Saturday, October 08, 2011

MM127hours-Bushwalk Bold Park

I recently watched 127 hours. I must say, there is something in common between me and the main character in the movie. We both love outdoors and I would love to do things that he did. Of course, mine is with limitation because I started late in life to explore the outdoors.

Being in Western Australia is certainly an advantage for me compared to other regions in Australia. A lot of my friends asked me why I chose Perth over Melbourne when Melbourne is the most happening place to be! When I made my choice earlier, I dunno why but now I don’t think I have regrets. I’ve been surfing (the net la..) and I guess there are lots of things that I can do during my off days and weekends enjoying the outdoors!

Today was a start. I came across a hiking group website and in it were their past hikes and future plans.It is similar like my climbing group back home,OGKL and I was looking forward to join them.However, I thought before I join them I should expose myself to such hikes. Over here, as according to the aborigin culture, bush walking is their hiking activity.Not just walking around the bushes,its because their natural geographical landscape; the bushes.( I wish I was more attentive during my geography classes and I could have produce a better infoblog!) Interestingly, walking is a way of life! That would be the reason why Australia aborigins do not really have any settlements and thus the excuse for whiteman to claim the land!

Anyway, I decided to go for a grade “easy” bushwalking which is situated in Bold Park,Cambridge, West Perth. One thing good about “orang putih” countries, their information and ways to do things are clear and you just need to find out from their resources. Bold Park was easy to reach as it is within Transperth (the main bus/train/ferry company) which operates in Perth. It was interesting when I initially enquired in their website and one of the options to reach Bold Park was walking which would take 2 hours! Hahaha

After taking the no 84 bus from Wellington bus station, I was off early in the morning. I woke up earlier to prepare my snack for the day; macaroni & cheese with chilli tuna! Haha bukannya susah sangat nak buat pun! Instant! The bus journey took me 30 minutes but I was not sure where my exit point was.I depended just upon memory if the map which I browsed earlier the previous night. I took a wrong turn and ended up near City Beach! Luckily my orientation is good that I managed to find my way to Boulevard Drive and thus to Bold Park. Unfortunately, upon arrival, the main office is closed during the weekends. I would have thought it would have been open! I was left with just my memory to look out for the trail and thus my objective of the day.

I started off by going on top of Reabold Hill and Masya Allah it was beautiful.It is the highest point and a special platform was made so that you can see the 360o scenery. I then began my bushwalking trip by following the Zamia trail. I was at the starting point and seeing it to be only 5.1 km, I thought it would be a breeze for me.

It was a typical bush trail where you get bushes and wildflowers along the trail. There are a number of different species of trees and I guess having a guided walk would provide me more information on this. Typical birds and animal species can be found along trail; however I did not have the info book or brochure with me. It was OK as my aim was to complete this trail.The weather was permitting and it was hot! The forecast was otherwise and I am glad I took the gamble to enjoy my day.

However, like any outdoor trail; 5.1km here is not equivalent to your typical 5km run!Hahaha sometimes you go up and down and it varies.Only then did I realize I may have underestimated the trek and having to walk about 2km upon reaching Bold Park I was a bit knackered then!Luckily I brought my drinks and snack as how it was adviced in the website.And it is important to bring your own water and food because the trail is conserved and there is no commercialism! Don’t expect to find a stall selling drinks in between..hahaha

I ended the walk by climbing back to the Reabold Hill hut. The sea breeze was cooling and I am glad I took the effort to to this today.It is certainly something that I love to do and will continue doing while Im here.

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