Monday, September 03, 2007

Shah Alam run

Yeah !! Another event to put a closure to this season ; as ramadhan lurks around the corner.I must say that the boys have been really active this year ; us participating in few runs to get ourselves back to the old "body|" hahahaha..Unfortunately , Mafiz did not join us as he was admitted to the hospital ; they suspected appendicitis which i thought was not .. which was right. I guess his gastritis took a bit of a turn ; not sure whether it was related to our Bukit Gasing thingy last week.. Get well soon aahh...

It was a good run , though it was abit of a tragedy as my shoes gave off halfway and I had to either walk or run in the most "ayu" way to maintain the shoe's integrity !!


with the gang we kept bumping into in each race !!

Next season , we maybe going for the longer distance ; 21km then perhaps marathon !! haks.. that will be the ultimate target but would we ? heks.. as the motto goes..



Maswafi Abd Samat said...

Kau ni kira dasyhat la beb! sampai tertanggal tapak tak kisahlah nampak "ayu" pun janji you completed the run.

21km? Imposibble is Nothing! Kalau kau perlukan bantuan untuk berlatih insyallah aku akan bantu.

Maswafi Abd Samat said...
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Wan Edrin said...

Hmm... bila dah tengok gambar, memang nampak agak ketat bajunya. Hehe... For 2008 kena buat planning baik punya! All the best!!

Azad said...

I guess my running times will be over... with the development of necrosis in my femur/hip bones. :(