They called me for an interview on the 5th of January. hmmmm... I have to do a bit of studying from now on !! I was so surprised just now when Dr Ng ( my former boss ) gave me a courtesy call regarding tips for the interview !! I really do appreciate it.. thank you boss. Will have to pray hard for me to start the training in June next year.

I'll be going to Rompin tomorrow for the faculty's retreat. The place looks interesting but its a shame that wifey could not follow me. Anyway , i have to come back on Saturday for Dzaeffran's marhaban and aqiqah !! haks.. Mak is very keen to do the aqiqah .. It'll be Dzaeffran's first social event of his life.. :)

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

The new light

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I just love taking Dzaeffran's pics !! Being in the digital era certainly make things easier. It doesn't matter how much you've snapped ; you can always edit them. I have 400 pics already in my storage !! haks.. gile banyak. The other day we printed about half of his pics as well as the previous raya snapshots. Fuiiyoo.. it was a fortune but it was worth it !!

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My daily routine..

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Friday, December 09, 2005

A different entry

Surprisingly , our national papers yesterday looked like tabloids ! I was amazed to see Erra Fazira's marriage break-up story with her husband , Yusry became front page news !! The coming ASEAN summit and Pengkalan Pasir's aftermath certainly took a step back. haks.. I suppose all the tourists who read our papers yesterday would be wondering who these personalities are ? sounds royalty but i am afraid they will be dissapointed !!

Honestly , i would not blame Utusan or Berita Harian for having entertainers as their main agenda. Its all about marketing and surviving. Somehow , our mainstream society loves entertainment and artists' gossips. We love to read about their lives , their achievements and having them as idols. Hey.. even i myself wouldthe tend to switch to MELODI on TV3 every Sunday afternoon to hear about the malay entertainment gossips !! ( korang pun jangan kelentong aa tak tengok !!)

It is quite disturbing from my experience going to the rural and sub urban areas , especially in FELDA settlements ; how Malay artists are idolised to the max ! I am pretty sure the negative influences by these personalities contributed to the exponential increase of , and declining moral values among them. Seriously .. URTV , Media Hiburan , HAI to name a few seems to be the school goers and youth's MAIN reading material. This has been an ongoing trend for decades and ASTRO was really smart to gain from this ; they really know how to manipulate the malays .Now you can find ASTRO everywhere in kampungs ; mainly because of AKADEMI FANTASIA and MAWI fever which shocked the nation few months back ! Simply amazing isn't it..

It is quite sad to see how the Malay newspapers are going from bad to worse in picking up new readers ; and plunging in sales every year. UTUSAN MELAYU / ZAMAN ( the only JAWI newspaper ) is currently published only during wekeends. It is quite unfortunate to see this national heritage maybe extinct in the near future as only old timers would read them !! No more young ones reading Jawi newspaper which i think is a shame .I don't know what went wrong but the rot is done. Its quite sad to see how these simple things are taken for granted .Only when they are gone will we be inclined to ponder and grieve for what may not be returned to us.

I doubt that the poor performance of malay chronicles is due to readers switching to English papers . "THATS MEAN" is still alive and well in our society !! Its just that the direction is towards entertainment and not knowledge. To make things worse recently , the smokers who make the big bulk of malay newspaper readers decided to forgo the habit in their daily routine in coffee shops after the latest increase in cigaratte tax . They would prefer to save their money to buy the expensive cigarettes rather than investing on newspapers !!!

These are issues where our current leaders should revisit and seriously attend. I reckon it was identified from " MALAY DILEMNA" to "REVOLUSI MENTAL" and the latest catchphrase of "TOWERING MALAYS" " MALAY GLOKAL" ; but the outcome has been the same if not worse since. Other countries maybe suffering from the same issues but i reckon in Malaysia it is of a different agenda. There are so many things at stake and that is why the malay minds should be standardized and clear of its direction. It's the MELEPASKAN BATUK DI TANGGA attitude at all levels which frustrates me at times. Be serious la woi !! heks...

We cannot change our people overnight ; but at the same time it is quite impossible to alter the embedded mindset since hmm.. like forever ?? We;ve tried to do this for decades but the results are not as how the potential was. I reckon we should change our strategy from total change into synergizing. Lets look at it as our strength and lets look how we can turn this negativity into something positive. ( nope..not talking about CERN neutron splitting project !!! ) How we can make the tendency of our society towards entertainment into something that generates knowledge ( jadik K-society la.. ) .

Interesting eih ? Social restructuring and reengineering of the current Malay mindset to be the GEMILANG , CEMERLANG & TERBILANG in the REAL sense. Big project nih... Lets do it again.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Dodgy-dodgy Kelantan

23 vs 22..

Well , a very tight situation in Kelantan. The "CATCH 22" phrase would be so relevant here !!! heks..

