Sunday, October 30, 2011

Basikal 1Malaysia in Perth with PM.. 1-6 la kot..

I was keen on doing some biking here but never had the chance or having people with similar interest to share it with. I was lucky that i came across a message looking for people to join a short cycle around swan river in conjunction with PM having BBQ in Burswood Park. I did not hesitate and quickly registered for the event. It was organised by Kelab UMNO,Post Graduate and Undergraduate societies. Being someone somwhere in between, I wouldn't mind being a part of this group!
 It was the GEKA GEBA (or vice versa) group who initiated this event.We were told to assemble in Trinity College car park and after a stroll from the bus stop I saw a number of fellow Malaysians already waiting. Anissa was already there with her visiting friend. I had the opportunity to meet up with an uncle who has been here for a very long time! He runs the Malay Radio in Perth and with it, an invitation to come over to join the programme. hahaha something that i wanna have a go at i suppose soon :)
We then moved to the hire bicycle shed and as with the organier, sorted out our rented hybrid bikes.After a short flag giving ceremony and stretching, we were off to our trail. I believe that this is the swan river trail which is in one of the top trails to do in my small toptrail booklet!
As this was my first ever cycling trail in Perth, I really did enjoy it. I get to cover more distance and not too tired. Hmmm.. it looks like i have to look for a bike here! haha
 We were on a loop and just before arriving to Burswood Park we stopped for a while.We were to follow a cue which is part of the gimmick for the event.The BBQ event was a big one as all Malaysians staying in Perth were invited and I reckon quite a big turn out. We arrived and DS Najib received the flag and met our group.He looked a bit tired i thought, maybe too stressed with lots of things to think about. We were informed later that he is later on his way to Haj.
 Overall, I enjoyed my day! It maybe just a short ride but i reckon a start to further rides in the future. Man oh man... I'm getting carried away with other things to do here in Perth!

CHOGM n the Queen was in town..

It was the CHOGM weekend in Perth.A big celebration for western Autralia as events such as this is very rare here. The Queen's birthday which was supposed to be earlier this month was shifted to allow an extra holiday for Perthians.Since it is in town and I am in the middle of it, i reckon i should embrace and try to be a part of it.Otherwise, how do i explain myself to miss such an occasion and I'm like at home?
The town was packed with people from all over and on Saturday, The Great Aussie BBQ was held in Esplanade. Me and CHing Bee took the opportunity to join the crowd and see what it is all about.A definite uncommon sight as the roads were congested with people. We were not really waiting for the Queen but when our path was blocked because the Queen was scheduled to go through the route, I managed to capture it in my mind her waving as she passed by.Unfortunately, this did not materialie in the picture i took!
 I'm glad i took the trouble as it was just electrifying to see the wave of people in Esplanade.We did not manage to be in the main area but the big screen was good enough and certainly clear.
ANd of course, I can tell my children..I was there!

Friday, October 28, 2011

MM127hours-Penguin Island trail

Subhanallah, Masya Allah.. it was such a satisfaction to see National Geographics "live". I've continued the list provided by toptrails and so far none has dissapoint me. The trip to Penguin Island is definitely a must to visitors coming to Perth.It may not be a full bushwalking trek but the sceneries that you see along the way is breathtaking! It was nature at its best! The weather was wonderful as the cold breeze maintained its stature throughout the walk It was an experience that I would like to relive again, I'm definitely coming here again! 
I woke up early today, preparing the standard pasta for the trip. It was the Queen's birthday today and all public transport was free. Police were all over town and I was glad i decided to go out of town today. Took the train from Perth to Rockingham and then Transperth bus to the jetty. As it was a public holiday, there were tourists all over and I felt like being in China while on the bus! hahaha People came to the island for different reasons, some picnic, some to the beach, some photography, some bird watching and some just to enjoy nature as it is.
Upon arrival, it was the penguin's feeding time.The original little penguin, the original inhabitant of this sanctuary :) There were cute and smart and I enjoyed their antiques! I started the trek around the island immediately after that. I really cannot describe how beautiful it was, breathtaking! I was enjoying it so much that i kept on taking pictures again and again.. Masya Allah!! I do hope that the pics i took may explain the astonishment i had with nature.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Ozzie wildlife encounters:)


                                                Kangaroo melintas...
                                               Joey came back for a drink..:)
and hiding behind the bushes..

