Sunday, June 10, 2007

How to stress your body to the max ..

Thursday nite : A&E pm shift 10pm - 8am.
Friday morning : Opening ceremony of InterUni Medic faculty games
Friday afternoon : 2 volleyball matches
Friday night : 2nd A&E sfit 10pm - 8am
Saturday late morning : 3rd volleyball game..
Saturday evening : locum...

What was i thinking ? haks !! Honestly , I've really stressed my body so bad that I was so knackered and slept like a log last night. My body was so stiff and my mind really blurred.My sleep deprived to the ultimate nirvana !! I guess if it was like 10 years ago , I would have coped with it better ; I feel so sick now !! But it was worth it !! I'm a bit "sedar diri" sikit this year as I registered only to play volleyball ; unlike last year playing footie and badminton !! Kalau tak , i don't think I can even wake up from my bed !

We did not win the volleyball tournament but I had fun ! All the games were closely fought and the main reason for us not to win was because it was the first time we all played together !! wait.. the last time was last year ?? haks... Point for point i must say ; and the hot weather did not help to settle your body from taking on the stress . My "settings" were awful at times but hey.. I've not played the game for so long . It was satisfying though when my spiker managed to spike the ball hard into the opponents court. My team mates ( stafsf from UiTM Shah Alam) were sporting and wonderful ! I guess we were the only team with our own pom pom girls and boys !! It was that havoc !!

Thanx boys ! It was fun to be "young" again playing in such sport carnivals ! I would love to play again next year.. and perhaps win it all the way !!

p/s thats what we said last year...


scruber said...

Mafeitz..nice one. Half dead pun semangat berkobar kobar!!! What's ur e-mail or contact number? A wedding invitation to u and Haniza is coming your way. I couldn;t find your e-mail anywhere.

Dr.M said...

haks... nice to hear from you since i was barred to log on to your blog !!! hahahaha.. my email : no hp bahay ah letak on the net !!
congrats aahh... :)

Stupe said...

wah...power jugak kau eh..i will drop dead and sleep at the side if i was made to go through your schedule.

sbanboy said...

Wah ... well you still have the gift of youth on ur side ...hehe .. me ah ... I think my body is beyond redemption now :D

drNO said...

i know pak lang in the last picture. where is he now?