After hearing the news last night that the recount would be done today morning ; i figured that there was no way PAS could win back the seat . It is definitely a triumphant moment for Barisan to garner the traditionally stronghold area of PAS for donkey years. Seeing the way they campaigned made me bet that there was no way for them to loose. Everybody will try to take the credit for the win and its messy for Barisan as well.Its a very iffy situation as i can see that something may happen soon.

I believe that negotiations are taking place now... and loyalty will be tested. The lure an temptation of money over your obedience to party struggles. BArisan would definitely tempt people to cross over as the current PAS led government is very very dodgy. The majority is too slim.. "kate-moss" -like.. heks.. and i suppose the rumour is out that Kelantan will dissolve their assembly and announce a state election .

One lesson Kelantanese should learn is not to take things emotionally . The 1978 emergency was declared because of the commotion hence losing the state for more than 10 years to BArisan reign. Kelantanese are a passionate lot as how Ibrahim Ali demonstrated in the past 2 by elections .

So stay kewls bros... and i am watching the situation very closely..

P/S in the midst of taking care baby Dzaeffran.. showing his temperaments.. heks.. like son..

Anatomy class

I've done nothing much since joining UiTM for the past 1 week. I've attended several meetings which somehow because i'm the new person there ; so i have to sort out things unsettled. Haks.. Apa ler.. i can't imagine handling 2 jobs at once ; ie being a clinician and academician at the same time. I figured that because the faculty is still in its cradle years ; we're now busy remodelling and refining the syllabus.

Anyway , next week will be a marathon of courses for me. The first being a 3 days PBL ( Problem based learning ) course organized by Melbourne Univ. I was from a PBL based univ therefore i have some idea of how PBL is done. Having this certificate will certainly make me "qualified" to talk about PBL in the future. heks.. Apparently , UiTM bought few PBL packages from Melbourne U costing a fortune. hmmm.. never thought that they can make money out of this system.

Then over the weekend , i will have to go to Rompin in some remote resort there. Dato' JJ is coming as well ; i suppose no wonder it is held in Rompin !! and because i am a trainee ; i've been roped into the organizing committee ; which can be fun or otherwise.

I suppose the highlight of it all will be the "makan". heks.. The dinners they are planning to organize looks yummy in exotic places. Bagus gile budget kerajaan !!


Tomorrow will be interesting because i will be one of the on site tutor for practical anatomy tomorrow. Therefore , i have to do my reading tonight on the anatomy of upper gastrointestinal tract.

I am impressed with their anatomy lab . Currently there are 11 cadavers available and they are still fresh !! Its difficult to get these cadavers but UiTM managed to secure them !! I cannot tell you how they do it as it may cause some controversy !! Its good for the students ; to experience "real" anatomy. I gather it is the most exciting thing for a fresh medical graduate. Otherwise , it'll be so boring having to dwell into the thick books of basic knowledge. It'll be fun to go back home and tell stories about dissection to your keen family members !!

I certainly remembered my first dissection session in Manchester ; I puked really bad whilst having lunch after the session !! It was certainly the smell of my burger ( in Manchester- we have halal shops eiih..) which reminded me the stinky anatomy lab smell. And the stench of the body with formalin stimulated my olfactory merves for that whole week ; good for losing pounds !!

Monday, December 05, 2005


I was waiting in front of the tv yesterday to see Nicol David's glorious moments AND to my dissapointment ; only TV3 showed a glimpse of her winning the prestigious world title. RTM ? haks.. funnily they did not even mention her name from the KL studio - it was the sportscaster from Manila who congratulated her during his wrap up. I was like ..WHAT ??? HELLO ???

Instead , they were talking about Malaysia's achievement surpassing the 55 gold medal target in the current SEA GAMES in Manila. haks..busy getting comments from Pak LAh , Azalina.. etc. OK .. fine.. though this is Malaysia's best effort in SEA GAMES outside Malaysia but correct me if i am wrong ; i thought that Nicol's win as the wrold champion should be highlighted more ??! She's the WORLD CHAMPION man... The first Malaysian , ASIAN some more and the youngest world squash champion !!

I just don't understand . Though SEA GAMES is the biggest games in this region ; unfortunately it never brought us anywhere. Even with our best showing , WE ARE STILL 3rd in the countries standing. No where near Thailand or Philipines.We did not break any Asian or World records . ITS NOTHING compared to Nicol David's win in Hong Kong !! At least , the press should have interviewed her after her win and focussed more news on her achievement. She's a national hero man !!!

Priorities man.. priorities..

Congratulations to Nicol Ann David for her glorious acievement for Malaysia !! Malaysia Boleh !!

P/s If this year she's not the Ahli Sukan Kebangsaan , I bet it will be the sepak takraw team who wins it !! haakss..

