Saturday, September 29, 2007

Marching for your rights..

When monks are marching , you know how serious the situation is.. Imagine if one day , all imams march along in Putrajaya protesting on an issue. That will be a mega news..

And when the lawyers in Malaysia did the march , you wonder whether is there any possibility the video is a forgery ? Is it the beginning of revealing an open secret ?

Only time will tell...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Scary movie

Its the 15th day of ramadhan today. Half way.
It'll be 48 days till my exams. I don't think I'm half ready..
Had vivas with one of my Prof for two consecutive days. Damn.. its getting scarier..

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bearing pain

Pain or suffering brings out one's inner self. One's true colours revealed ; brings out the real you to the world. Such revelation eih... I see this everyday in the labour room ; few screaming and crying , another few talking absolute nonsense . Another group would just be angry and impatient for the baby to be delivered, forcing doctors for a caesarean ..only a small group is calm and sensible about it - relishing the gift from god and taking it as a blessing. A very rare breed indeed..

Labour pain is the most horrendous experience a woman can encounter in her lifetime. Almost all studies of pain perception would put labour pain top of its class. As a man , I don't think I'll be able to experience it myself and i can only imagine. ( Not that i want to lar.. ) Tooth ache pain is classified equal to any trauma pain ; labour pain is ten-fold. heks.. Scary eih..

The wonders of medicine brought epidural as a saviour. Instead of suffering in pain for a minimum of 7 hours - up to 12 hours in first stage of labour ; Epidural brings such relief and smile to the awaiting mother to be. As a professional who holds this responsibility , it is a pleasure to see the mother's "enjoy" their labour. Then again , it depends on one's pain treshold that I see a lot of variance of response to pain. Still , epidural is an elective adjunct , since Adam - billions of humankind were delivered and I cannot recall my own mother having an epidural while delivering me.. ( Guess she was super exhausted that I had to be forcep"ed" out )

Inserting epidural catheter is a jiffy for me , I can even do it blindfolded now, literally speaking. Somehow , ( being me.. ) I spend more time talking to the mothers ; explaining , a bit of counselling and motivation and to the muslim mothers - tazkirah. I find it to be helpful in producing a good labour pain block - hence the labour to progress smoothly and the baby delivered safely. Pain brings down one's morale and I figure that its up to the mother's own personality to bring herself up. A lot needs constant motivation and encouragement ; as the pushing during the second stage can be very exhaustive. I wonder if the mother's attitude would correlate to the child's behaviour and motivation when they grow up ? An interesting topic to make a study out of it...

I used to get angry seeing mother's giving up - begging the doctor to just cut and take the baby out. Over the years , I've suppressed that feeling and instead developed a reverse pyschology method pep talk to the mother ; motivating them to go and bring all the grit in them to be succesful in this small task. Asking them to reflect their determination with of babies certainly helps and asking them to recite verses from Quran could calm them down. I enjoy these moments and I suppose the sole reason why I like my obstetric posting.

And I must tell you , it is a delight to see the mother's delight when I see them to take the catheter off !! Alhamdulillah...


OK Nor.. Here's my piece !!
5 things in my bag

- Kerry Brandis Physiology viva book - 10 year old caterpillar pencil case
- Faunce Physio and pharmac Q book - UM student tag
- spare underwear ( baru balik on call lar !! )

5 things that are in my wallet

- Money - credit cards
- Receipts from important buys.. - business cards
- ticket stubs from everywhere

5 favourite things in my bedroom

- my bantal peluk - my computer
- my camera - my towel
- my tv

5 things I wish to do

- perform Haj before 35
- climb Everest
- Complete G7 and Trans Titiwangsa
- Bungee jumping
- date Maya Karin ( hahaha.. to balance the reality)

5 things that i am doing now

- typing this entry
- fasting
- printing model anwers for past year questions
- downloading pics from my Olympus
- thinking about food

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Dzaef;s hair before the recent shave...

