Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Empire strikes back

Glad to hear the old gaffer is recovering well. The surgeons were very pleased with their job and commented how Tun's fitness made him go through the op.
With the new bypass , he'll be a new man !! hehehehe.. ( Thats what the usual post -ypass individuals told me ).

Do not be surprised , if Tun comes out strongly in our political scene soon. It will be serious trouble and potential dissaray that he might create .Now that his heart is sorted out , there will be nothing to hold him back !! No holds barred.... :)

It is very annoying that after a 2am Caesarean section , the house officer from the labour ward paged and "instructed "me to do 3 epidurals to do... Woi ... I can't stand rudeness coupled with bad comunication skills ; and he was really testing me at 3.30 am !! Memang nak kena.....

Here I am expressing my dissatisfaction to the world ; i bet the house officer will be more mindful after my over the phone tongue lashing !! But then , only now i realized that with the current local happening , he might just report the incident to Dato' Chua Soi Lek... hehehehehe

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DrFrappucino said...

Oh so it was you then... i dah agak dah :)