Thursday, June 28, 2007


transform....and roll out !!!!

I was fortunate that Azam had 4 tickets for the transformers the movie premiere in midvalley mega mall last night. It was my childhood relived again in that 2.5 hours. I was excited before the show and the enthusiasm showed through my deep concentration into the movie !!

My review :

BEST !!!!! CAYALAH !!!
Everytime they transform , i would scream ( in my heart je lah ) feeling so excited !!!
the battle scenes were excellent..
PRIME's deep voice ( as played by the original ) was really kewl..
Jazz , Ironhide , BUmble bee fuiiyyooo....
Starscream in this movie is really kewll..
And Megatron.. brief appearance but I love him !!!

plot : a bit funny lah with allsparks , the cube.. lain sikit dari the original.
Minibots the new addition n i reckon very kewl !!

Allo geng !! Cepat2 la gi tengok... nak debate ni.. tak sabar ..:)
"One shall stand , and one shall fall...."

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


My current posting and job...

though i miss this..

but have to study .. and its tiring...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Kepalaku bingit. Fikiranku bagai tidak menentu. Perasaanku serba salah.
Ternyata aku dalam kebingungan.Ulu hatiku membuak seolah-olah ingin dikeluarkan isinya sahaja . Jari jemariku kaku dan layu ; tidak selari perasaan dan jasadku in. terdayakah aku untuk melangkah pergi?

Inikah yang digambarkan cinta yang terlarang ?

No lahhh... post night shift... :)

A typical 3am scenario

The triage counter staff nurse and MA pushed a young lady who seemed unconcsious into my resus at 3 am in the morning.

"Hello miss... hello...?"

No response..

"Open your eyes. miss .. open your eyes.... "
No response..

pressing your fist on her sternum.. with a substantial amount of force..
"Hello miss... hello ... ? "

Still no response.Her vitals are normal ; heart rate , blood pressure , O2 saturation 100%. Her chest is rising as how a normal person breaths. GCS .. ( Glascow Coma Scale ) ..still a bit dodgy.

"Ni apa cerita ni ? " I asked.
"OD ( overdose ) doc.. katanya dia telan banyak Paracetemol 2 jam lepas.." she showed me the PCM strip which has none in it.

Tried to open her eyelids but there was resistance. Success..but she sort of moved her eyeballs to avoid my small torch. Lifted up her left arm and dropped it on her face .. automatically she managed to avoid hitting herself..

"Ini GCS full ni.... Amik darah banyak-banyak sikit..."

" NO doctor... don't poke me !!!! " She suddenly woke up and pulled her hand away !! Everybody just smiled.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Happy father's day to all my fellow bloggers.. new & old !!
Its a good feeling being a father and you only realize how wonderful it is when you hold you newborn child for the first time... :)

Whole day affair

advert model..

It was a beautiful ceremony ; eventhough it was twice as much ! Her "potong jambul" & aqiqah went on smoothly from morning till afternoon. Mama decided to invite 2 marhaban groups to recite and pray for Qaisya on two different times - one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. A wee bit two much for the kid but she managed to cope with it well ! Mama wants her first grandaughter to be celebrated in a grand manner !!! I was a merely photographer as the event was dominated by women .... Men ? makan je la kerja !! hahahaha..




I was already tired by 3 pm but the show must go on ! It rained heavily but not as bad as last weekend. Food was adequate and nice. The combination of beryani with the roasted lamb was excellent that i now regret for not consuming more !! Dzaeff became crankier as the day went by but i would not blame him as the overstimulation was obvious ! However Qaisya was impressive with her cool calm display .

I must thank my fellow kamchengs for turning up in full force yesterday ! Thank you very much for making the event a memorable one ! It was good to catch up with each other especially returning the famous "TTDI LAUGH" while yassin was recited inside !! Hahahaha...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


As what I've done with Dzaeffran's aqiqah last year , I would like to invite fellow bloggers ( who actually reads my blog !!! ) for my daughter's aqiqah :

EVENT : Myra Durratun Qaisya bt Mafeitzeral 's aqiqah
DATE : Saturday , 16 JUNE 2007
PLACE : 147 , Jalan Athinahapan Taman Tun Dr Ismail , 60000 KL
TIME : 1 PM onwards

DO drop by if you are staying around TTDI area to have a good lunch !! Seriously and sincerely !!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

How to stress your body to the max ..

Thursday nite : A&E pm shift 10pm - 8am.
Friday morning : Opening ceremony of InterUni Medic faculty games
Friday afternoon : 2 volleyball matches
Friday night : 2nd A&E sfit 10pm - 8am
Saturday late morning : 3rd volleyball game..
Saturday evening : locum...

