Thursday, September 13, 2007

Of Ramadhan's blessing

My prayers for the unfortunate muslims in Padang , Sumatera ; of having to celebrate the beginning of ramadhan in fear and uncertainty. It was shocking last night , as I was having my dinner in Emina ( on call yesterday ) and the news about the tragedy came about. We are lucky here in Malaysia , as we wer happily of the the mosque for tarawikh , our brothers and sisters in PAdang were baffled and confused in amazing god's might.

THis morning two more quakes ; high Richter scale and the thought of Tsunami came into mind.It is currently chaos down there and few of my colleagues are getting ready to offer their help there. Hmmmm.. I don't think i will be able to make it this time around too... Bila lah agaknya ye ?

Is this a sign from god ? A sign of how the end is coming nearer and nearer ? Wow.. as far as i can remember , this is the first ever Ramadhan that a mega disaster actually struck.

Food for thought... heks.. metaphorically la mentang-mentang puasa..

Congrats to KJ for his baby boy !! A new daddy huh.. Got the sms from a close colleague and I am sure - he and Nori must be overwhelmed by the arrival of the long awaited child. Ironically , Nurul Izzah ( Anwar's daughter ) & Raja Ahmad will b expecting theirs as well ; most likely during this Ramadhan. My prayers that everything will be ok insya-Allah.. The PM and PM-not-meant-to-be having their grandchildren on the same month and year... ;)

Salam Ramadhan to my fellow muslim bloggers..

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mz ayam said...

Hmm..the world is laden with sorrow. Selamat berpuasa to you & your family.