In the midst of me being worried that I have 54 days today ( not in the 80's range ; typo error.. ) to my exams ; due to my inqusitiveness , I was lured into the world of facebook. Hey , if Tengku Zafrul fell into the craze , it should be interesting. At first , i thought maybe i should just have a look and see what is it all about and figure out why people are hooked to it. Boy , was I wrong to think i would not be addicted to it !! Hahahaha.. I guess I am just an ordinary human being !! haks..

I must say , it is a very good social networking tool ; I've managed to trace my old school and univ mates and see what's up in their lives. Of course , it needs one to be keen enough to put oneself on the net ; and luckily most of them were !! Haks.. It is really cool but I am holding myself not to be too glued to my computer and play with it so much..

Ramadhan's trial for net bloggers eih ? heks.. menahan diri....

Friday, September 21, 2007

Shocked and disturbed

Its 1 am now and I've just finished my abruptio placenta case. I am still in shock and disgusted. Watching the 8pm news certainly spoilt my appetite during my "delayed" iftar. Today , the DNA test done confirmed the girl found in the body bag to be Nurin. I can understand why her parents may deny this fact ; seeing a body who's totally different from what she was a month ago. However, DNA test is almost always correct and a powerful tool to identify an unknown body. DNA test is not something that can be forged or wrong. I feel sad for the family.

Its like a copy cat from the CSI series ; how brutally she was murdered ; brinjal and a cucumber that caused the perforation through and through from her vagina ....?? Masya Allah ?? What is happening to our society ? This psycho fella is definitely mentally disturbed and i can't imagine the pain that she had to endure .The fact was she did not die instantly , most likely because of the sepsis due to the perforation. And by dumping her in a public place , the killer yearns for the publicity. How sick can that be ? And if in a few days time , if suddenly other missing children found with the same condition ; Truly we have a pscho serial killer lurking around.

Rumours that goes around are associating her death with Ah Long's vengeance . We can't be sure how true it is but it is sad as the one who suffered the most are the innocent ones. I am sure both parents will live in trauma for the rest of their lives. How tragic can that be ?

I am truly-truly disturbed..

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ramadhan & me

Its a week today of fasting and nowadays time flies really fast. Somehow I've not been able to find time to sit in front of my computer and blog. Tired ? not really an excuse eih ? I'm still doing obstetrics which means that life is not that busy on non on call days. Maybe I'm just being lazy.. but honestly , I;m always thinking about what to blog when i am not !!

Qaisya's recent febrile fit episode certainly affected our daily lives now. Wifey is very obsessive about it and kept putting the temperature probe on her forehead everytime she feels her to be warm. She just had another bout of fever yesterday , and wifey is really worked up about it. Indirectly , I am affected !! Being awaken in the middle of the night is not something that one would want to have , wouldn't it ?

THis will be my second Ramadhan where I am absent from the Tarawikh jamaah. Ever since Dzaeffran and quikcly after , Qaiysa ; I am unable to perform the highlight of ramadhan in the mosque. Its not that you cannot do it at home , most of the time memang tak buat !! hahahaha...
We have no maid you see , so I have to be at home to nurse my two children full time - and getting them toeat , bathe and sleep as soon as possible. After that , its back to my desk - but its not always successful. Wifey was never keen for us to have a maid ; she's not keen to "take care" of another woman in the house and somehow , i sense her non-trustworthiness on me.. hehehe... Ada ka ??? hence , me being the joke among friends...

86 days to my exams... palpitations... palpitations...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Of Ramadhan's blessing

My prayers for the unfortunate muslims in Padang , Sumatera ; of having to celebrate the beginning of ramadhan in fear and uncertainty. It was shocking last night , as I was having my dinner in Emina ( on call yesterday ) and the news about the tragedy came about. We are lucky here in Malaysia , as we wer happily of the the mosque for tarawikh , our brothers and sisters in PAdang were baffled and confused in amazing god's might.