MM127hours-John Forrest Heritage trail 22/10

The trip was organized again by the Hiking Club of WA and initially I had reservations. The walk was longer (16km) and I’ve browsed the net and found out that the track can be really bare. However, after looking at the weather forecast which was to be gloomy and not too hot, I decided to follow.The pictures that were on the net took my interest and I figure it is one of the trips that one cannot resist.
The start of the day nearly became a disaster when after coming out from the apartment, I realized that my transperth card is missing.I quickly went back and found it in the shorts I wore last wekk who had underwent wash! Went back to the train station and I guess by having my watch to be 5 minutes earlier, I was not late after all! Just a bit of the initial adrenaline rush. The train took me to the last stop of the Midlands line and again I’m back in Midlands station.Internet was spot on when my bus arrived on time at 825 and off I was to the stop nearest to the Pechey road car Park.
Met up with the group led by Danuta.The ones from last week, Jennifer and Maria was there.We were joined by Alan and Anne and that was the hiking group today! The weather looked well despite the earlier showers and thunderstorm.I was hoping for the trek to be of as such because if it becomes too hot then the long trail would be punishing.
We started the John Forest Heritage trail via the Swan View Tunnel.The trek was initially a railway track which has been abandoned a long time ago.The track used to be the main communication line across Perth and Western Australia.It has lots of history with it. Going through the tunnel was really cool as it really felt like seeing the “light at the end of the tunnel”! It was dark and the only guide was the other end.We quickly went through it which was 380m long.
Immediately on the track, Jennifer gave me a small broken branch. I did not understand why and asked but she told me, “you’ll know what its for..” And in an instant.. yup.. THE FLIES! It was early spring and the flies are in their biggest crowd. It was all over your face and really irritating your eyes and face! Hahaha To think that it was a ritual to have the small branches with you.
We continued the walk and passed by the falls which was amazing.It was not as high as last weeks but it was a typical bush falls. We had a short break at the Hovea falls but quickly enough, Danuta was strict in her timing that we left there almost immediately. We arrived in Parkesville Tavern an hour earlier than expected and I  really did have enough rest there.Jerome and his sister met us for lunch there and they came with two other senior members of the club! After a long session of chatting and joking we were off back to the trail.Making a reverse to John Forrest tavern in Hovea falls. I was lucky to have met fe kangaroos who crossed our path.Hahaha tak sangka Nampak wild kangarool.. cam doll betul!
After an ice cream break, we were off back to where we started.We managed to complete the 16km walk well, and I was glad I did not feel to tired or exhausted.It was comfortable and I was glad I did follow this week. Thank you again Hiking Club of WA !

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Demam e-bay..

Ni demam ebay la tak pasal2 ni.. haha thought that i should treat myself, since my birthday is coming soon.. hahaha
Can't wait for this to arrive..

Sunday, October 16, 2011

MM127-Lesmurdie Falls

I had the inspiration to go for this walk after picking up the Top Trails brochure in Perth Hill National Park. I was looking through the trails and zoomed on the trails which was possible for me to go to using the public transport.I am not planning to get a car but I might be if I have more plans to explore the various National Parks in Western Australia. Lesmurdie Falls looked tempting and after surfing for infos about it I decided to spend my Sunday outdoors again. It was earlier predicted that it will be the hottest October in many years and I just could not resist the temptation!
I wanted to go earlier but unfortunately the earliest bus was at 945 am! Sunday service starts late to respect the previous night out for Australians I guess! The frequency was also bad that I had to do a compressed trip OGKL-style in this trip.

I had to take the bus (ROUTE 283) from  Esplanade station and as early as 9am I was off from my apartment. I reckon I’ve been really keen on travelling around Perth that I’ve tried all kinds of different transport.I just need to ride on the ferry to complete my Transperth service.

