Friday, October 28, 2011

MM127hours-Penguin Island trail

Subhanallah, Masya Allah.. it was such a satisfaction to see National Geographics "live". I've continued the list provided by toptrails and so far none has dissapoint me. The trip to Penguin Island is definitely a must to visitors coming to Perth.It may not be a full bushwalking trek but the sceneries that you see along the way is breathtaking! It was nature at its best! The weather was wonderful as the cold breeze maintained its stature throughout the walk It was an experience that I would like to relive again, I'm definitely coming here again! 
I woke up early today, preparing the standard pasta for the trip. It was the Queen's birthday today and all public transport was free. Police were all over town and I was glad i decided to go out of town today. Took the train from Perth to Rockingham and then Transperth bus to the jetty. As it was a public holiday, there were tourists all over and I felt like being in China while on the bus! hahaha People came to the island for different reasons, some picnic, some to the beach, some photography, some bird watching and some just to enjoy nature as it is.
Upon arrival, it was the penguin's feeding time.The original little penguin, the original inhabitant of this sanctuary :) There were cute and smart and I enjoyed their antiques! I started the trek around the island immediately after that. I really cannot describe how beautiful it was, breathtaking! I was enjoying it so much that i kept on taking pictures again and again.. Masya Allah!! I do hope that the pics i took may explain the astonishment i had with nature.

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