THis morning two more quakes ; high Richter scale and the thought of Tsunami came into mind.It is currently chaos down there and few of my colleagues are getting ready to offer their help there. Hmmmm.. I don't think i will be able to make it this time around too... Bila lah agaknya ye ?

Is this a sign from god ? A sign of how the end is coming nearer and nearer ? Wow.. as far as i can remember , this is the first ever Ramadhan that a mega disaster actually struck.

Food for thought... heks.. metaphorically la mentang-mentang puasa..

Congrats to KJ for his baby boy !! A new daddy huh.. Got the sms from a close colleague and I am sure - he and Nori must be overwhelmed by the arrival of the long awaited child. Ironically , Nurul Izzah ( Anwar's daughter ) & Raja Ahmad will b expecting theirs as well ; most likely during this Ramadhan. My prayers that everything will be ok insya-Allah.. The PM and PM-not-meant-to-be having their grandchildren on the same month and year... ;)

Salam Ramadhan to my fellow muslim bloggers..

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Empire strikes back

Glad to hear the old gaffer is recovering well. The surgeons were very pleased with their job and commented how Tun's fitness made him go through the op.
With the new bypass , he'll be a new man !! hehehehe.. ( Thats what the usual post -ypass individuals told me ).

Do not be surprised , if Tun comes out strongly in our political scene soon. It will be serious trouble and potential dissaray that he might create .Now that his heart is sorted out , there will be nothing to hold him back !! No holds barred.... :)

It is very annoying that after a 2am Caesarean section , the house officer from the labour ward paged and "instructed "me to do 3 epidurals to do... Woi ... I can't stand rudeness coupled with bad comunication skills ; and he was really testing me at 3.30 am !! Memang nak kena.....

Here I am expressing my dissatisfaction to the world ; i bet the house officer will be more mindful after my over the phone tongue lashing !! But then , only now i realized that with the current local happening , he might just report the incident to Dato' Chua Soi Lek... hehehehehe

Monday, September 03, 2007

Bypass or not to bypass..

Tun is in IJN now - planned for a bypass tomorrow. My concern and prediction was true. ( Angina tu Tun.. 11 November 2006 )

It will be his second bypass - with his age and condition , the surgery has a very high risk of mortality. Tan Sri Yahya Awang (his previous cardiothoracic surgeon ) refused to do so when asked personally by Tun earlier. However , with the breaking news today ; it seems that he has agreed and I believe it is a personal request from Tun Dr M . Tan Sri Yahya has retired from IJN for quite some time. He will be leading Azhari's team in performing the bypass tomorrow.

My prayers and do'a for Tun..

Shah Alam run

Yeah !! Another event to put a closure to this season ; as ramadhan lurks around the corner.I must say that the boys have been really active this year ; us participating in few runs to get ourselves back to the old "body|" hahahaha..Unfortunately , Mafiz did not join us as he was admitted to the hospital ; they suspected appendicitis which i thought was not .. which was right. I guess his gastritis took a bit of a turn ; not sure whether it was related to our Bukit Gasing thingy last week.. Get well soon aahh...

It was a good run , though it was abit of a tragedy as my shoes gave off halfway and I had to either walk or run in the most "ayu" way to maintain the shoe's integrity !!


with the gang we kept bumping into in each race !!

Next season , we maybe going for the longer distance ; 21km then perhaps marathon !! haks.. that will be the ultimate target but would we ? heks.. as the motto goes..


The Merdeka new look...

Got a bit gatal tangan during merdeka!!

She was happy with the Syarifah Amani look...

Dzaeff did not..hehehehe..

I had mine too... after a very long time... haks.. but did not the "bo-bo" club !!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Anak kecil main api..

International Fireworks Competition..
PICC - Putrajaya... 31st August 2007

excellent view

classic pic

Let the show begin..

Disini tersemai cita cita...Bercambah menjadi warisan......

p/s Bukit Kepong is on the tube.. gotta watch it.. my alltime favourite !!!!!!