The bus ride took me 30 minutes and I went down at the small bus stop which is along the Lesmurdie Road following the Kalamunda route.I did not have a map with me physically but I memorized it from my Internet search the night before. I am lucky that I can rely on this because if it is not, I might get lost! It was a long 2 km walk before I arrive at the Mundy Regional Park  car bay and it was already starting to get hot.It was 11am. I looked through the trails available and figured that I should do that all in a short time! The next bus was at 1258 and the one after that 1458! I don’t want to spend 4 hours with 34o on top of my head! Well.. ni semangat OGKL boleh la ni!
I took the Valley Loop trail to reach the Shoulder View Point. Looking back, maybe I spent too much time here taking pictures and that affected me a lot! It was beautiful to be on the highest point looking at the view of Lesmurdie and Perth city. I then decided that I should go to the bottom of the falls because I reckon it would be nice and beautiful! I was rushing through and running downhill.It was steep and I had to slow down as flashes of 127 hours came about! If I had fallen and as the phone reception is so bad, I might not be found until much later if I got injured! Hahaha
It was a nice trek and reached a river point.I first ever river in WA! I followed the trail till I reach the waterfall and masya-Allah,it was so beautiful! If I had more time, I would have taken a dip in the water but in a way I was restricted by time.I sat there enjoying the waterfalls which was beautiful. The amazing weather made it more interesting. I may have sit there longer than I should and when I looked at my watch, I panicked!
I quickly went up the trail which was up and up and up.. hahaha Pewaaiii tu mencanak jugak trek! Unfortunately I took a different route which caused my shoes to be dirty! Alamak.. sesat la pulak! I tracked back and followed the trek back to the falls point. From there on, I moved on swiftly but I was panting aall the way too! Hahahaha A supposed to be relaxing trip became a hardcore trekking not for the faint hearted!(met the guy I saw earlier who was waiting with champagne and lunch romantic set on top of the falls viewing point)
Reaching the starting point, I brisk walked uphill to the bus stop. At  times I tried to run but it was taxing me physically! Gile stress! And to top it up it was damn hot too! I managed to arrive at the stop and waited for the bus.Wow, a slight adrenaline rush for me today!
Went back to the apartment, knackered! Hahaha took my shower and I am all ready for the RWC semi final match up between All Blacks and the Wallabies.

MM127 hours- Paten Brook's trail

 I contacted Jerome, the walk organizer from the Perth Hiking Club WA to join their group’s walk before Saturday. I came across their website and looking at the list of the upcoming activities, I think it would be appropriate to join a local group so that you can gather information and experience about bushwalking. I was not too sure if I can adapt into the group but there is nothing to loose isn’t it? Jerome did mention that because it was predicted to be very warm, there will be only a few of us which I did not mind at all.
Woke up early, prepared my toast and scrambled eggs with tuna for my walking lunch and I was set to go! We were to meet up in Midland railway station which was the end station for one of the trains.Luckily I live near to the railway station so it was not difficult to board into one. Transperth website was also helpful as it helped me to plan my journey. I reckon Malaysia should have an efficient system such as this and it makes life easy.
I was in Midlands station by 9am and when Jerome arrived at the station it was easy to recognize him because he mentioned an important feature of himself.. the BEARD! Jerome was with his sister Karen and it was nice to meet them.Karen was really friendly and I reckon about my mum’s age.We then took a lift from Phil who with his 4 wheel drive took us up to the Perth Hills National Park.
Upon arrival, we met up with a group of bushwalking enthusiasts.In total there were 8 of us. However I noticed that I was the “youngest” in the group! That is something I am amazed of orang putih because they are active despite their age.I rarely see our Malaysian elders being active in outdoors and my highest respect for this group.
Patent Brook is considered to be a medium type of walk but of course it will only be a day trip. It was cool that the the beginning of the trek was a part of theWorld famous Bibbulmun trail!
Jerome emphasized the fact that it is important to interact with every member in the group and ask as many questions as possible. Jerome gave a short briefing to all the members and we were off to a start!
Jerome himself is a very experienced Bushwalker. He was one of the founders of Perth Bushwalking Club and had been active for more than 30 years! HARDCORE OTAI tu.. he formed this group (MEMBER NO: 0001) because he wanted to approach buskwalking in a different way. Reminded me a lot of OGKL really! What was interesting with an experienced guide with us would be the explanations and information that is dispersed throughout the walk. I took the opportunity to ask Jerome and other experienced members questions as Bushwalking is new to me! I reckon I’ve managed to gather quite a handful of information. Its never the same reading when compared to obtaining it from the source itselfJ
 It was a good outing I must say! I enjoyed it very much. Thank you Jerome for being an excellent organizer as well as to the other members of the group. Hopefully I’ll be in touch with their future programmes!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New look to the blog

