Wednesday, June 13, 2007


As what I've done with Dzaeffran's aqiqah last year , I would like to invite fellow bloggers ( who actually reads my blog !!! ) for my daughter's aqiqah :

EVENT : Myra Durratun Qaisya bt Mafeitzeral 's aqiqah
DATE : Saturday , 16 JUNE 2007
PLACE : 147 , Jalan Athinahapan Taman Tun Dr Ismail , 60000 KL
TIME : 1 PM onwards

DO drop by if you are staying around TTDI area to have a good lunch !! Seriously and sincerely !!!!


DocYana said...

She emailed me already. Mungkin I pegi kot yg pasir puteh punya. Will try to post pics!

Razman said...

abang one of your blog readers..thanks for the invite..but sorry would not be able to attend. :)

Stupe said...

bro..would love to but i would be at my alumni's function.

eh, now i know where you stay, if i run through ttdi, wanna join?

Dr.M said...

stupe : Its my parent's place. I'm staying in SS2.

I would love to join you but this month I am a permanent fixture of PM shift in the A&E !! Honoured for the invite !!

AdLi said...

owh shoot.. u were in TTDI?? haha.. I live nearby too.. too bad wasn't in TTDI through.. congrats on ur abang ipar's new child :)