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Glory to the scousers..

Since Dzaeffran was born , Liverpool has been on a glorious form ; recording six consecutive wins and currently third in the league .It is a relief to reds supporters after a terrible start to the season . Can we catch up with the blues ? 12 points behind ? heks.. who knows.. we won the champions league last year to everybody's surprise and who knows..

On another note ; baby Dzaeffran is getting bigger everyday ! He's a bit of mentekedarah too when taking his breast milk !! haks.. it livesss... the spirit lives !!!!! hahahahaa

A fresh start

Yesterday i attended the Pain Management Update seminar in HKL. It was good to see back my fellow colleagues from HKL . Somehow , i do miss them as they were all a fun loving happy go lucky bunch. Like for example ; when one of the co-ordinators posed a question to the audience , one of us sportingly suggested the APS nurses should come and do rounds during weekends !! Obviously everybody was amazed with that shout but of course to the disapproval of the APS nurses !!!

I've started my life as a trainee lecturer in UiTM Shah Alam since Tuesday. Met Prof Hapizah ; our deputy dean who is in charge of us - the future postgraduates . She's giving us 2 weeks to familiarize ourselves with the faculty before moving us to Selayang by the 3rd week Of December.Met Prof Dato; Khalid Yusof the next day ; ( Our Dean) and we were lucky to catch him during his OK mood. He seemd jovial and jokes a lot ; especially about the late Dato' Inba . Well , i've heard stories about him and have yet to face the ugly side if him.. hopefully i don't need to..

So far , ive not really been exposed to the students but i had to attend few meetings ; and it was interesting to see the lecturers interacting especially during one session : while developing a new curriculum ; URBAN HEALTH. heks... am i going to be one of them in the near future ? heks.. it was however interesting desgining methods and lerning objectives for future doctors ; looking into 50 years ahead.

Yhere a 5 of us here in Shah Alam ; waiting for the time to go to Selayang in the near future. We have our own office in MERDU ; i like the fascilities however ! Especially the colour photocopier.. talk about forging documents !! hhehehehe..
We'll see how this week will go as i will spend most of my time here now. LAst week, i was busy settling my masters application and insya-allah it should not be a problem for me to start the programme in June 2006.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A tribute to HKL

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Thank you HKL.. for the experience that you have given me . I would do it all over again if i am given the choice !! hehehe..

Thank you HKL.. for waking me up from my medical school slumber.. training me to be what i am so far..

Thank you Paediatrics ; for making me to learn the art of patience and meticulousness for it is an important ingredient for me to achieve my ambition..

Thank you O&G ; for i enjoyed my 4 months stint there in the busiest Maternity centre in Malaysia !! Kenapa i did not proceed to do O&G ek ??

Thank you Surgery ; well.. memory of Mr Kwan comes in.. haks.. though i hated him to the max , there is always sometime new to learn everyday.

Thank you Medicine ; for building my courage , my confidence , my rapport , and sharpening my thinking skills in managing patients with limited resources.

Thank you Anaesthesia HKL , for accelerating my learning curve. Funnily , the more you think you know about something , the more you don't know..

And my tribute to Anaes bosses ;

Dr Ng ; for giving me the opportunity to practice anaesthesia in HKL and supporting all my decisions and aspirations so far..

Dr Tai , Dr. Shanti and Dr Airini ; for making my GICU experience a learned one..

Dr. Satber ; for the thorough guidance during maternity posting.

Dr. Zul H , Zul A ,Dr Loo , Dr Lau , Dr. Rapi , Dr. Yani , Dr. Zuhrah , Dr. Lim JM , Dr. Lim KY , Dr. Zarina , Dr.Rafidah ..

it was a pleasure working with you guys..

To the young guns ; Dr. Azrin , Dr Salleh , Dr Zakir , Dr oon , Dr Shih Pei ,

And to all my fellow colleagues ,( ni kalau tulis nama panjang sangat.. )
THank you for your guidance and help ,
will definitely miss you guys .


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I just realized that i have not been updating my blog for 1 week !! haks.. well ,the joy of being a father certainly overtook the enthusiasm for regular blogging ! Wifey was sarcastic by saying how i've neglected my "second wife" aka the computer! haks.. Its a bit difficult to blog for now as i am still adjusting to the new routine. Wifey and Dzaeffran is currently in Mak's place and DJ ; therefore i've been sleeping there everyday since they came back from the hospital. I only go back to SS2 to change and pick up my new clothes for work.. If there is access in mak's place ; i am sure to blog and update !! heks..

