Friday, September 21, 2007

Shocked and disturbed

Its 1 am now and I've just finished my abruptio placenta case. I am still in shock and disgusted. Watching the 8pm news certainly spoilt my appetite during my "delayed" iftar. Today , the DNA test done confirmed the girl found in the body bag to be Nurin. I can understand why her parents may deny this fact ; seeing a body who's totally different from what she was a month ago. However, DNA test is almost always correct and a powerful tool to identify an unknown body. DNA test is not something that can be forged or wrong. I feel sad for the family.

Its like a copy cat from the CSI series ; how brutally she was murdered ; brinjal and a cucumber that caused the perforation through and through from her vagina ....?? Masya Allah ?? What is happening to our society ? This psycho fella is definitely mentally disturbed and i can't imagine the pain that she had to endure .The fact was she did not die instantly , most likely because of the sepsis due to the perforation. And by dumping her in a public place , the killer yearns for the publicity. How sick can that be ? And if in a few days time , if suddenly other missing children found with the same condition ; Truly we have a pscho serial killer lurking around.

Rumours that goes around are associating her death with Ah Long's vengeance . We can't be sure how true it is but it is sad as the one who suffered the most are the innocent ones. I am sure both parents will live in trauma for the rest of their lives. How tragic can that be ?

I am truly-truly disturbed..


mz ayam said...

A sad day for Malaysia, aye? Death would be too good for those who did this.What our society has become lah boss?

Dr.M said...

A very sad episode especially as it is ramadhan now. Yesterday , me and my colleagues were discussing how to "torture" the psycho if he ever comes for operation....

pak long said...

you can leave your condolences at

set up by Nurin's uncle.

so sad *lost for words*

Goodbye Nurul, lil' angel, sleep tight, you're safe now.