I decided to have a bit of make over to my blog.However, i still would like to have the old picture as my background as my blog grew with it. It was the picture i took in one of the old OTs in HKL during Anaesthesia Day celebrations in my first year of Anaesthesia.To me it is a classic as I have both Thiopentone and atracurium vials as my central object.If i show this to my junior trainees in RPH, they would not have seen either of those recently!

With the refurbishment, i was able to view the stats of my blog; seeing how many posts and how many views so far.Not that surprising to see the fall of my own postings correlating with the decreasing number of views.. hahaha (buat statistical evaluation la pulak!)I do reckon that facebook and tweeter has revolutionised social media making blog a thing of the past.I do find relevance in blogs and Insya Allah will try to continue this.In fact, its for my children to view when they are old enough to know what their old gomer was up to :)

Taa... ( a recent lingua i learnt :)

New interface..where's my postings?

Pening la this new layout for blogspot.whatever happened to my previous posts?

Alfatihah to Kharis@Tuan Senang Besar TSB

I was busy all morning in the vascular OT.Somehow, there are certain places in RPH OT where my vodaphone is non existant.Reminded me a lot of Maxis and Sungai Buloh hospital. I was not aware of the event until I went for my break.
And i was stunned when I read the tweets.. and FB notices..
a fellow friend...a fellow blogger..
I was shocked and cant believe hearing the news.But it was true, Arwah Kharis passed away this morning during his daily jogging routine.
I may not have known him like most of the ones who wrote long tributes to him, but good enough to be able to describe how he generally is. We've never really were in any institutions together, but we had mutual friends. I guess my first encounter with him was during the post SPM BTN course in Meru Klang. It was a good group where we had a mixed group of post SPM students from around PJ and KL to be together. We were in the same group and we rocked! The group were a mixed lot of BBGS,SMTTDI,BB and VI boys which i thought went well especially after the course.He was in PPP UiTM and after i left for UK, we were not destined to meet.

The past few years we crossed each other's path again. He was in fact very close to a cousin of mine, Amin who were partners in crime during the Reformasi days.I still remember how come I was at Amin's place during one of the earlier raya gathering! He was of course astonished with the fact that Amin & I are cousins :)

I met him again when I started to run again.He was almost in all runs that I've joined at one time.He was always cheerful and no matter how crap the run was, he was always honest about it! He is definitely better than me as he's done the Triathlons before.He is also a keen photographer and organizer ; just as how I met him again during X-TERRA 2009.

Of course his passion is cycling and i can remember vividly a conversation i had with him on FBback in 2008, he can spend hours talking about bikes and rides..:

TSB encouraged me to just go for the 21km when i had my doubts then! Met him one day and was telling him about me not too sure joining the KL Marathon 21km; an upgrade after the 10kms that I've done.

"Bro.. aku boleh takkan kau tak boleh?".

Takkan tak inspired kot hearing that?

Honestly, i can't imagine how his family is taking it right now,especially his young daughter.I pray for his soul to be amongst the solehins in the here after.Allah has better plans for you. Au revoir my dear friend and Insya Allah we'll meet again,somewhere somehow.