Baby Dzaeffra has sized up a lot when compared to his initial size after delivery. Alhamdulillah , he is doing well ; feeding well ; shitting well.. hehehe.. and its always a pleasure to be by him when he is awake. I am lucky not to be awaken too much in the middle of the night to do things.. as wifey brestfeeds the baby ! so alang2 tu.. tukar lampin sekali aah... wonderful sleep mind you..


I was quite emotional on Monday morning ; after my pass over rounds in GICU . I was actually on call on my last day of work in HKL . Eventhough i still have few more days of leave left , i decided not to take it because i appreciated my colleagues in my pool. It was exactly after changing my clothes from my blues ; Only then did i realize that my tenureship in HKL for now is over .I am actually moving on. I did not really announce my current status to the department ; so only a handful knew about my departure. Two years of service in HKL , and i really do appreciate the experience i've gathered so far. So many things learned and so much more to be sought after.

I;ve just reported to the faculty in UiTM Shah Alam today. Well , nothing much to happen as yet.. and hopefully not to be so in the next few days. I have yet to meet my boss ; sometime this week i guess. I have to sort out my masters dcumentations for the June intake . Well , reading a fellow friend's blog certainly gives me the chills and rigors. Macam susah jee... heks.. well , just tekad and go all the way insya allah..

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


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GROUP : Third generation of Hybrid Opioid
GENERIC NAME : Myftzal Dzaeffran Qayyum
EFFECTS : potent sedative , anaesthetic smile , heart softener
SIDE EFFECTS : euphoria , substance dependance
CONTRAINDICATION : before going to work.

It is baby Dzaeffran's day 7 of life outside the womb today. I had to return to work after a long 7 days leave. Somehow , its a bit different now leaving home. It was soothing to see him fast asleep when i woke up for Subuh prayers . According to wifey , he behaved well last night , breastfed baby Dzaeffran twice throughout the night and he was not irritable hence my undisturbed sleep.

And as i was about to leave , i just had to rub his nose against mine ..and smell him. Aahh.. the baby smell.. so pure and refreshing. Its just so wonderful to see him , just looking at him makes me smile. I cannot explain why , but it just does.

I've changed baby Dzaeffran's diaper a few times , surprisingly i am quite happy to do it !! haks.. the thought of his "offerings" initiates nausea ; however during the change ; it becomes enjoyable ?? funny eih ? Honestly !! My colleagues told me its just a phase ; just like when you're initially in love.To me , its a different kind of euphoria. Something i cannot explain but i don't mind feeling it !!

By the way , i have not really decide on what baby Dzaeffran should call me. I was keen on father , but it brought laughter to friends and annoyance to wifey. Not keen on bapak , daddy or papa , maybe ayah or abah ..but thinking hard on Walid. hehehe.. Wifey not that keen for me to be addressed as Walid but.. why not ? it sounds cool anyway.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lion King..

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Baby Dzaeffran was swarmed by family members and friends when he arrived home on Sunday !! Thank you guys for coming !! Honestly ; if i were to hold a reception for baby MDQ ; i would certainly do the memorable "Lion King" lift !! ( dunno who'll volunteer to be the baboon though.. hehehe )

1. Mafiz , Rozita , Raidi and little Zidani who certainly made his presence felt !!
2. Ibdil , Eza and baby Sofya who was as charming as ever..
3. Fiqar , Ezuan , Nily , Nor and baby Nurleena .. hehehehe..
4. Nik And Lan

But the most memorable and really touched me was Mak Long who came all the way from Melaka to see baby Dzaeffran. She was suppose to come with En , but En had to go back to Kedah as his grand father in law passed away. So determined that Mak Long called Uncle Nal to drive her to KL.

Thank you Mak Long !!

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The force is with you..

use the force..  Posted by Picasa

We went back to Damansara Jaya on Sunday. Wifey was fit for discharge on Saturday but baby Dzaeffran had a tinge of jaundice. His bilirubin level was 205.. not really for any photo therapy but i insisted on him being put under the light for 24 hours. Kita pukul bilirubin habis-habisan before going back.. hehehehe..

Baby had to be put naked under the ultraviolet light . Of course , being naked and hot.. of course he would feel uncomfortable. Wifey was crying seeing little Dzaeffran struggling to cope with such uncomfortness. I told wifey to let him be as it was the best for him. I suppose when it comes to your own child , it brings different sentiment. Otherwise , during our housemanship training in paediatrics ; usually we 'll scold mothers who tend to hold on to their babies instead of letting him be under the light.

I'm glad that my department granted me the maximum 7 days paternal leave. This is the advantage working in the government sector. It becomes your right and being in a department which constitutes mostly working mothers ; they encourage you to spend time at home. Otherwise , i cannot imagine working in GICU with my mind distracted. Besides that , wifey is very dependant on me to do her chores.. heks.. Usually i am very reluctant to do so.. but for baby Dzaeffran ; its a different story..