What was i thinking ? haks !! Honestly , I've really stressed my body so bad that I was so knackered and slept like a log last night. My body was so stiff and my mind really blurred.My sleep deprived to the ultimate nirvana !! I guess if it was like 10 years ago , I would have coped with it better ; I feel so sick now !! But it was worth it !! I'm a bit "sedar diri" sikit this year as I registered only to play volleyball ; unlike last year playing footie and badminton !! Kalau tak , i don't think I can even wake up from my bed !

We did not win the volleyball tournament but I had fun ! All the games were closely fought and the main reason for us not to win was because it was the first time we all played together !! wait.. the last time was last year ?? haks... Point for point i must say ; and the hot weather did not help to settle your body from taking on the stress . My "settings" were awful at times but hey.. I've not played the game for so long . It was satisfying though when my spiker managed to spike the ball hard into the opponents court. My team mates ( stafsf from UiTM Shah Alam) were sporting and wonderful ! I guess we were the only team with our own pom pom girls and boys !! It was that havoc !!

Thanx boys ! It was fun to be "young" again playing in such sport carnivals ! I would love to play again next year.. and perhaps win it all the way !!

p/s thats what we said last year...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Oh mama.. saya mau kawin..

The rumour started early this year ; that Pak Lah has a new partner. Everybody on the net traffic were disussing about it. It became an internet myth when Pak Lah squashed it down..

" Rumours semua tu... rumours... ".

And yesterday 6/6/07 , he came out to the public and announced his intentions ; hahahaha.. Believe it or not , Pak Lah is putting his name in Malaysia history as the first Prime Minister to wed "officially" in office !!! You're the man YAB PAk Lah !!! haks..
COngratulations !! MAy you have a happy married life..

P/S Wifey was however not taking this happy news well...
" The last hope that i trust has betrayed me... men.... "

hahahahaha !!!!

Excerpts from the prime minister’s press conference:

Q: When did you first meet your future wife?
A: I’ve known her a long time as she is Endon’s (late wife’s) sister- in-law.

Q: Why did it take you so long to announce because before this, you said it was just a rumour?
A: All the dates mentioned were wrong... that’s why I said it was just a rumour. It took some time. I needed to consult my children and had to find the time as I was too busy going here and there.

Q: Do you plan to go on a holiday after your wedding?

A: There’s no plans yet... there’s an official trip abroad... I will be bringing (Jeanne) along... what’s the use of having a companion if you don’t bring her along... that too (the press) want to ask?
Q: Have you ordered the wedding ring?
A: Yes... it’s already late now.

Q: What do you call her? Darling, sayang? (Laughter from the floor).
A: You will all know what I call her after the marriage.

Q: What is Datuk Seri’s hope from the people? A: I hope they will pray for our happiness because a happier prime minister can do a lot of good work (laughter and applause from the floor).
Q: Will your life be more meaningful?

A: How can it not be meaningful? What kind of question is that? More meaningful.... yes, more meaningful.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Growing up

I was officially a second year post graduate student on the 1st of June. Started off that with a one day break ; haks.. I only knew why i needed the break after enduring my first 2 days on the night shift in the resuscitation zone of the Accident and Emergency department. Although it was just for 10 hours ( 10pm - 8am ) It was ONE HELL of a shift !!!!

Remember scenes from ER where the patient pushed in by paramedics or the ambulance , and doctors with nurses rushing to them ? Well , imagine now not doctors.. but ONLY me the doctor attaining the patient! Yes , there is only one doctor stationed in the resus area and because I am from the Anesthesia team - I am expected to be competent enough to provide the immediate acute care ! A challenge which I am trying to take it positively...

I was on my feet the whole of that 10 hours ! haks.. PAtients keep coming in from everywhere. Fresh trauma .. upper GI bleed ... Myocardial Infarction.. Intracerebral bleed... you name it ! I've learned more management of trauma in the last 2 nights alone !! These unfortunate ones ; they sometimes arrive at the same time ; thus forcing me to do 2ndary triage and attend which was more urgent. I was totally flabbergasted I must say !! haks !! It was in a way ..hmm.. ( macam psycho pulak bagitau macam ni ) ..chaotic fun... heks at the same time , stressing your heart and mind so much that immediately after the shift you feel so much weight relieved !!!

Saturday night was the ACS ( Acut Coronary Syndrome ) night... and Sunday night was Hari APO ( Acute Pulmonary Oedema ) day... hahahaha.. and the nurses are labelling me as the "jonah" who needs to "mandi bunga" !!! hahahaha...